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  1. I saw very similar issue a while back, but it cleared up with a Tipi update, I think to 2.5. Does not seem to be misbehaving for me now. I had to reenter my password but I do get the top score list, and chess is not getting scrambled anymore for me.
  2. Sure. Let me know if this doesn't work. TIPI-32k.step
  3. Honestly, the smallest SD card that the base image fits on should be fine. I don't even expand my SD card if I don't need to. Makes backing it up a bit easier. Considering how small the disk files are for a TI-99/4A, I think you could fit every disk file you could ever need on fairly modest sized SD card, maybe even the entire world history of disk files for that mater. If I remember right the max disk size (SS/SD) is about 90K, so that give you ~10,000 disks per gig. Are there 10,000 TI-99 disk images even available? Plane old SanDisk SD Ultra SD cards work fine for me. I use 32GB because the tend to be at the sweet-spot of low cost per GB and the 16 and 8GB cards are not much less. By the way, did you figure out why the RPi power jumper failed?
  4. If "CALL TIPI" works, then the console sees the 32K. It absolutely will not run without it. The way check the RAM is either with an extended basic cart and run "SIZE", or Matt's ram test cart, but sounds like may not have access to either. Keep in mind, with the 32K expansion, Extended BASIC still only has access to ~13K of stack space, (but adds ~24K of program space) so I'm not sure the test you ran would show the full 32K even with XB.
  5. Loved the video, and thanks for making it even better! I sent a bigger batch of TIPI/32K units to @arcadeshopper this week, so we should have plenty of units ready to ship again.
  6. OK, so normal behavior. Looking forward to seeing this evolve. Thanks for the great program (shell?).
  7. That's what I was doing (in my case using "FG99 EXBASICG" for a file named exbasicg.bin). Tried this with about 10 different FG99 .bin files with no luck. If I put an invalid .bin file name I get a completely different behavior, the FG99 LED just keeps flashing red. That's not the issue I'm seeing here. I tried changing the .bin file name to match the program name shown on the FG99 menu, but still no joy. Always takes me to the splash screen. I'm sure I'm doing something dumb.
  8. Doesn't work for me for some reason. "FG99" command always sends me back in the TI splash screen. It does however queue up the chosen CART in the "Press 1 for Basic" selection screen. Exact same behavior on both my consoles and both my FG99's. I suspect its related to my FG99 image(s). Does the cart .bin file name need to match the program name in the .bin file? I notice these don't exactly match on the ones I have in my FG99 root directory. The odd thing is XB launches fine from the "XB" command.
  9. Wow, Force Command, where have you been my whole life? I guess I've been living under a rock. Absolutely love this program (OS?). A few dumb questions: -On the "FG99" command, rather than going to the cart, it ALWAYS sends me be back to the TI boot screen. The odd thing is the CART is preloaded into the selection menu but does need to be selected. The "XB" command seems to work fine and launches into the XB cart and the selected program, but using the "FG99" to launch XB always sends me to the start screen, not XB. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? -In the FinalGrom99 menu, I see AUTOCMD and FORCE CMD. Can't identify the difference in behavior or find documentation of when or why to choose one verse the other. Any hints? -Why does everyone's screen shots show a nice text graphic at the top of the FC start screen, and I don't see it. Is this only available in 80 column or in older version of FC? -Am I the only one who wishes there was an alias from "LS" to "DIR"? I've typed the wrong one a thousand times. -It would also be nice if you could launch directly into a text editor (VI) with the file to be edited as a parameter from FC and then exit back into FC when done. (I know, "CALL EDIT40") Thanks for the help!
  10. Official review of the TIPI/32K from Wagner's tech talk has been posted!
  11. Nope, but you certainly can connect a monitor to the HDMI (and keyboard to USB) to access the RPi’s Linux console if you like. (I just use PuTTY from a PC.)
  12. Looks what's going to be reviewed by @jonecool on Wagner's tech Talk! Can't wait to hear his thoughts.
  13. Another easy thing to do is just copy the TIPI disk directory from \\tipi\tipi to a backup folder on your PC. You can then dump it right back into any new image. Does not bring all the configs with it, but way faster than creating and burning an ISO. Stuart's browser mouse (9.3) and TI Artist mouse both work for me with TIPI 2.4.
  14. I'd be happy to help test, although my issues have settled down quite a bit. "CALL TIPI" issue do still occur but at a much less frequent rate. (The SNEK high score issue is still 100% of the time.) All my testing was with external power using an official RPi power supply.
  15. The work you've done is awesome and I'm grateful for everything you've contributed for this community. The TIPI brings me joy every day. I repeated my test a sidecar TIPI and RPi zero with similar results, so I'm 80% sure its just the lower performance of the zero bring out a corner case that may not show up under normal testing. For now, 1.61 works great for me, and I'm stick with it. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
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