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  1. Hi all! I'm looking for a handful of 7800 games (NTSC) and thought I'd see if anyone here had any surplus they'd part with? I'm not a collector so no need for boxes and while I do like labels to be in nice condition I don't need perfection there either. Just as long at the carts and contacts are in good shape. Let me know what you have! Thanks! 1)Commando 2)Dark Chambers 3)Desert Falcon 4)Kung Fu master 5)Robotron 2084 6)Scrapyard Dog 7)Super Skateboarding 8)Tower Toppler
  2. Thanks! I hooked them up on Friday to test them out and they all work. Rf on the junior isn’t all that great but it does function. Also the spring return on the select switch on the tele-games is broken. Switch works but you have to manually move it up and down.
  3. A few months ago I was on my local craigslist and I kept seeing a post for a 2600. It was a bit weird because the seller was offering it with a few 5200 game carts. The post sat there for probably close to two months and so I finally emailed and we negotiated a price. From the picture I could see it was a heavy sixer and it ended up coming home with me. Fast forward to two days ago and I was on facebook marketplace and I saw a post for a lot of Atari stuff for sale. (See pic with multiple consoles etc). I saw a tele-games heavy sixer and a junior and those piqued my interest. I made an offer to them for just those two consoles, with controllers and any hookups. They accepted my offer and today I brought home the Sears heavy sixer as well as the junior. But then I was thinking...."ya know, that photo....this looks like a collection. There was the heavy 6, a regular woodgrain 4 switcher, a vader, and junior...hmmm... what are the odds that the junior is a 1-chip?! Is it even possible?!" I got home a few hours ago, grabbed my screw driver, and popped it open to find....TAH DAH!!! IT IS A 1-chip Junior! HOT DAMN! I still haven't verified functionality of them yet but I'll plan on doing cap jobs and other general maintenance on them so as long as they're not fried I'm confident they'll all be playing games again soon enough. So that's my little 2600 family. Two heavy sixers and a 1-chip junior.....what are the friggin odds?!!??!
  4. I’ll be in for a copy when released! Looks awesome!!
  5. I got this master system in an auction lot of video game stuff a few months ago. Since I already have a master system I figure I should see if anyone is looking for one. 🙂 When I got it it was not working as the caps had expired.. I went ahead and replaced all of the electrolytic caps with a console5 cap kit. I also replaced the 7805 and upon doing that it came back to life in all it's glory! There were a few superficial plastic cracks that I fused with superglue. They're not invisible repairs but they're solid. This is an earlier Master system with version 1.3 bios that has snail maze built in but I'll also include an original US release Hang-on/Safari hunt combo cart. This lot also comes with one controller that I've installed new silicone/carbon buttons in so it will feel like new, a generic power supply, and a generic AV cable. There you have it, one nicely refurbished master system for your gaming pleasure! Asking $150 plus shipping.
  6. Edited to add obo make me a reasonable offer and I may accept! 🙂
  7. The shaft is already there on your controllers. We’re removing the disc that is there originally and putting these knobs on instead. No hardware needed, the knobs have a threaded insert already in them so you just screw them on the original shaft. Did you ask your ace store if they could order the knobs for you? (Just curious)
  8. For your consideration is a nice Gamecube lot! Here's what you get: 1) TWO working Gamecube consoles, both have the 2nd serial port for your modding enjoyment. I have taken them apart and blown/cleaned the dust out of them. 2) A Gameboy player (as seen attached to one of the consoles) though sadly I don't have the boot disc. 3) One original power supply 4) one original AV cable 5) 3 original controllers 6) Pokemon game (tested and working) 7) Wario game (not yet tested but will test before shipping) Asking $200 plus shipping for the whole lot. I also have the Donkey Kong bongos and will include them for an additional $10 but since they're kinda big they'll make shipping a bit more $$. The two games I'm including at no charge, the asking price is really for the complete hardware bundle. Please let me know if you have any questions! I know I'm kinda new on here but I pride myself on being a fair and honest seller. I've been on ebay since '99 and have 100% positive feedback. (ebay username musicman74) If you'd like I can add more photos to show "proof of life".
  9. Got mine today! Looks awesome! Can’t wait to take it for a test drive!
  10. If this were to come out on a cartridge I would be forced to hand over my money......all of my money. 😂
  11. My order has been placed! Super excited for this one! Geez I should get around to recapping my heavy 6-er so I can be mucho authentico!
  12. Got a Colecovision game from Slab and I’m very pleased! Great communication, fast shipping, and in great shape. Thanks bunches!
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