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  1. Back in 1981 (maybe 1982), Sep to Dec, I came across an article that had a program to demonstrate the 4 voice sound on the Atari 800. No graphics, just a program to play 'O Christmas Tree' (I think). I have searched every magazine online I can find for the listing but no luck. Its a real long long shot but does anyone remember a code listing something like this and where it might have been?
  2. Just checking if anyone wants to part with their Micromate. Thanks.
  3. Hans, I think I replied to someone else's thread so if you see a repeat of this message, apologies. I have added my name to your survey for two boards, Thanks for keeping this technology alive!
  4. SpaceEdu

    WTB F18A

    Hans, I am interested in two, one for my Ti and one I'd like to try in my Adam (somehow ended up having 5 full systems of those so lots of hardware to experiment with). I have added my name to your survey. Thanks for keeping this technology alive.
  5. Has anyone built one for sale for us electrically-minimal-skilled Ti99/4a fans that would love to have one but can never remember which end of the soldering iron not to pick up?
  6. Looking for an Atari micro mate 520 stand. Please PM if you have or know of one. Thanks!
  7. Are there any substitute for the printer ribbon that can be used and are available anywhere? I am addicted to the typewriter mode and the jackhammer printing :). Any help appreciated, thanks!
  8. Looking for a working Tandy 200. Are there any ones left out there? PM me of you have one you would like to sell. Thanks
  9. Looking to buy Myarc Geneve card(s) preferably working but non-op okay. Please PM me.
  10. Has anyone ever seen a list of upgrades/add-ons for the Falcon? I am new to the unit and have been reviewing all sorts of old ads for various hardware add-ons and there seems to be many. Perhaps someone can suggest what the best set of add-ons would be? A fool (me) and his money (why save?) are always quickly parted...
  11. Can you email me as I collecting Falcons fro a multi system music setup. Thanks.
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