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  1. I've found my Dark Chambers, cart only, for the XE. Have to test it before I put it on E-Bay.
  2. For my birthday all I got was a sweater...what I really wanted was a screamer or a moaner!

    1. GoldLeader



    2. Spriggy


      My girlfriend said to me, "Am I the only one you've slept with?"

      I said, "Of course darling.  The others were nine's and ten's"

  3. Should be easy IF the 5200 has a composite only output! The adapter is basically a 2600 with no RF output!
  4. Here's a link to get a 400 48k ram kit! https://www.tindie.com/products/tynemouthsw/atari-400-48k-ram-upgrade/
  5. Downloaded it and installed in both the Windows System 32 folder and the Star Wars folder. Works great! Don't even have to run it it compatibility mode! Thanks!
  6. I have a 40G version that quit working some time ago, red light, that I want repaired. Anyone do that? Also, I did NOT try to fix it! Hasn't been touched!
  7. Doesn't work with Windows 7 either! Neither does MICROSOFTs TRAIN SIMULATOR! Glad I got XP 2015 Edition!
  8. I got a copy I downloaded from Rom-World a couple years ago, I could make you one!
  9. Two games were hacked to use the driving controller: Sprintmaster & Asteroids, where you plug it into the right port to turn your ship.
  10. VUDU is trying to pull a fast one! My 4 month old 65" 4K VIZIO is NO LONGER getting movies in 4K that I bought! I'm now told it's NOT on the list of COMPATIBLE tvs! Other people on the VUDU forums have said theres quit working too! 5 units, same as mine, at Wal-Mart where I bought mine are on the sales floor with the writing on the box that says you can get VUDU in 4K!

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    2. travistouchdown


      Yep; no 4k tv here and no plans to get one.  Now that DVD and Blu Rays are $4-$7 dollars apiece; i don't see myself needing much else for a looooooong time.   I do download the occasional flick for free as well if i don't need to own it but want to see it. 

    3. thanatos


      That's why I only use external boxes for streaming services (Roku/Tivo/etc) instead of the smart TV.  TVs stop getting new software much sooner.

    4. SoundGammon


      Good news!  They fixed it!  Watching Captain Marvel now, great picture!

  11. Here's Battlespace that is a lot like Asteroids but with some nice changes! Also with vector graphics! battlespace.zip
  12. Here's the Atari arcade version of Star Wars updated for the PC! Star Wars.zip
  13. The cart version only works the 400/800 models, not the XL/XEs. They re-issued it on disc later on and it worked on all the 8-bits! I have a "dual" os for my XE game system that has the original 400/800 os on it and it works! Wonder if someone could burn that version to a eprom!
  14. Holey Moley! ABC is in the market for a new Audio Engineer! 

    1. save2600


      Shoot that Poison Arrow ABC? lol


      In other news, sure wish ABC and MCA never merged BITD. MCA's vinyl sucked!!  Was reminded of that today, listening to Steely Dan.  :mad:

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