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  1. Watched the video and enjoyed it immensely. I love Zellers too and have fond memories of going there as a little kid. It was very similar to a Kmart. I have observed the same price jack of Zellers carts in gaming stores. They are there, but alway higher priced then the other carts. It is very feasible to collect them all loose if you want to pay, harder to get them all boxed but if you love them you'll find a way. For myself, I found a way.
  2. Very difficult. Not a lot of free cycles in the kernel. I've looked at it and figured it'd be easier making it from scratch. I think Thomas had the same conclusion.
  3. @Crazy Climber which games are you the most happy to have in your collection right now? I remember always having a few that might not necessarily be the most rarest, but for whatever reason I just enjoyed them. I will say I have been very tempted to restart my collection after seeing this topic progress, but I know I just don't have the space. Nonetheless thank you for sharing everything as it is a lot of fun reliving it through your posts.
  4. A while ago I started working on a header file with a bunch of constants for division. I'm posting what I have here so that other people can use it. Note, some of the values don't work for the full 16 bit range but most can handle a pretty decent amount of numbers. Math.h
  5. Truthfully I don't understand the language either so I look around for examples. I made an excel sheet to play around with it. Mod Test.xlsx 1) Using 8 bit as example you can make a table of (n*(2^8))+1, where I used a range of n of 0 to (2^8)-1. Looking at the results this range can probably be trimmed (like throwing out zero), but this is just for illustration. 2) Take the odd number divisor and and divide each number of the table starting from the lowest. Check each result, and stop at the first instance of an integer. It will be the magic number for that divisor within the masking of (2^8). - An observation is that finding one magic number is actually finding 2. If 239 is the magic number for 15, then 15 is the magic number of 239. - In the above example I am assuming it can easily be expanded to different bit sizes, 2^16, etc... though I didn't try. - I ignored 1 as divisor, and (2^8)-1 = 255 as a divisor.
  6. Hello @batari The math routines I wrote were all shift and add method with perbutations to make them shorter in bytes and execution if possible. What you stumbled upon is reciprocal multiplication. Jones has a good article on it. Although a little off topic I will say I started a math file for the ARM games to make division by a unsigned integer easier for everyone to do: // Example divide by 10: result = (dividend * DIV_BY_10) >> DIV_BY_10_SHIFT; Here is the file. You'd have to look at the particular value to see if it is valid for the entire 16 bit range. Math.h
  7. James, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Pixel. I'm sure Pixel had a great life, great parents... from your post he sounded like quite the rascal and there are lots of great memories of him. It's hard now but there will be a time when It'll be a lot of happy thoughts and not so much pain. It'll get better. Jeff
  8. It's neat watching this grow! You already got a few carts (Kool-Aid Man, Cosmic Corridor, and one of the Xonox Double Enders) that I never had when I had a pile of 'em too. With Tac-Scan I never knew Sega had patches or else I forgot about it.
  9. Gas running out. Several stations already empty and closed. Line ups everywhere...

  10. I miss seeing threads like this, so I'm really glad to see this one develop! Gotta say it doesn't take long to get a collection started and it's always fun to replace a ratty copy with a nicer one and just looking at it all. Jawbreaker is pretty good game, and Stampede too. You need to pick up a copy of H.E.R.O. though. I'm sure you'll get one soon.
  11. I just uploaded a bugfixed PAL60 version of Berzerk for the HSC.
  12. It sounds like the original kill glitch Nukey described. If you don't move a timer increments and you eventually die. His fix I put in place, which is if you move the timer is cleared. So I believe it is not an issue.
  13. Here is a partial solution. Just search for Omega in the assembly. burger12(mod).asm M0 shares its color with P0. When firing without moving up or down the color stays the same, and is the color of the burger on that line. When moving up or down the shot is above or below the line the missile is on, and since P0 is a multicolor sprite the colors have changed. Finally it looks like in the code the color for P0 was being updated all the time, but the graphics wasn't. That works until you get to the present situation. So I put in a branch to skip the color updates when P0 is not being drawn, and set the color of P0 during VBLANK. This will not stop the colors from strobbing while moving the burger but minimize it. BTW the normal solution in this circumstance is to use the Ball, but since the playfield is being used this won't work.
  14. I've sent them a link to the thread for the latest two issues, and I am optimistic that they will take care of the issues at some point at least for the rom downloads. I found another graphical issue in the magic transporter (bank 23). There can be slightly glitched text (or not) depending on your console. Removing 1 cycle from the delay before updating the graphics registers fixes the issue. ;bad timing (some consoles) SLEEP 6 ;6 @44 STA GRP1 ;3 @47 STX GRP0 ;3 @50 STA GRP1 ;3 @53 ;good timing SLEEP 5 ;5 @43 STA GRP1 ;3 @46 STX GRP0 ;3 @49 STA GRP1 ;3 @52
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