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  1. I've seen mention of the FBX having the wireless antennas like the FB9, has anyone gotten any of the wireless sticks working? Ive also tried using something like the 8bitdo bluetooth adapter for the Sega Genesis, but have had no luck with that either. Has anyone been able to find some sort of wireless option?
  2. Downloaded your packs, and everything is working perfectly! 91 pages of Atari goodness. Thank you for the help!
  3. Okay, so the vanilla Flashback X was apparently doesn't have the option to update via USB? So despite having a regular X, I updated it with the X Deluxe firmware, and then it detected the regular X CFW on boot and updated. So we're on our way!
  4. Putting the .img file as well as the other two on the USB stick and booting with it inserted does nothing. I'm getting zero prompt for an update.
  5. Alright, that was a success. Official firmware flashed and working properly! Should I give it a try again with the CFW?
  6. I did those steps exactly following this website: https://armchairarcade.com/perspectives/2019/10/21/atari-flashback-x-2019-upgrade-to-support-external-usb-drives/ Which is pretty much the same thing you had posted. So I guess now I'm looking at a bricked system?
  7. Realised I had a brainfart and did just that. But now I'm looking at this:
  8. My Flashback X isn't even giving me the option to update when I add the .img to the root of the USB drive. Is there a step I'm missing?
  9. Yeah, a bit. It's.. Not terrible if you're not familiar with the games. I hadn't even noticed it until I upgraded the firmware to add USB games. But for people who grew up with these games, it must be GRATING.
  10. I don't think it was fixed in X as I still have audio delay on my Flashback X even after upgrading the firmware.
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