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  1. Weird you use the word argument, when I wasn't arguing with anyone. It was as Tommy said a fair question. It was based off my own experience at a store where I realized I could get a Wii with an extra controller plus 40 games at the same price as an Amico. Also the older systems the games have no DLC and you don't have to worry about your young kid downloading mature content. Affordable, safe, and simple is a selling point of the Amico and shares similarities to why parents will buy their younger kid the older systems and keep the PlayStation 4 or 5 to themselves. When my question is answered in a civil way without any smartass remarks you'll see there is no pushback from me. There is no arguments just discussion, and thanks to those you gave well thought out replies.
  2. speaking of that same store I was in it's funny there was an older lady probably in her 70s she was buying a PlayStation 4 she was asking the employee if they had any puzzle games like the witness. the employee also being an older woman didn't know and she was helping her try to find one. she suggested how about the Nintendo DS? and the lady was like no I want to be able to play on the TV screen. and then I stepped in and I said yeah it looks like there's mostly just war games and then I asked do you have the internet? she said yes and I told her how she can probably download some cheaper puzzle games. I think the Amico would have been good for her because she had no problem with downloading games from the internet but the in store selection was lacking. I don't know if she would pay $250 but she was willing to spend $200 just for some puzzle games on her big screen.
  3. It's a fair answer, I can just go by my own perspective as someone who doesn't spend time in video game stores or the video game section of Walmart but I do find myself in thrift stores and buy and sell shops, my last video game purchase was a GameCube at a thrift store. This is my reality but I can't argue with Walmart it would be foolish for me to say people don't spend a significant amount of time there.
  4. Those systems as stated by Tommy and you guys are for hardcore Gamers. They want the newest and the best. Amico is for the non gamer or casual. We tend to make our video game purchases at second hand shops because we want to spend our money on outdoor activities.
  5. Depends what world you live in. I live in the non gaming world us non gamers think differently.
  6. So here is something that is a big issue for amico that I'm curious what the answer to it will be. I was talking to the owner of a pawn shop this weekend, and he said parents are always buying Wii's and PlayStation 3's for their young kids. You can buy both for under $50 and you can buy the games 2 for $5. So this is a lot cheaper than the amico, and even though the games are old they are new to a 4/5 year old. And z lot of people have these consoles and just buy the games. What is the advantage of these parents buying an Amico over older consoles with more in depth games that also don't feature DLC or have to worry about them downloading mature games? These pawn shops have tons of these games to choose from at the same price point. To me this is where graphics do matter because why not just play older simpler cheaper consoles?
  7. Yes I agree with that none of this will matter come April, it will come down if it's good or not. If all went as planned it would be out already and all the nonsense on YouTube wouldn't exist. I will keep my eyes open in April we will see what happens.
  8. I meant turned off of the Amico community I've talked about that before. The actual game console is another story and that will just come down to the games.
  9. in-store demo sounds like it would be way too costly you'd have to pay people to do that, and train them. I would advise against that. There are products that do that but it's pretty annoying actually. the booth thing would cost for the space but you wouldn't have to pay someone to be there much like a vending machine.
  10. Yep that's right both difference of opinions. you think he's paroding them I think he's one of them trying to make Amico fans look bad, I saw the video Rick did about him. It's either one or the other, I guess there's no way to know lol it's hard to tell with some of these accounts especially if they don't make videos themselves. Hopefully I can get my Amico question answered because I'm really curious
  11. That's one way to look at it. but the only other ones I see using that type of language he uses is the Darius truxton crew. I wish none of that was in the amico community. It took the fun out of it for me. Now amico YouTube is almost unwatchable. There's a couple that's still pretty good.
  12. Ks1/Tony k is one of the original people who started turning me off the Amico all his homophobic insults and doing what we always complain they do using multiple accounts makes amico fans look toxic. I actually believe he himself is a hater doing it on purpose. People who support Amico don't want to call this out but I'm not afraid to say what we all know. And if you tell me they are not the same person then you yourself are being dishonest.
  13. I remember it's been said that people will be able to play the amico before they buy it. How is that gonna happen? I imagine having some kind of Booth or kiosk in a store would be expensive to rent out that space. Someone else can answer this if Tommy has already, I don't read this board that often.
  14. Yes I think we can end it there, good way to sum it up. Happy conclusion
  15. Well I did pre order a founder's edition for a reason, yes it is welcoming to me. Having said that I would just say we are more focused than others on this, instead of we are the only ones who do it. That's all I'm saying
  16. Good points I just think it's a slippery slope saying you're the only one who does it. "Only one" will always get called out because it diminishes others.
  17. Well to be honest this is my space less screen time more play time for kids so I can tell you most tech CEO's limit their own kids screen time. Steve Jobs was big on this. I would be surprised if other video game CEO's don't feel the same.
  18. Okay I'll ask Doug Bowser about it. As I am concerned for kids playing video games all the time. I'm sure he would agree with you.
  19. I was just talking about the limit of play time feature. Grudge said Amico will be the only console to promote that which is simply not true
  20. https://www.nintendo.com/switch/parental-controls/ Says switch has an app where you can limit kids play time, an alarm will go off.
  21. this may be a surprise but most of the hardcore Gamers I know are actually women that said they're really into the switch and the PlayStation. Amico is gonna have a hard time appealing to women especially women under 40.
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