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  1. I've received today d-pad and thumbstick. Testing both at the moment on two controllers and they both work like a charm. They are both vastly superior from the original d-pad. They are really great and I can't recommend them enough.
  2. Very interested. Already signed up on your page.
  3. For Mitsumi XE keyboard, I have this type on my 130XE and 65XE. So your keyboard is not made by Mitsumi?
  4. I would buy 2 of each, if shipping to EU is possible.
  5. Turned out it was a bug in webstore. Problem solved.
  6. They don't ship to Slovenia in EU, so looking for some other option.
  7. Atari 800XL stock + 1050 floppy Atari 65XE stock Atari 130XE U1MB + Sophia2
  8. Tested them today and they work great. Thanks again @Simius!
  9. Great, ordered and we will tested it out. Thanks!
  10. I'm looking for 10 Atari XE (Mitsumi keyboard) key posts. Anyone in EU willing to sell them to me?
  11. I would like to preorder one for XL/XE computer please.
  12. False alarm, figured it out. Updated U1MB bios with Side2. Everything works now, thanks!
  13. Hi! I get BOOT ERROR when booting U1MB upgrade ATR image. This is after successful Side3 update to version 0.15. Tried two different SD carts, both are SanDisk. I have disabled SDX and PBI on U1MB. I'm doing something wrong here. Any hint?
  14. Holly crap, I think you are absolutely right. Tried to turn off TV and back on. Bingo, of sync picture on first try. Thanks!
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