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  1. Yup, the PI was just defaulted to the UK keyboard layout. It was easy to fix. I'm blow away by all the capabilities the TIPI has, and really appreciate all the help. Who'd image all these capabilities would be developed 39 years later. So glad I pull my old set-up out of storage.
  2. Thanks, that worked perfect! Was just going about it the wrong way. Now I'm in business. Just an observation, but my TIPI PI image seems to swap the "@" and the double quote from the keyboard (not running headless), and non of my other Raspbian or other Linux images seem to do this. Could my copy of the image be set up for a foreign keyboard somehow or is this particular to the TIPI image? Made for an interesting VI session. Thanks again for the help, can't wait to get a TIPI. JP --
  3. Hi All, Sorry for the Noob question. In anticipation of getting my TIPI sometime soon (on the wait list), I downloaded the latest TIPI Pi images and loaded it on one of my Pis, as I wanted to start setting up my DSK files/folders, network configuration, and get password, Samba, and SSH setups in place to be ready for the hardware. Unfortunately, it appears can't get the WiFi configured on the Pi to use my network without the TIPI attached, or at least without potentially affecting the TIPI Pi image in a negative way. I tried manually editing the tipi.config file, but this does not appear to have any affect on the Linux iwconfig settings (without the TIPI). I tried doing my normal Raspbian command line method to connect to WiFi, but not without issues/errors. I tried on both a Raspberry Pi 3B and ZeroW, with the same results, although the wired Ethernet on the 3B works fine. I have several other Pie's on my network, so something appears to be blocking about this Raspian image. Am I correct in assuming the WiFi set-ups can only be done through the CALL TIPI from the TI without breaking the TIPI's control of the network configuration? Do I just need to wait for the TIPI hardware to set-up my Pi configuration? Thanks, JP --
  4. It looks like that CC3 file I originally attached was corrupted, so I tried an older conversion with your "CALL FILES(0); OLD DSK3.CC1; CALL FILES(3); SAVE DSK3.CC1-IV" sequence and it works great. The new version can now be loaded and run without any "CALL FILES(X)" statements. See attached. Wow, the game play is much more exciting in CPU overdrive. Thanks again! -JP CC1-IV
  5. So it sounds like my XB program would have never run a a real system with a disk controller due to the memory used by the disk system. Common sense would say that the 32K memory expansion would counter this, but I guess the memory allocation is not that straight forward. Thanks again for all the help guys! This is huge for me. Thanks! -JP
  6. Hi Jrhodes, Thanks! that worked great! Although it does look like that "CC3" file I included does have some text errors introduced (probably in my conversion). I'll do some digging in the classic99 documentation to understand what the "CALL FILES(0)" and "CALL FILES(3)"commands do, but can you give a short explanation on why the original FIAD file would not work without these? Thanks again! -JP
  7. Hi All, Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but I've looked and can't find any similar problems discussed. I need help converting a very large Extended Basic (XB Version 110) program from tape to FIAD file, but have hit a big roadblock. I think its related to how big the XB program is (190 records in FIAD file). So my goal was to take all my old Extended Basic programs and get them converted into a format to archive permanently, and to run them on TI99 emulators like Classic99 or TI99SIM or with my old real-iron units through TIPI or MicroPEB. So I dug out all the old tapes and started making .WAV files using Audacity and then converting using either CS1er or TAPE994a. This worked great on 90% of my old files. Unfortunately, when I went to convert my 1983 masterpiece "Cosmic Crater", it failed to load from disk every time (using Classic99), and I get an "I/O error 02". Keep in mind: The tape I have will load on a real TI99 from tape drive every time, and runs fine. I can successfully convert the .WAV file to FIAD using both CS1er and Tape994a without error. When I go to load the FIAD using an emulator (Classic99) "OLD DSK3.FIAD" I get an "I/O error 02" every time. I've been successful in converting and running many other XB programs using this method without issue. The XB program I'm trying to convert is very large on uses almost all of the available ~14KB RAM, (SIZE shows only 1803 bytes free after "OLD CS1") I did a test to convert another extremely large XB .WAV file (downloaded off this forum) using the same method and got the exact same "I/O error 02" on Classic99. I even tried re-recording the .WAV file direly TI99's CS1 Mic output plug to the Mic input to the PC running Audacity, with no change. (File audio quality was exceptionally good though) I don't have a TIPI or MicroPED (yet) so can't test this FIAD file on a real unit. So I have 5 possible theories on what might be going wrong: Classic99 has a unique issue of running XB program that large (~12K) The FIAD format has a limitation with XB programs that large (190 records) The TI99 with a 32K expansion has an issue running XB programs that large (Classic99 can only be run with 32K expansion emulated) The TI99 with a disk controller has an issue running XB programs that large None of the above, I'm just doing the .WAV to FIAD conversion wrong. I've attached the FIAD file for anyone willing to take a look and see what is wrong. I can also attache my best .WAV file if it help. So, Any suggestions? Thanks! -JP CC3
  8. Hi All, New to the forum. Dug out the old setup from storage for the first time in a long while. Really want to get all the old software I developed back in the day off of tapes and on to a FOAD file to save for posterity. Will need some help on that soon (on another thread). My setup, (purchased new in 1981-1983) TI99/4a (x2) Speach Synthesizer (with power mod) PEB Serial card Radio Shack 300 Baud direct connect Modem All the cliche '80s TI cartridges including XB FinalGROM 32K Sidecars (to be assembled shortly) On the waiting list for next batch of Sidecar TIPIs Also running Classic99 on PC and TI99SIM on Retropi Goal is to do all the things I wanted to when I was a kid, but could not afford the HW/Development SW needed (32K Ram, Disks, Editor/Assembler). Will be looking for help on that some time soon as well.
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