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  1. Yeah they've proven a lot but the one thing I haven't seen is that motion control work like in cornhole. Can someone point me to footage of the motion controls in action like with cornhole? And I mean live Hands-On action like this event not some edited video. I think that's the thing most people are curious about nobody at the event or private party said they played cornhole, even if that's a licensing issue to me that's a little strange because I know the American cornhole League, good friends of mine.... Just kidding Tommy. Well that's enough amico talk for me for the week if anyone has any replies to this I'll be glad to read them. I will say there does seem to be hostility still at this place, it's a very uncomfortable message board to post on. I think you guys need to drop the "sides" thing, See ya.
  2. Just did a quick run down of what I've heard and read. From the fans, critics, and The Crayola employees. It's well balanced. Nothing has really surprised me. I would say it looks like it was overall a good outing for intellivision and your friends. Having said that I don't think it's ready for October. If you do manage to hit your release date I'll gladly say I was wrong.
  3. I Think it doesn't make sense to not believe opinions. If someone said there was 10 million people there I would be like "yeah that doesn't sound true" but nobody said anything like that, people have just said that they had a little fun, and that there was a lot of men there, there is no noticeable lag, it's fun but not really $250 fun, and that it would be something cool to play with your family. That all sounds believable.
  4. I haven't heard anything that doesn't sound untrue from fan or critic, just people's opinions.
  5. Fair enough, but I rather be a more trusting person
  6. So with your theory we can't trust people who have posted positive things about it because they're obviously biased for it, and that have shown that they're a Tommy fan? I believe that's what we call a double standard my guy.
  7. He was there and he actually played it so I'm going to trust his opinion over people who haven't
  8. He was obviously there he knows everything
  9. Thank you this is probably the most detailed review I've seen. From what I've read about it, and seen about it, it looks like amico is much like a board game you play it once or twice with the family have some laughs have some fun, but then it remains in the cupboard forever. And of course this cost a lot more than just one board game. It's kind of funny cause I remember playing some board games and finding it really fun but only played it once or twice it's funny how that works.
  10. The real marketing hasn't started yet.
  11. Tony tgd was the winner. Good for him, he must have a big heart afterall. He's done more for sick kids than probably anyone in the community. Cheers to him and bless him🙏
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