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  1. It would be nice if the effect was present in the main menu on the Amico when you are scrolling through games to pick one.
  2. Not sure if anyone has seen it or played it, but Cozy Grove is worth checking out. It's like a haunted version of Animal Crossing. The music is good and I really like that you don't have to invest a lot of time into it. It's good to see others create games that are engaging but allow you to have your own pace and not be an absolute time suck. I thought this article was a nice overview and appreciation for what the game is. https://thenextweb.com/news/review-cozy-grove-is-what-happens-when-game-developers-give-a-damn-about-players
  3. 3, 5, 6 and 8. They show a boss, different items being used and different worlds. The last image has a Jack and Beanstalk vibe. Edit - I know you said 3 but I didn't want to leave off 5.
  4. Thanks for sharing this video. This reminds me of Corkscrew Crash, one of my son's favorite Hot Wheels sets. We try to time the cars to see how close we can get them without having a wreck. I can totally see him trying to do the magnet trap so it forces two cars to wreck out. I showed him the original Side Swipers footage last year so I am curious what he thinks when he sees a longer version like this. If he can unlock cars....he is going to be so excited.
  5. Also I would add to the first point that it also gets younger kids familiar with using technology as well some gross motor skills. I will also say that games like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego were really good ways of getting kids familiar with computers and a sneaky and fun way to get them engaged and learning about history and geography.
  6. Actually this is about the same number of exclusives the PS4 had at launch. There were 22 total games when it launched.
  7. There is a game sort of like this but it has specific missions. It's Lego Creator Islands and it's on Play store. It's a fun game and my son likes it because he can play whenever and for however long. I think there are other Lego creator games as well.
  8. Wait how did I miss Robotron being a thing for Amico? The retro arcade near me has a cabinet and I love that game.
  9. I already planned on Skiing being the game I would play most but seeing the new footage it's a definite yes. I am looking forward to the deep dive.
  10. 20 weeks?! I would have thought things would be getting better as time goes on. I can't imagine having a dead fridge and not being able to get any replacement. We gave up on replacing our oven for now because it took us forever to get the cooktop. Our current oven still works okay so it will just have to do for now. This is like last year where there was a run on chromebooks and I had to ask people I knew in different places and states to find me one and ship it to me. My parents had to get it from Microcenter for me because there was nothing around us at all and no store could tell us when to expect one.
  11. Include the appliance manufacturers in that...it took almost 3 months to get my order delivered which is delaying my kitchen update.
  12. That's true but I was also talking like as a poster or as something I can buy
  13. On the tee subject, I think if it's larger it looks better. As far as game box art: Pinball Space Armada Beamrider (I wish) NHL Hockey (is this allowed?) I have this shirt below, I like the size of the box art.
  14. If someone could make a picture of the running man but have him consist of all the inlays like a mosaic that would be amazing.
  15. Colossal Crash is an actual Hot Wheels track. We have it and every time my son sees the Hot Wheels footage for Amico this is literally why he wants to play it. He also got the Cross Cross Crash for his birthday. They are his two favorite sets for HW that he has.
  16. This is a good post. There are so many consumer surveys done in various industries where consumers say and prefer one thing but in reality at the point of purchase, their behavior says otherwise. A good example is the fitness industry, its like $10 billion/year and people say they want to be healthier and yet..... Another example is cordcutting. It has been big for awhile, cable packages are increasingly unaffordable. However, now with companies taking their content off Netflix and Hulu and creating their own platform...its made it less of a deal for someone to pay for those services separately and on top of each other. I think I mentioned this previously, but this is exactly why I just buy physical media still, especially with movies and TV series. You never know when its going to be taken off Netflix or whatever. If Ninjago ever goes off Netflix, I am going to be dealing with a meltdown in my house lol. We don't have all of the series on DVD yet. 🤣 I miss the DS. My DS Lite is on its last leg (main screen is dying) but I still have a Gameboy Micro.
  17. Oh Subway surfers...I loved that game. Where's my water was a good one too that kind of got ruined by all that. I also loved playing Mafia Wars (guilty pleasure) with friends until they made in game purchases the only way to level up and get past bosses. Zynga was really bad about that stuff.
  18. I hate in app purchases. I have stopped playing a lot of games because the in app purchases and ads have made it completely unplayable and not enjoyable. Even my son's math website monetizes the ability to level up. You can't unlock all aspects of the site unless you buy a membership 🙄 Also I love that Professor Layton series was shown in the article. I love all of those games. But a lot of mobile puzzle games are ruined by in app purchases.
  19. In order of interest: 2,1,5 and 4. #2 because I would like to see the controller featured more in the videos of gameplay. I would like to understand the complexity level more since my son is 7 and depending on the menus and complexity of controls, he can get frustrated with some games pretty quickly. #1 because who doesn't want to see more new game footage that hasn't been released yet? #5 because I do focus groups in my work quite a bit so I am kind of a nerd for this stuff. I really want to see more of the target market feedback and interest since most of what is out there is from diehards and people who are familiar with the original intellivision. Most people in my parent groups are interested in gaming beyond Sony and Xbox because both of those are cost prohibitive, time consuming and geared towards older kids. They don't really know Intellivision. Nintendo remains the main theme when casual video gaming is brought up, especially around suitability for their kids and their family. #4 because it would be interesting to hear about some of the logistics and marketing aspects of the launch. Also maybe a feature on the package design from the designer or design agency would be great.
  20. I can't remember if this has been asked before, but I would like to know as well. This is a feature on Stadia that I like, especially with games with a lot going on (Destiny 2, etc.).
  21. I've been trying to keep up on all the updates in this thread especially around the announcement of launch being pushed back. I'm okay with it, I put money in for a VIP a long time ago and I am just going to continue to hold tight. I've been really busy lately with work and family life (virtual schooling until end of year for my kiddo 😕) so I guess I missed all the drama from that? I am tempted to get a purple Amico though in addition to the VIP. At least with the new launch date I can add games to my Christmas wish list. My son has just started to get into playing different games on our Switch so I am interested to see what he thinks of the Amico. I know he is all about any Hot Wheels related games, especially since he got those new ID cars for Christmas.
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