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  1. Need a few more boards, 800XL, 600XL & 130XE!
  2. I wish someone would fix the road, it whips back and forth, not smooth like the 5200 version.
  3. Here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Asteroids-Deluxe-Multigame-Free-Play-and-High-Score-Save-Kit-Arcade/112453937082
  4. There's an upgrade on ebay that lets you have all 3 games on a Asteroids Deluxe: Asteroids Asteroids Deluxe Lunar Lander
  5. Back To The Future was released in 1985, when was the XE released?
  6. I remember a couple hacked games that I found on rom chips put into actual arcade games. One was Centipede where the mushrooms were trees and the centipede were ducks! Another was a hack Super Mario Bros, where you were a kid on a skateboard. Also one for Pac-Man you controlled Popeye!
  7. I think one of each is the order of today!
  8. Can anyone hack Micro-gammon for the 5200? What I want is it to be converted to Nackgammon where 2 of the players pieces from each point with 5 pieces are put at the opponents 2 point. Nukey did a hack for me for the 2600 version!
  9. How about a hack where every other row marches to the right and the other rows march to the left?
  10. I read somewhere that the 800Xl video circuits get power from the same power rail as the clock, causing the banding. The solution is to raise one leg of L5, next to U20, that is "suppose" to filter it and run a wire to positive (+) end of C2, next to the power switch! Haven't tried it, but I would pull up the end of L5 toward the back of the computer and hook the wire there!
  11. Avoid water coolers!  I notice a lot of people re-fill their water bottles at a cooler. Problem is, the part of the water bottle they put in their mouth is also put ON the spout of the cooler! Same as putting their mouth on the spout and drinking from it! Virus alert for sure! 

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    2. Machine


      We use to have one until I changed the bottle one day and saw a few bugs and mold.

    3. jd_1138


      Problem is that a lot of things are not sanitized.  A quick wipedown of the cooler with some bleach cleaner would kill nasties.  Ugh and touching the water bottle to the nozzle is just wrong.


      You can tell if a business is ran well if the equipment is nasty.  Our old bank had a filthy ATM.  Would've taken like 5 minutes with a bottle of all purpose cleaner and a rag to make it look new, but it was disgusting.  And they only had one ATM machine at that location.

    4. SoundGammon


      The kind of water cooler I'm talking about has a spout on the front with a water jug on top that feeds it.

  12. Wasn't hard to do! Plenty of room to mount, just had to drill a hole for it to fit in and a couple of mounting screws.
  13. On my 1702, I put a s-video jack in the back and wired it to the luminance & chroma inputs! So I can use it with any s-video source!
  14. Anyone in Spokane have a Asteroids Deluxe Cabinet for sale?
  15. Star Wars Elite Club!

    How many on here saw ALL Star Wars movies on their first run in the theaters? Starting in 1977 with New Hope! I'm one!

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    2. thanatos


      Have a brief memory of seeing Star Wars at a drive-in with my parents.  I remember the droid scene in the desert.

      I was also 4 years old...

      But I guess this counts!

    3. fdr4prez


      I don't think I've ever referred to Star Wars as anything other than Star Wars... It is what it is

    4. GoldLeader


      I saw it twice the first run.

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