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  1. would it be possible to put BOTH games into one amazing cartridge? “D2K Remix” ????? I’d lose my mind if that happened!
  2. Thanks for your reply! Sorry I didn’t see it sooner. I did just score a reasonable deal on a sgm1 but once the sgm2 is available I might grab one of those OR perhaps wait for Omni and just add an Omni system to my lineup as well. Either way I’m good for the time being. 🙂
  3. Thanks for that reply!!! Hey btw did you get the PM I sent you about the CV power switch? 🙂
  4. Looking for a copy of Pacar for colecovision as released by TeamPixelboy. Anyone have a copy they would part with? Thanks! 2-22-20 I found a copy! Thanks for your consideration everyone!
  5. One more question: I'm thinking of doing the "no delay bios" mod but also saw someone selling a "dual bios" as they say some games aren't compatible with the no delay bios. Does anyone know which games don't work with the no delay bios? If the incompatible games are games I don't want anyway then I'll just go ahead as planned and save from doing the extra work. 🙂
  6. Hi Ed and Opcode team! I was hoping you might have an updated timeline for the release of the Super Game Module 2? I’m signed up for the email updates but haven’t heard anything for a while. Thanks for all of your hard work!
  7. OH I should add I already plan on doing the composite video mod, and even though you've all seen one before I figured I'd add a pic of my Colecovision. I believe the sticker on the bottom says it was made in Canada. (Is that normal?)
  8. Hi all! Growing up I don't know if I even encountered anyone with a Colecovision and as an adult, though I have known of its existence, I've never given it much thought. Well all of that changed a few months ago when I won a local auction for a Colecovision console. It looked a little dirty and though it came with the original power brick I haven't even attempted to fire it up because I've read up on how delicate these can be and I decided that before I put power on it I want to at least go through it and replace the electrolytic capacitors and make sure the power switch is in good repair. Having said that, since I'll be inside of the console what are the other mods that the Coleco-collective would say are the must-dos? I've already purchased the "Col-USB" power supply to power it. I've considered doing the no-delay bios mod. I've considered the 5v ram mod but am wondering if the Super game module (or the forthcoming SGM2) need the 12 volt supply? Also what about the controllers? I've heard of "cord straightening" and replacing the little disk with a ball tip etc. So there you have it. What are the mods/repairs/etc that I should definitely do before I fire this thing up to ensure it's going to work like a charm? Thanks in advance for your collective-coleco wisdom!
  9. Just like the title says I’d like to find a super game module. New is great, gently used is great too! Let me know what you have and how much $ you’d need for it. I’m in Minnesota, USA
  10. Pre-order email sent...OH and this is my first post. Glad to be aboard!
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