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  1. Anyone have a copy of Rock'n Bolt for Colecovision they'd be willing to part with? Pm pics and price please. Thanks all! -Bobby
  2. Having gone through the SG-1000 library and seeing what hasn't been ported I guess here are the ones that are left that I, personally, feel have redeeming value: -Borderline -Hero (has it's own graphical style, replaces helicopter pack with a jetpack, and adds music during gameplay) - Q*bert (I feel like the SG-1000 version controls really well, better than most other versions) - Rock n' Bolt (A good version, the CV version is rare and expensive.) -Safari Hunting. And yeah games like Hero, Q*bert, and Rock n' Bolt have their own original CV version....but that didn't stop a certain pixel boy from publishing the SG-1000 version of Zaxxon. 😛 So that argument doesn't hold water. Anyway that's just my two cents as a customer. I would buy any/all of those titles if they were ported to the CV.
  3. That's a fair question for sure. My answer probably doesn't reflect very many people...most likely only me (which obviously isn't anything to base a business on) but since I'm probably never going to pursue buying an SG-1000 I have been really enjoying being able to get SG-1000 conversions to play on my Colecovision. Whereas the Sg-1000 can only play that small library of games it's neat that I can get these SG-1000 games to play along with all of the Colecovision games. But like I said, that's just me.
  4. From what I understand the Telegames version is kind of a rare bird. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ unless I was given the wrong intel?
  5. If you're considering suggestions I have one! 🙂 It would be awesome to see the SG-1000 version of Rock n bolt ported to the CV. 🙂
  6. There is an old thread where someone that went by the name "Bishop Bros" was selling repro/homebrew/hacks of NES games and they offered a copy of All night nippon SMB The thread is here: http://archive.nes.science/nintendoage-forums/nintendoage.com/forum/messageviewa168.html?catid=6&threadid=123791 Was wondering if anyone might have a copy of this game they'd be willing to part with? Thanks for your consideration! -Bobby
  7. Pixelboy thank you for the clarification! I’m thrilled and grateful that I’ll be able to get all the games I’ve been wanting! Those few that will fade into history I totally understand why and it’s all good. (Naw I wasn’t planning on buying a copy of peek-a-boo lol) again thank you Pixelboy for all the great work you’ve done for the CV community! I’m looking forward to getting my pre-orders from the mystery man collection when they’re ready! Thank you Pixelboy, Opcode, Albert/AA, and Collectorvision for picking up the mantle!
  8. I think I got everything here but just for kicks I made a list of all the games that aren't on the transfer list. 1)Peek-a-boo 2) Pitfall II arcade 3) Destructor 4) Super action soccer 5) battle of hoth 6) joust 7) Nether dungeon and the following Games from the budget series: 1) Caverns of titan 2) Cold blood 3) Danger tower 4) Heros arena 5) J.E.T.P.A.C 6) Remember the flag 7) Shmup 8 ) Shouganai 9) Stray cat 10) Sudoku 11) Traffic Jam 12) Txupinazo. Pixelboy are you able to comment on the fate of these games? Thanks for everything you do, and have done for the gaming community! Hopefully these games won't just fade away, there are a handful on this list I'd love to have a cartridge of.
  9. Dovetailing on that last post, what will become of all of the other games that were not listed as being divided up amongst other publishers??
  10. Hi all! I'm looking for a handful of 7800 games (NTSC) and thought I'd see if anyone here had any surplus they'd part with? I'm not a collector so no need for boxes and while I do like labels to be in nice condition I don't need perfection there either. Just as long at the carts and contacts are in good shape. Let me know what you have! Thanks! 1)Commando 2)Dark Chambers 3)Desert Falcon 4)Kung Fu master 5)Robotron 2084 6)Scrapyard Dog 7)Super Skateboarding 8)Tower Toppler
  11. Thanks! I hooked them up on Friday to test them out and they all work. Rf on the junior isn’t all that great but it does function. Also the spring return on the select switch on the tele-games is broken. Switch works but you have to manually move it up and down.
  12. A few months ago I was on my local craigslist and I kept seeing a post for a 2600. It was a bit weird because the seller was offering it with a few 5200 game carts. The post sat there for probably close to two months and so I finally emailed and we negotiated a price. From the picture I could see it was a heavy sixer and it ended up coming home with me. Fast forward to two days ago and I was on facebook marketplace and I saw a post for a lot of Atari stuff for sale. (See pic with multiple consoles etc). I saw a tele-games heavy sixer and a junior and those piqued my interest. I made an offer to them for just those two consoles, with controllers and any hookups. They accepted my offer and today I brought home the Sears heavy sixer as well as the junior. But then I was thinking...."ya know, that photo....this looks like a collection. There was the heavy 6, a regular woodgrain 4 switcher, a vader, and junior...hmmm... what are the odds that the junior is a 1-chip?! Is it even possible?!" I got home a few hours ago, grabbed my screw driver, and popped it open to find....TAH DAH!!! IT IS A 1-chip Junior! HOT DAMN! I still haven't verified functionality of them yet but I'll plan on doing cap jobs and other general maintenance on them so as long as they're not fried I'm confident they'll all be playing games again soon enough. So that's my little 2600 family. Two heavy sixers and a 1-chip junior.....what are the friggin odds?!!??!
  13. I’ll be in for a copy when released! Looks awesome!!
  14. I got this master system in an auction lot of video game stuff a few months ago. Since I already have a master system I figure I should see if anyone is looking for one. 🙂 When I got it it was not working as the caps had expired.. I went ahead and replaced all of the electrolytic caps with a console5 cap kit. I also replaced the 7805 and upon doing that it came back to life in all it's glory! There were a few superficial plastic cracks that I fused with superglue. They're not invisible repairs but they're solid. This is an earlier Master system with version 1.3 bios that has snail maze built in but I'll also include an original US release Hang-on/Safari hunt combo cart. This lot also comes with one controller that I've installed new silicone/carbon buttons in so it will feel like new, a generic power supply, and a generic AV cable. There you have it, one nicely refurbished master system for your gaming pleasure! Asking $150 plus shipping.
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