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  1. I have two PEBs, one I got last year, one I got in 1982. Both are missing the power button. What's the odds.
  2. Hard to say. The BOM cost is around $45, half of which is the FPGA. Assembly isn't trivial due to the fine pitch components. What's your time worth?
  3. Sorry, you were a little slow on the draw and two others IM'ed me first. A set of 5 boards only cost me $7 from JLCPCB delivered, so that may be your best route. All you have to do is drag and drop the gerber zip file from this thread on their quote page. Takes about 10 days.
  4. Offer still stands, I have a spare F18A bare board for anyone who want's to try building their own. I also have a few spare Micron EOL flash parts, which is just about the only part you can't get directly from DigiKey. Just cost you a stamp.
  5. Hi All, In my ongoing effort to reduce cost on the TIPI/32K, I was looking for an alternate for the Cypress and Alliance 62256 32KB SRAM parts used on both the Combo and regular TIPIs. Both parts have gone up in price significantly in the last year due to the semiconductor shortage. I found an ample supply of the Hitachi HM62256BLP-7 in Asia, which appears to be a drop in replacement, and are available at about 25% the cost of the current RAM parts. I got a batch, and from what I can tell they work really well and may actually be more reliable in the TIPI/32K than either of the existing parts. Can anyone think of a reason not to use the Hitachi parts in the TIPI/32K going forward? Also, I've notice no one length of LED leads works well for everyone from what I've seen in user posts. It needs to be super long if installed in a speech synthesizer case, but otherwise, people seem to like the leads short. Also, the long version is hard to keep safe in shipping. Rather than guess, it might be better to just put a socket on the board and ship the LED loose to let people cut to length. Obviously you'll need to get the polarity right, but there's no harm by putting it in backwards. Anyone see an issue leaving this to the user?
  6. Understood, I'll update the TIPI/32K combo Wiki and start making mine with the first jumper populated.
  7. Adding my solder station. That’s where the real work’s done anyway. Half TI development, half bicycle repair.
  8. This may be a dumb question, but what’s the downside of setting the TIPI CRUBASE to >1000? I had assumed this was the better choice so it wouldn’t conflict with a real disk controller.
  9. Yes, that’s correct. I’ll add this to the TIPI/32k wiki, along with a better picture. Thanks.
  10. My modest development area. Unfortunately my solder bench is out in the workshop.
  11. Yup, TIPI/32K carries through all pins from the expansion port. Not the case for the speech synthesizer. I’d put the TIPI/32K first and the synthesizer next, then the SAMS. That how I’ve done it anyway.
  12. Yup, that's the issue. As always, I appreciate the help.
  13. And now my dream systems a bit more dressed up. Yes I did compile Tombstone City, so I can die now.
  14. Yup, that worked. Although I'm seeing an odd behaviour where every time I go into Force command, the TIPI reloads DSK1 with the last path I had loaded, even if I have auto turned off. Strange.
  15. Is there anyway to Map TIPI drives to DSK2/3 while having the real iron disk controller be DSK1? Some legacy programs can't seem to go beyond DSK3 and the disk controller seems to take over for DSK2/3 even if it only has a DSK1 which makes it hard to use both on programs with this limitation. I think the answer is no. I did try mapping the CRU address of the TIPI after the disk controller and it didn't seem to help.
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