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  1. How about a hack of Freeway where you guide Svengoolie across the highway while avoiding running chickens?
  2. Link to download: https://www.lsdwa.com/projects/fractalus/
  3. Link to download: https://www.lsdwa.com/projects/fractalus/
  4. Cool update! Link to download: https://www.lsdwa.com/projects/fractalus/
  5. I remember reading about it in one of the video games magazines back then.
  6. Back in 1982, Disney tried to sue Williams because of the Tron part of Robotron!
  7. Skiing with the dual controller holder would be cool!
  8. What I want to do is put hacks into extra carts, like these extra Pac-Mans I have. Also, I want to do Realsports Football and change the names of "HOME" & "VISITOR" to actual team names!
  9. The 5200 & 7800 each had a Atari logo screen at the start of each game and I found this that Atari used for store displays. It would be cool if it could be "attached" to each Atari game with the third screen giving the title! I know one problem is that the roms have no room for any more data, but still it'd be cool! Wonder if this could be put in a 2600-Sixer where there is a space for a rom and have it come on and then go to the game! This rom cycles so you can use it for a screensaver! Or put it into Stella! Atari VCS Point-of-Purchase ROM (1982) (Atari) ~.bin
  10. A while back there were 2 hacks, one was Robot Tennis with the robot from Lost In Space, & Astromesh Tennis with R2-D2. Is there a way to have one with the Robot & R2-D2? playing against each other?
  11. Make your own Wormhole/Gyruss controller! Gyruss used a round restrictor that had no indents like 4-way for Pac-Man arcade or 8-way for other games. Sanwa make joysticks where you can put in the round insert!
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