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  1. What I meant was that you could see TWO dots instead of just the one, a blue dot to the right due to the way some av mods did the color signal. Like it was delayed or something. In black & white, the dots are white of course, but blueish in color! Should look like ONE dot not 2.
  2. The best game to test a video mod with is Ms Pac-Man! If the dots don't have a blue ghost, no pun intended, next to them then it's good! The UAV is the only one that gets it right! Solid white dots!
  3. Had a Tac-2 controller with a bad cable, firing intermittent, and a broken 7800 controller with like new cable. So, after a little surgery, wiring the 7800 cable into the Tac-2 controller, I now have the best controller for the 7800! And I still have 2600-8-bit compatibility! I still have a second Tac-2 controller that will be used for Robotron, once I make a holder for them!
  4. You can get the UAV on E-bay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ultimate-Atari-Video-UAV-board-for-Atari-2600-5200-7800-400-800-XL-XE/283503178836?hash=item42021b3454:g:UXQAAOSwnvdcygRN
  5. Unlike the speed-up chips for the arcade version, this one speeds both Pac Man & the ghosts!
  6. It is, but moving a piece 9-10-11-12 should make the game interesting!
  7. I was looking at all the different dice out there and thought of one idea for Backgammon. How about one ODD number dice and one EVEN number dice? 2-4-6-8-10-12 & 1-3-5-7-9-11 maybe? Should make for some wild games!
  8. The left difficulty changes the border to a darker blue in A position. The right difficulty changes the speed! A = Faster! Fire button starts & pauses a game in progress!
  9. "If at first you don't succeed, then Sky Diving is not for you!" 

  10. Going into left field here. I've always wondered what the 7800 would have been like if Atari didn't want backwards capability for 2600 games? Maybe 2 pokey chips for sound. Use the PIA chip for joystick inputs and memory expansion?
  11. The best Pac Man for the 2600! Just wondering if they're going to put it on cart? PacMan Final.bin
  12. Saw a post on Facebook that had this footnote: "Video has no sound"! Explains why you never hear one yell: "TURN THAT VIDEO DOWN!".

    1. GoldLeader


      If I find a "no sound" video,  I like to leave the comment, "Turn it up!"  (Not sure why this amuses me, but it does...Also I imagine someone doing that, and then getting blasted loudly by their next video.   Nothing malicious, mind you,  just slapstick fun)...

    2. SoundGammon


      I used to do this when dvds first came out. When I brought back a dvd to a rental store, I'd say: "I rewound it!". The clerk would say thank you!

  13. What if Alexia was around in the first Star Trek Series? Captain Kirk: "Alexia, beam down supplies to the planet below, Alexia, contact Star Fleet, Alexia, go to warp 7"!

    1. jaybird3rd


      It eventually would have tried to take over or destroy the Enterprise, and Kirk would have fought back with one of his rousing Kirk speeches, talking it into a corner with some inescapable logic trap until it eventually blew itself up in a shower of sparks.

  14. I have a ST 1040 sitting around and was wondering if it has a s-video output on the connector? I have the ST monitor and it has RGB input. I know it has a composite output. Thanks!
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