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  1. Had to put my clothes back on, wife said we're going out to dinner!

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    2. ClassicGMR


      I hate getting naked only to have to go out again. At least you remembered to get dressed....

    3. atari2600land


      Aren't you cold without clothes? It is after all only March.

    4. SoundGammon


      Had the wood heater going, not to cold in here!

  2. Got the wife some candy for Valentines Day and while I was at it, got some treats for the dog. I think I spent more on the dog than the wife!

    1. ls650


      Don't tell the wife that!

  3. My idea is to make a custom OS rom with the character set that matches the characters at the bottom. As a bonus, all the games that use the standard character set would have text like Star Raiders!
  4. New ET game idea for the 2600: ET is sent back to Earth to gather ET carts in various warehouses, find a dump truck to load them and then take them to the landfill! Has to find Elliot to help get keys for the warehouses and money to buy gas for the dump truck!
  5. It's the text on top, messages like Red Alert, that I want to look like the bottom text. So the standard set in the OS that has to be changed.
  6. I think the programmer did custom characters for the letters. The same way the guys that did the 5200 version of Baseball, note the 0! Also holds the same for Centipede. In my custom rom for the 5200, River Raids far right 0 is actually eye-candy! It's just put there to make the score look bigger! I got M.U.L.E. on cart for the 5200 and only some of the character set is used from the original system rom!
  7. The character set is about 1K in both the 8-bit and the 5200. Best to replace it as a "set" so everything is in the right place. I saw a couple of interesting fonts from the link above, but surprised there was no TRON set! I have a Compute disk in my collection that lets one make their own character/font set that has it. I believe it has a view mode that lets you see what it will look like in different graphic modes. Here's a screen shot of my custom 5200 font:
  8. Can anyone do a semi complete text/font with an editor to make all the alphabet and numbers match the ones at the bottom of the screen in Star Raiders? I would like to burn into an eprom/hack and put it into my 400 computer so that ALL the text on the top part of the screen matches the bottom! Thanks, Rob
  9. Has this version been ported to the 5200?
  10. Maybe a Star Raiders, Donkey Kong, Microsoft Basic, River Raid & Miner249r. Package deal? I do have a Dark Chambers XE cart, but not sure I want to part with it.
  11. There's a great Ghouls N Ghosts for the Sony PSP! Wish they would port that over to the PS3-4 and the Xbox One.
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