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  1. Yes. The "system of truth" are the variables in ram, used by the game. The password screen is just a translation function of that (whether bit packed or not), in an encoded format that represented by some limited character set. The inverse is also true. BRAM routine would use the same "source of truth" - write to it or read from it. So, use the password input to get the vars into the game itself. Want to save them, call the BRAM routine on those same vars. I mean if the variable set is small, it could be a 1:1 mapping with no bitpacking... but they shouldn't be stored as actual text chars - but you never know with some devs hahah. Not saying you couldn't make the BRAM function dependent on the password system, which in turn is dependent on the game vars - but that just makes extra work and is convoluted.
  2. I mean if it retains something when power is off, then it has to have some sort of save mechanism, right? But as far as what is it; it's low power 2k ram referred to as 'BRAM'. It also has a locking/unlocking mechanism so games can't accidentally overwrite it during a crash or power off (ala NES 'hold in power reset'). There's a capacitor, that acts like a battery. A simple power on every 3-6 months keeps it charged. The save ram is just like that of the Sega CD, and same as save ram on carts for these consoles too. As far as "autofill", that's a strange way of thinking about it haha. Why have it go through that part of the code when it could simple bypass the conversion to/from password syntax, and have it directly apply to variables in the game. There's nothing to say a developer couldn't do that, but from what I've seen (stepping through code) is that BRAM and password are different functions. And because they're different functions, it's as simple as calling the password function to show the password (regardless of "BRAM" functions), and same for calling the BRAM function to compress the vars and save to BRAM entry - since what's in variables (ram) is the "system of truth".
  3. It definitely wasn't a "miracle" haha. But it was the right place at the right time. Which you could also say about the Genesis, etc. PS1 hardware and dev software was good, and Sony was a big company, but the rest was just really luck.
  4. I have a beta translation patch for the game. Everything in game is translated. The cinemas need to be subtitled though.
  5. Well, it's either 15hz/30hz or 15hz/7.5hz... I forgot which off hand (it's been a number of years since I looked at the schematic). It's whatever the tapped output pins are on the '163 to the buttons. https://console5.com/wiki/File:PC-Engine---TG16-Controller-Schematic.png Yeah, looks like 15hz/7.5hz
  6. Yes. Reading the controller port clocks the counter IC on the controller (used for turbo). So there's no "rate" per se happening if you don't read from the controller (unlike other auto fire controllers). So assuming the controller is read once per NTSC frame, then fastest rate is 30hz (every 2 reads), and slower rate setting is 15hz (every 4 reads).
  7. Part of the issue with upscalers to flat panel displays, is that you're still dependent on the display device. In that, it's the last thing in your data path.. and not all LCD displays are created equally. If it's a desktop LCD for general computer use, it's not going to have all the higher brightness and fidelity of a good quality QLED LCD or OLED "TV". It's not just about resolution and refresh rates, and input lag. I had an older 4k HDR 65" set that I replaced recently, and when I used my OSSC on it.. when calibrated it wasn't very bright. Matter of fact, I used the 20" CRT much more often when I had that setup.. because that LCD TV didn't have the pop or glow, etc. The replacement 4k TV I bought is a world of difference with the upscalers. So much so that I don't really use the CRT anymore. I even have a 20" Sony PVM too, that's in some need of repairs, that I've been putting off because now it's not really important anymore. So point being, the upscaler isn't going to solve the issues of your display device - so content meant for LCD type device might be serviceable (shows/movies/modern games), doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the most out of your upscaler. And I'm not saying this as a video-phile either, because outside a quick calibration I don't obsessed over minor details anymore. If the upscaler isn't very impressionable, especially the retrotink 5x with the December firmware update, then it's probably your display device.
  8. There's been speculation, but no official documents found that says what it's for AFAIK. RAM would be more exciting than a built in game, or some BIOS/FONT rom with a more elaborate copyright "string" mechanism (like the GB).
  9. I think you might be out of touch with modern flat panel displays, and I don't mean the cheap Walmart ones either. Mid to higher end ones are vastly superior to a CRT on soooo many levels. I use the retrotink 5x with a 65" HDR+/Dolby 4k 120hz VRR QLED TV... my 20" CRT is never gonna compare to sitting in my living type-of-experience, that friends can also enjoy as well. I use the 20" CRT from time to time, for that old aesthetics, but the retrotink 5x is just soo much more convenient.. especially when I'm sitting like 6 feet away from the screen - instead of huddled up against the 20" CRT.
  10. What your describing is RGB 50hz with PAL frame timings, which is literally just a pure PAL frame/signal. That's has nothing to do with NTSC hahah. For it to be that NTSC, it would have to be an NTSC color carrier.
  11. If it's not exclusive, then it's not exclusive. You can't change the definition of "exclusive" hahah.
  12. I never understand why people get all bent out of shape about what other people do with their OWN stuff. It's not yours, so move on haha.
  13. This is actually really lame. What's the purpose? Obviously not to honor the original CoCos.
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