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  1. Very nice work! What is that lcd module youre using to test with?
  2. It came from scamell auctions in norwood, Probably a deceased estate.
  3. It's PAL by the way. I can't edit my post again for some reason.
  4. Yay! Earliest known:) Just picked this up today from an auction house here in South Australia:) Loose unit but it does work:)
  5. Collecting for 15 years and I still regularly learn about systems I've never heard of! Edit: I didnt know this one because it's a computer more than a console.
  6. Yeah I guessed as much. Putting 10k resistors in line with those outputs before they hit the cart slot should remove any danger, I just dont know if it will still do the same thing, it'll give 2.5v on both lines if one is high and one is low, I'm not sure what it'll think of that. Maybe a nand gate will be required.
  7. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, I'll give it a shot when I can though
  8. yeah I noticed that but I thought I'd try to steer it back on track, it's the only discussion I've found on the topic. I use an intellivision 2 because they're small and I'm in a group which puts on a retro game display a couple of times a year so smaller consoles are better.
  9. Would the mod still work if I were to protect the outputs with resistors? And is there any harm making it pulse on startup as far as compatibility with other games?
  10. Yep! I meant 32Kbit, but I didnt know the vectrex supports up to 32KBytes! I think I may have to rework my cart!
  11. Hey, Amazing work! I love retro ports of modern games:D one thing I was wondering though, did you realise you went over the 32k mark with 1.5? I made an eprom cart a while back thinking the vectrex only used 2732 eproms, so I havent got the pins for a 2764:( veccy bird 1.5 sure gives strange results when you only burn the first 32k haha. I've seen a couple of bank-switch style eprom cart projects which only support 32k roms too, so if high compatibility is something youre aiming for it's a good thing to keep in mind:) Have you made any other games? I'd be keen to check them out.. if theyre under 32k:P James
  12. Yeah google images showed that the console wasn't unusual. Haha there was no question about the controllers, they went straight on my trade pile:p
  13. Oh awesome! I also have Bi! Bi! And Bermuda loose it turns out.
  14. Thanks:) it was a good deal too. Its all pal stuff, the rainbow vision games are by rainbow music in sydney, australia. Funky.
  15. I got a 2600jr with a bunch of games today, its all fairly normal stuff except I've never seen this label variant of the console, or the two rainbow vision games. Yet to confirm the region of it all but pal is native here. Anyone shed some light?
  16. this could actually be my first post here^^ edit: it is! lol, more than two years membership, and heres my first post:D i reckon its real, but whatever, i dont care for that argument. i just felt like posting my ideas. i read this whole thread through over the last 24 hours, and it seems to start out inquisitive, works up until it's pretty much proven completely real then the conspiracy theorists jump in, throwing doubt which if you read back a bit is relatively unjust. then nobody cares for a bit, now everyone is getting used to the idea that it's probably real, and that there are things to be done so it doesnt disappear again. one point used to show doubt was that steve doesnt care about old hardware, yet doesnt want it dumped. if he's still a programmer working for anyone, he probably just says no to anyone with the intent of copying any work of his, regardless of how much he cares about it. nagn2, i do think this should be backed up and stored by someone, not released without steves permission, regardless of how hard this may be to obtain. even if it is you who stores it. if you decide that having a copy on a cd or on your computer (preferably not, computers die faster) isnt such a bad idea, since it is legal and not any kind of infringement, then i'd say meet up with someone reputable from these forums and let them bring their equipment to your house and do it on your own computer, then theres no way for them to keep a copy. if youre anything like me, youre not going to want to invite someone off the internet straight into your home, organise to meet them in a public place as an ice breaker, talk over a coffee or something, you might even gain a friendship or at the very least a valuable contact to help with your buying/selling. as said before, "dumping" a cart doesnt damage it, and it doesnt need to be opened. basically what it is, is copying the data off the cart onto a computer, the computer looks at the data like the 2600 does, only instead of using it for anything, it just writes it down and keeps it. i've dumped a few games from other consoles (snes, gba), im not experienced, and i didnt give the copies to anyone, i just did it cos i obtained the hardware and couldnt resist trying it. however i can confirm that it doesnt change anything about the original cart, condition or otherwise. enough rambling, im too good at that.
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