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  1. I also have the non-deluxe version and can run . a26 files without problems via otg adapter. Did you formatted the stick in fat32 mbr? Maybe the stick u use is not compatible to the fbx?
  2. I think its very good playable. When there is a lag its very small. I play on a gaming computer screen.
  3. Maybe... The flashback x comes with wires joysticks, dont know if wireless work.
  4. Today i have tried to use the original Atari paddles on the flashback x. They work really great, you have to put them in port 1, and a joystick in port 2 to controll the menu. If you use a second pair of paddles, I think you have to switch between paddles and joystick to navigate thru the menu.
  5. Wow, Brad and Drexxon you guys did a very good job on here. 😉 I would love to see this mod running on my Flashback X.
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