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  1. Also I recommend Craigslist and letgo to find some cool stuff nearby!
  2. Yep all games are complete with manual and work too! Space shuttle came with the overlay as well
  3. https://offerup.co/o3hAqOBhl7 hopefully the link still works
  4. Bought all these for $70 the other day. I have no intention to sell them but am curious the value on some of these games. Some boxes show wear and tear but all games came with the original manuals and some even came with their original purchase receipt. Have tested all games except the supercharger ones which I need a supercharger for. Thanks for the help.
  5. Bought these Atari games for $70 on OfferUp. Seemed like a hell of a deal. All games are boxed and come with manuals ( some have wear and tear) and all work.
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