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  1. Yup, that's the issue. As always, I appreciate the help.
  2. And now my dream systems a bit more dressed up. Yes I did compile Tombstone City, so I can die now.
  3. Yup, that worked. Although I'm seeing an odd behaviour where every time I go into Force command, the TIPI reloads DSK1 with the last path I had loaded, even if I have auto turned off. Strange.
  4. Is there anyway to Map TIPI drives to DSK2/3 while having the real iron disk controller be DSK1? Some legacy programs can't seem to go beyond DSK3 and the disk controller seems to take over for DSK2/3 even if it only has a DSK1 which makes it hard to use both on programs with this limitation. I think the answer is no. I did try mapping the CRU address of the TIPI after the disk controller and it didn't seem to help.
  5. It is (or was) in the TI North Dallas/Richardson campus.
  6. Finally got the fully loaded PEB and TI monitor of my adolescent dreams (Thanks Greg). Had a PEB back in the day, but only had an RS-232 card, probably still in my mother's basement. Amazing how unobtainable this all seemed to me in '82. Also amazing how much better an F18A with a modern monitor and a TIPI is, but there's just no substitute for real iron. If I can successfully compile Tombstone City with 100% original hardware, I'll consider it a childhood goal accomplished.
  7. Couldn’t pass up a Jack Kilbey reference. He had good taste in O-scopes. I’m sure it’s just a prop though.
  8. Small update. The schematics are the easy part. Need to fit the eight 7-bit memory map registers in the CPLD. I'm starting with a single register to test the concept.
  9. It looks like the boards are readily available at a very reasonable price, so I think you're right. Time is better spent on other projects. https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/store/#!/Ti-994a-internal-power-supply/p/83577018/category=22342013 Was curious if this was a common failure and was simple to fix, but that's academic. Personally, I find this schematic terrible. This must pre-date all the schematic style guidelines I'm familiar with. The negative tap of the bridge rectifier is ground. Hard to tell since the net runs half way across the page before you find that ground symbol, and it actually crosses another ground symbol on they way there without showing a connection (a major schematic rule violation). Yes, the LED will flicker at 60hz, and will light up even if the power supply is completely dead from rectifier on so somewhat useless.
  10. One of my consoles spontaneously died and it appears to be the internal power supply. The issue follows the power supply board, so I know its gone bad. When the unit went, R6 on the power supply started smoking. The supply does regulate when the 5V rail isn't loaded but R6 starts smoking as soon as it is. I suspect U3 or Q2 failed, making Q1 dump the unregulated DC intermediate rail across R6 continuously. Anyone seen this before?
  11. Wow, it works! I didn't think I was actually going to pull this off. Amazingly how good the VGA picture is. No doubt HDMI will be even better. Can't wait to play with the demos. I have a TL886II+, but not the SOIC-8 adapters. I had the Xilinx pods handy so, you go with the tools you have in your tool box. By the way, both my consoles came from the factory with the TMS9918A socketed. Been in my possession since 1982 so I'm certain about that.
  12. Took some doing, but wasn't as bad as I thought. I did discover my Xilinx ISE 14.1 was corrupted since the last time I used it. By the way, none of the new Xilinx programming module are backwards compatible with ISE and/or this Spartan 3E part (Smartlynq or Platform cable II) so can't be used for this. The latest Digilent HS3 cable does works, but won't work for the XC95144XC used on the TIPI/Final GROM. I hear some of the knock-offs of the old Xilinx platform cables on ebay do work, but they certainly won't support with the latest MPSoC FPGAs or Xilinx Vivado.
  13. Here is an export of my DigiKey BOM. Let me know if it does not import. I can't vouch for the SPI Flash DigiKey suggested as a substitute, but the rest should be good. F18A BOM.csv
  14. You can get everything but the PCB and the VGA cable at DigiKey, so that may be the closest thing to a kit out there. I still have a bare board up for grabs, or for $7 you can order you own and have 4 left over to share.
  15. Good idea. Took a little doing with a heat gun, but its much higher now.
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