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  1. Wow, you're quick! I just sent you a PM (and @arcadeshopper as well since I figured out how).
  2. Yeah sure, I'll do that in appreciation of the replies above :-) I'm obviously new to this forum (just signed up to ask this question), so hopefully you can reach me through PM, but let me know. Anyone interested in the Sungem cassette for $7.50 + postage? I'd put it on eBay, but it seems a waste of time for that little $$ if somebody here would like it.
  3. Sold our old 99 and cartridges on eBay last year, but found these 3 cassettes buried in another box recently. Tried searching for them online but couldn't find much info. Anyone believe they have value? I was especially interested in the Sungem title as I couldn't find any info on that at all. Thanks for opinions!
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