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  1. I'm experiencing something similar with a lynx 1. I purchased a working motherboard with damaged screen, recapped it and installed a bennvenn lcd. All games work perfectly except California games on cart or sd cart. The screen freezes on the spinning sign and goes pink or yellow then fades. You can hear the game still playing but no image. If I keep turning it on and off it will eventually work. Keep thinking its something I've done wrong in the install of the lcd, but every other game works great. Very odd.
  2. I purchased my Mcwilled lynx 1 from eBay. It had the recom 5v mod, which worked fine With standard carts but not with Agacart. Rafal Helped me to return the lynx to stock and I also replaced the mosfet and zener. It all works perfectly now.
  3. So glad I got one, and thanks again for all the help returning my lynx 5v mod back to stock. Couldn’t have done it without you. Still using the Agacart regularly and still loving it!
  4. I didn’t think the Agacart could get any better but it just did! Thanks for this update, my lynx has seen a lot of action since the lockdown and the Agacart is working flawlessly. 🙂
  5. All sorted now! I somehow managed to solder L15 coil in wrong. All back together and working perfectly. Big thanks to Rafał for all his help.
  6. Just to update on this, Rafał was correct about the 5v mod being the issue. With his help I have returned my lynx to its original state with a new mosfet and Zenner diode and replaced the other parts removed for the mod. It now works perfectly with the Agacart! Thank you so much for all your help Rafał!
  7. I’ve now fitted all the components you kindly supplied except q9 and r73 which are supposed to be removed for the McWill screen. I tried to test for 5v at vcc and ground before refitting the Mcwill screen with game cart in but I’m only getting 0.6v pressing the on button makes no difference. I did notice that d20 on my lynx has been replaced with a solid link but I’m not sure if that would make any difference? Hopefully I haven’t damaged any components with my novice soldering!
  8. I’ve sent the pics again to your email contact on paypal, let me know if you don’t receive. Thanks for your help with this.
  9. That’s a very kind offer thank you! I’m pretty good at soldering but mostly it’s putting together micro fpv drones or radio control related things so not much experience with smd components. I’d certainly give it a go though, maybe get some practice in first! Did you get the pics I Sent you the other day?
  10. Hi, I have recently purchased a lynx 1 with Mcwill lcd, vga out and the recom 5v mod. I’m considering returning the power system back to standard. Could someone tell me how complex a task this would be and what parts I would need? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  11. Hi, I have a lynx 1 with Mcwill screen, vga out and the recom dc-dc 5v mod. It works great and I’m loving playing all my old games with the new screen. My only problem is when using my recently purchased Agacart sd card multi game cart I have trouble powering on( I have to push the power button at exact same time as inserting the cart, otherwise the lynx will not power up at all). Does anyone know if this could be caused by the 5v mod? If someone has a schematic of how the recom dc-dc regulator is fitted that would be most helpful.
  12. I will try and get hold of a schematic for the recom dc-dc mod from Mcwill if he has one? Please don’t let this put anyone off buying the Agacart, it really is a fantastic bit of kit, I’m sure this is just an issue with the power mod or fault on my Lynx. I will update when I get this resolved.
  13. I will investigate further over the weekend but I believe crossbow is correct on how the mod is done. I purchased my lynx ready modded on eBay and was told it was was done by Mcwill himself, it has the lcd screen, vga out and 5v mod. The workmanship is spot on and I’m very happy with it, just this one issue. Would really like to get it resolved as I don’t want to damage my lynx or the fantastic Agacart by continually removing and reinserting the cart. Thanks guys.
  14. After some more fiddling around getting my Mcwilled lynx to power up last night, I’m starting to think this is a power supply issue caused by the recom 5v mod. I’m very new to all this so someone please correct me if I’m talking nonsense! I believe the recom dc-dc mod never shuts down, so is it possible the AgaCart is drawing power before the lynx is powered up, not leaving enough juice to start the lynx when the power button is pressed? I know gamecomposer was having a similar issue back on page 4 or 5 of this thread. The reason I believe this might be the case is that the only way i can get the lynx to power on is by inserting the cart at the exact time I press the power button. Previously I thought this was an issue with the fitment of the cart. Once I’ve powered up I can then switch the lynx on and off again with no problems but, if I leave it for a couple of hours or more I need to repeat the process. Any thoughts or suggestions on this would be appreciated. I am thinking of reverting back to the original Zener diode but as I purchased the lynx ready modded I’m not really sure what that entails.
  15. AgaCart not Agarcart! Just noticed my typo. 😊
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