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  1. Thanks everyone for the cable advice. I have a parallel/parallel cable on order. I'm thinking between that and the patchy documentation on DIP switches that should solve the issues. Once I have the cable and get the DIP switches set, I'll post that for the next poor soul trying to connect devices.
  2. Hi everyone, I've been piecemealing together a full 4A system for a couple years now, and my latest addition is leaving me stumped. I've searched through the forums and didn't see anything that quite answers my questions, so I'll throw it out here if there's an expert that knows. I have the PEB with the RS232 card. The cord is a 25-pin (at the PEB) to 36-pin (at the MX-80). All seems good and well, I power up the MX-80 and get the POWER, READY, and ON LINE lamps. But when I turn on the PEB, the READY lamp turns off. Another oddity: if I disconnect the TI-99 from the PEB and turn on the PEB, the READY lamp stays on. I'm guessing it is either an issue with the pinout of the cord or the DIP switch settings on the MX-80's main board. Any recommendations of cables or DIP settings from others that have the MX-80? Thanks! Aaron
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