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  1. I've received today d-pad and thumbstick. Testing both at the moment on two controllers and they both work like a charm. They are both vastly superior from the original d-pad. They are really great and I can't recommend them enough.
  2. Very interested. Already signed up on your page.
  3. For Mitsumi XE keyboard, I have this type on my 130XE and 65XE. So your keyboard is not made by Mitsumi?
  4. I would buy 2 of each, if shipping to EU is possible.
  5. Turned out it was a bug in webstore. Problem solved.
  6. They don't ship to Slovenia in EU, so looking for some other option.
  7. Atari 800XL stock + 1050 floppy Atari 65XE stock Atari 130XE U1MB + Sophia2
  8. Tested them today and they work great. Thanks again @Simius!
  9. Great, ordered and we will tested it out. Thanks!
  10. I'm looking for 10 Atari XE (Mitsumi keyboard) key posts. Anyone in EU willing to sell them to me?
  11. I would like to preorder one for XL/XE computer please.
  12. False alarm, figured it out. Updated U1MB bios with Side2. Everything works now, thanks!
  13. Hi! I get BOOT ERROR when booting U1MB upgrade ATR image. This is after successful Side3 update to version 0.15. Tried two different SD carts, both are SanDisk. I have disabled SDX and PBI on U1MB. I'm doing something wrong here. Any hint?
  14. Holly crap, I think you are absolutely right. Tried to turn off TV and back on. Bingo, of sync picture on first try. Thanks!
  15. Hi all, can anyone give me some advice how can I diagnose and repair this issue. After I installed Ultimate Atari Video from The Brewing Academy I get mostly one sweet, sharp as sharpen knife picture (just awesome), but occasionally (every 10-20 power cycles) picture is just trash. It is not a big problem, usually just takes single power cycle to return to normal. So, the problem surfaces only occasionally when I turn on computer.
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