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  1. I had a guy make me a custom XEGS OS, he took out Basic & Missile Command and put in Galaxian & Star Raiders!
  2. Found I could change the "Copyright" text to what ever I wanted! Also changed the font/text style!
  3. Nukey was always up for the challenge when you asked for a hack. He did Backgammon to Nackgammon for me. I just wanted a hack where the computer moved his pieces faster. I also liked how he always explained the hacks he did and how he was always there to help others doing hacks. To me, his masterpiece will be RIVER RAID III. He did amazing things with that game!
  4. Said to the boss: "Let me know when your done and I'll give you a hand!"

    1. Hydro Thunder

      Hydro Thunder

      "That way I can pose for the picture, shaking your hand, and call your work a Collaborative effort between the two of us!" :)

  5. Keep in mind that there are a lot of s-video cables that don't have double/seperate shielding! Luminance & Chroma run next to each other causing interferance! Found that out on my 5200 with the UAV mod! I use Acoustic Research brand! Heavy duty and you can get them on E-bay!
  6. It didn't help the fact that Atari was COMPETING with itself at the stores! Customer goes in there's a NES, a Sega Master System, and 3 different Atari units! 2600jr, 7800, XEGS. Causing them to spread themselves thin trying to make software for the 3 systems. Had they only had one system, they could have made better games and promoted it better.
  7. Can Pitfall be hacked where when you go to the next screen and it is a random one? When you play now now you know all the screens coming and whats in them.
  8. The boss told me that someone filed a complaint about me. I said: "Only one?"

  9. Galaxian also lets you move your shooter slow or fast depending on how far you move the 5200 stick.
  10. I'll never believe that the "Tramiel Atari" wanted to do video games! Jack fought tooth & nail against Warner about who is going to pay for the 7800! Also, he could easily put the 7800 on the shelves in the fall of 1984. They were all ready to go! All they had to do was put stickers over the Warner labels to Atari Corp! Like the one on my 7800 box! It also stickers over the text saying it it could become a home computer!
  11. A tv repair guy can also adjust the focus on the flyback for a better picture!
  12. SoundGammon


    Blaster has a very interesting story about the making of it! Read it years ago. Can't find it now. Can anyone here post that story?
  13. If Nolan didn't sell Atari back then and kept it, we probably would have never seen companies like Activision or Imagic. Those guys probably wouldn't have left back then.
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