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  1. You're being negative just to be negative. Tommy said there's more information going up tomorrow. The page is a placeholder dude. He didn't officially announce it to us because it was probably set for this Friday as a press-release. He's probably got more pictures he can show us or perhaps real pictures of an actual shell. It's 299.99 because he's adding in extras to provide pre-order value. It may be available at launch for 279.99, just not as a pre-order. If you read back just a few pages ago he said they're going to be limited to like 35,000 units. The math was something like 20,000 units that were available for October after all the fig pre-orders were done. Cool your jets.
  2. It's another idiot on Youtube to add to the pile of idiots making slanderous videos about the Amico and pretending it's an opinion. Making a video calling yourself Tommy Tallarico and promoting your new product "Ouya 2" aka the Amico is really stupid and he should get that video deleted for the sheer sake of calling himself Tommy Tallarico. It would probably matter a lot less if it wasn't for all the recent Youtube crap. We're "snow flakes," but it's a lot better than being morons who make crap like that.
  3. I'm with you. Something about it is just too flat. The original render was super shiny and this new render looks like a sticker or skin put on the console. I was particularly excited about the chrome/gloss on the controllers and how the shiny plastic melded with the shiny purple. I'm probably being overly-negative but I guess I had it in my mind a certain way. Hoping Tommy will assuage our fears or perhaps show an exclusive look at a real, in person prototype version.
  4. And don't comment on it, either. I usually have a lot of tolerance but I'm getting tired of giving these kind of people views/comments to be honest.
  5. It is technically a violation of Youtube's policies for misleading videos.
  6. I could also potentially see the chrome looking like a cheap plastic toy. Chrome plastic usually does.
  7. I think the deep purple has the potential to look great if they go ahead and add the plastic chrome siding again. I really think that's all that's missing the more I look at it.
  8. They're both CG renders. Not photos. They specifically set out to make it look that new way vs the original render.
  9. The gamestop one is missing the shiny plastic chrome along the edges and it doesn't look pearlescent anymore. Unfortunately I will probably be passing on this purple if it's just purple and white around the sides. May go with black now.
  10. It just shocked me to see his chats popping up, and see that not only is he still around in these interviews chatting the entire length of time, but he's still saying pure delusion, like he's literally learned and read nothing since this all began. He's repeating things he said months ago. It's like a brickwall or a one way street. He doesn't take information in. He has, presumably, been exposed to a lot of new information and has not even adjusted what he says.
  11. I'm just tired of "gamer outrage culture" in general. These people follow around the things they hate the most and it becomes like an obsession. Get something else to do. Maybe play games like you claim you like? Haha. What prompted this was seeing Vara Dark's chat and seeing TonyTGD again spamming about censorship of Youtube comments. "I proved it was true! I WROTE an article!" Wow. Good job. No one cares on the planet. Maybe on Mars someone cares, head there and talk about it to the Martians. Tony. Since you read this. There is literally /no/ comparison. Do you understand this? You may not have the capacity to rationalize differences - it's okay. And this may sound brutal. But you've demonstrated a clear lack of understanding between the systems since day one. Ouya was a crowdfunded micro-console for hardcore gamers with indie developers in mind. It was run by a lady who didn't care about video games. The Amico is a private game console venture created by gaming industry veterans (and even of many industries, including NASA) for more casual, pick up and play gamers, or people who are not seen as traditional gamers. Amico is comparable to the Xbox and Playstation and Switch. Or the Wii. To make this as clear as possible: it's not trying to capture those markets - but it's more comparable to those consoles than it is to Ouya. I don't understand how to make it any more clear to you. I tried on Reddit and I see nothing gets through to you. You've had more effort given to you than anyone I've seen to help you understand and to get this through to you. Tommy himself went out on a limb and tried. If you aren't willing to learn, why ask questions like this?
  12. These "gamers" are trying to judge a family console and they don't have families or kids. If they are married with kids I feel very bad for them. Most of them speak for children, often saying kids only play Fortnite or Minecraft. We're not talking about 12-15 year old kids sitting in their room, though. We're talking about kids playing something with their parents, or grandparents, or very young kids... Like 3-7... Who can play this along with their parents. Of course there is an age group of tweens or what have you that aren't going to care about playing these games. There's also an age group of adults that aren't. I find the fact they keep targeting kids over and over again really strange. The marketing has never even been for kids or young teens. It's always been adults to play something with their young kids, or people to play with an older generation. The vast majority of people aren't worried about "ultra-realism" and what kind of processor the machine has, they don't even know what processors are. These gamers barely even know. They just know the "teraflop" word. But these people are so narrow-minded they think that everyone has the same interests and narrow world view about Xbox and Playstation as they do. These people are just completely mistaken regardless of how much information is available to them, and when they are given honest info, they find it "suspicious." All I can say is, lol.
  13. Just saw some Monopoly footage from Ubisoft. Looks pretty cool.
  14. I know John Hancock has already said positive things about the Amico and considers it a major release this year. His video got 35,000 views. Maybe try commenting here?
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