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  1. Duck Hunt Duck sprites

    ( I swear I will stop with Dunk Hunt after this )



  2. I kind of got hooked on that Duck Hunt thing.

    I recently played it on a real NES for the first time (I know shocking.)

    But I thought it might be interesting to do my own take on it and see where it leads me.

    Introducing Doug the Duck hunt'n Dog.


    He looks kinda Scooby-Doo-ish now that I think of it.



    1. Flojomojo



      (takes another bite of chicken)

  3. A Punch-Out Clone, in order to not get into Nintendo's radar.

    How about Jack Tramiel's Punch-Out ?


    1. save2600


      Or Jack Tramiel's Buy Out.  🤣

    2. H.E.R.O.


      Irving Gould's Punch Out would be more apt since he's the one who punched Jack out of Commodore.

    3. Flojomojo


      Can you please add Fred Chesnais as the first opponent, in the Glass Joe slot? 

  4. I did a mockup of Duck Hunt for the 7800. 
    I guess I respected all the limitations of the 7800 and I think it would be possible to actually convert.

    But I guess the NES Duck Hunt will do as well.

    Did this Today.png

    1. CPUWIZ


      Shawn has been on my ass, to write this, for years.

    2. Cabbage


      If you ever give in and actually do it. Hit me up and I'll do the graphics XD.

  5. Thanks for the Info. I did not know That. But at least now I know that there is in real Cover for the Game. And I am glad you like the Mock-up I did.
  6. I think so too. New Levels and slightly updated graphics would be cool. I could also add in some if need be. I dabble in Pixelart from time to time.
  7. I assume the Synapse art would be better. I actually found the Mail adress of the artist who drew most of the Boxart for Synapse's games, but it's locked so I can't write him. I made a mockup, but it uses Artwork from a different game. I guess this will do for the time being.
  8. So I recently got asked by a friend to make a reproduction Box for the Game Air Support. The only problem here is that I can not find any picture of the box. The only thing I found was this redesign: https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/15354/my-remastered-atari-800-covers-and-logos-recorded-videos Where I think he mistook Air Support with a different Air Game by English Software. The actual game is by Synapse. Does anyone have a copy that could be scanned ? Help would be very much appreciated. Cheers'
  9. Glad you like it. I would be on board for a Part II. I will also try to show more of the background on the cover.
  10. This is my first post here, so allow me to bring this threat back from the dead. Sort of. I recently got my 7800, and I am super interested in reproductions and hombrew stuff, so I came across this game online. As I love platformers (and on the 7800 I only know Scrapyard Dog) I was super glad this one was made. OK, so the reason why I write in this threat is that I am an illustrator and I do cover art in my free time. Now I DON'T want to discourage or anger the artist of the games cover, however let's say it could be better and closer to Bentley's OG design. So I drew this one up last week, as I wanted to know if there is interest if perhaps the Store would like to do an updated run of the Game with this newly designed cover. Of course, I am only asking I am not demanding anything, but just throwing it out here. This post has long enough so what do you fellas think ? Cheers'
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