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  1. VUDU is trying to pull a fast one! My 4 month old 65" 4K VIZIO is NO LONGER getting movies in 4K that I bought! I'm now told it's NOT on the list of COMPATIBLE tvs! Other people on the VUDU forums have said theres quit working too! 5 units, same as mine, at Wal-Mart where I bought mine are on the sales floor with the writing on the box that says you can get VUDU in 4K!

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    2. travistouchdown


      Yep; no 4k tv here and no plans to get one.  Now that DVD and Blu Rays are $4-$7 dollars apiece; i don't see myself needing much else for a looooooong time.   I do download the occasional flick for free as well if i don't need to own it but want to see it. 

    3. thanatos


      That's why I only use external boxes for streaming services (Roku/Tivo/etc) instead of the smart TV.  TVs stop getting new software much sooner.

    4. SoundGammon


      Good news!  They fixed it!  Watching Captain Marvel now, great picture!

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