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  1. "I owned this video before purchasing it."

    I was reading reviews for a movie and this was part of one!

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    2. Swami


      The most recent question I asked on Amazon was whether a handheld Tetris game had a pause button. I got two people complaining the screen was too small, a couple people saying they didn't know, another saying it doesn't need it because it shuts itself off and one, thankfully, who told me it did and how it worked.🙄

    3. save2600


      ^  ...that's what I call Internet static!  lol

    4. GoldLeader


      The internet is full of morons,...I posted a "review" of the NGK Spark Plugs I bought for my Neon and it was a very simple warning telling people to just go to O'Reilly's or Auto Zone because there are so many sellers selling counterfeit plugs on Amazon.  To this day I get questions in my inbox, Will these fit my Volkswagen?  

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