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  1. Hi all, I just wanted to say 'Thanks' to all that guided me especially Luke at Console5 whom burned a Bios Rom Chip for me and supplied all the capacitors etc. I actually have managed to get my Jaguar console working again that was bought from eBay listed as 'Not Working'. When plugged in & a game inserted the green light would come on but no picture or sound whatsoever, so I decided to open it up and investigate the state of the capacitors, Reg1 and U38 chips which appears to have been replaced by someone recently. I went ahead and replaced them again and got the same result. Almost abandoning my Jaguar I thought let me replace the Bios Rom chip and thats when I discovered a broken track beneath the chip! What could have caused this? No burnt mark or hole beneath the Bios Rom chip. It looks like corrosion but how did it get there! It could have also been caused by a catastrophic failure due to wrong power adapter being used frying the track in that particular spot. It's not the usual place people would look. This was my first ever fix for a gaming console so I'm over the moon 😁
  2. Does anyone have a pre flashed chip for sale? I'm very new to this and am trying to fix my console with green light but no video or sound. If someone can point in a right direction that would be great! Many Thanks in advance.
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    Lynx mosfet

    I've bought some Mosfets from eBay upon replacing it the Lynx still shown no sign of life, the Mosfet had become faulty after testing with batteries. Save yourself the headache and purchase the rebuild kit here: https://console5.com/store/atari-lynx-1-2-voltage-regulator-rebuild-refresh-kit-with-power-jack.html Replace everything that's included in the rebuild kit and the capacitors if not done so already.
  4. Please add me too. Many Thanks
  5. Please add me too. Much appreciated. Thank you.
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