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  1. Always thought that Adventure would make a great board game! Four players trying to find and bring back the chalice to their castle! Any ideas as to how it would be set up or play?
  2. I do 4 port eproms with custom character sets! The text looks better, more computer like.
  3. Haven't tried it yet, will later when I get the chance tonight.
  4. Got mine the other day and was wondering if the games have to be in a folder first or just put them on a card?
  5. Don't you hate it when your neighbors eat your zombies? lol
  6. Great! Can I put it into a extra Backgammon cart? I will definitely get a multi-cart in the future! Thanks for the link!
  7. How about Nackgammon Plus, 2 EXTRA men to move, 17 total.
  8. No, it was in a box of carts I had. I saw that post about one that sold on ebay for around $1100.00. I thought I had one and went digging for it. I'll try cleaning the contacts!
  9. I've always wondered why Imagic never made games for the 5200. They did Demon Attack and Atlantis for the 8-bits, which were converted to the 5200. Anyone ever ask the guys who worked there why?
  10. Good news, I found my copy of the Sears yellow picture label cart! Bad news...it doesn't work! I was thinking about drilling the bottom side of the cart where the screw is and maybe opening up the cart that way and putting in a working copy of Superman. Anyone ever do that? I know I would have to heat the end label and slowly work it off the bottom part of the case.
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