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  1. Here is a super-nice tutorial for how to do those GB Studio patches by treyturner: https://github.com/treyturner/analogue-pocket-patches/blob/main/TUTORIAL.md It involves actual changes to the code which is why there's occasional glitches with the patches (which usually get fixed very quickly).
  2. The patched games load via the GB Studio feature.
  3. FPGA retro consoles are where I see the biggest benefit on my OLED, they benefit more from the perfect black handling (just think of all those shoot'em up, they tend to look a bit weird on other screens), the very quick switching of the pixels (LCDs are more smeary with fast motion) and the low input lag with very little image degredation than movies and modern games do.
  4. Also of note - OLEDs tend to degrade the image much less in game mode than other panel types tend to do. Dynamic backlight/local dimming in particular requires some processing and ideally a few frames to look at so low lag mode is problematic for that.
  5. I tried an Amiga 1200 like setup with whdload on the MiSter and ran into graphics or audio glitches with about every fourth game I tried which doesn't happen on my real A1200 (which runs on an 68030 which the MiSter can not do but that should in theory make my A1200 less compatible to old games, not more). Going down to an Amiga 500 also isn't very fun without ipf support (which is not directly the fault of the MiSter devs but that doesn't make it less of a problem). Other systems I tried worked fine but I miss the 60Hz adjustments Analogue's systems do - can only use some of the MiSter cores in zero-lag mode. MiSter is great but it's not perfect and when the things don't work that are important to you, you can have a shitty time with it - as it happened to me. But nothing is perfect they say and that's usually true.
  6. Nobody can predict what the big companies decide to go after. If Nintendo's upper management would have decided that the Super Nt looks like a competitor to the SNES Mini the situation would suddenly have been very similar. And yes, they don't market their products as things that can be used for illegal operation - that's exactly the point.
  7. Remember Bleem and Virtual Game Station? Those were legal as well and yet Sony managed to shut them down. The more popular Analogue becomes the higher the risk to anger some big company like Nintendo and if one of those then find something that looks even slightly suspicious from a legal standpoint (for example their case designs, which are very close to the originals, especially for the Duo) they will drag them to court and keep them busy for years. The "jailbreaks" of all of Analogue's devices were done by Kevtris. Everbody uses them but they are not officially endorsed by Analogue. It is kinda weird but I'm pretty certain it's solely done that way to try and reduce the risk of something like Bleem happening - can't think of any other reason at least.
  8. And I guess here's the GitHub issue you metioned: https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Mega-Sg-Jailbreak/issues/64 Going from one other person being able to reproduce it to "The issue exists for many of us" just like in this thread. Fabulous.
  9. I'm from Europe and I played Master System back in the day. A lot. Stop speculating about people to produce fake arguments, please.
  10. Master System tearing - I'm not sure about that, so far only two people talked about it (one of them being you), haven't noticed it myself. Would be interested in knowing more, maybe related to scaling settings or whatever. OPL music broken in one game - yes, that's minor. Pixel blending - definitely minor, from what I can see it's literally only one person who cares about it. So, yes, you made a strong point that we're only talking about minor issues here. Thanks for making that clear.
  11. Taking things slower would be nice but I assume nobody here knows under how much financial pressure they are. Also nobody knows how much maybe Kevtris himself wants to push things forward. He is a very ambitious guy and I'm sure he tends to put too many things on his todo list like ambitious people tend to do - and that can be the reason some things get put on the backburner. Years are flying by like nothing for busy engineers. But I'm totally cool with that because it's also the reason such super ambitious projects are pulled into existance at all. Nontheless new Nt Minis are coming, it's not like nothing's happening with the established Analogue products. So I actually think we should take things slower and don't start whining so quickly. The MegaSg is my favourite Mega Drive and the SuperNt is my favourite Super Nintendo, I think they are both spectacular as they are right now. Happy about updates whenever they appear but meanwhile I'm already having lots and lots of fun with them.
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