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  1. I did it. Fortunately it was the second one I decided to replace. Removing is not an easy process, putting a new one is pure joy. It works now - programs show both base and extended memory.
  2. I don't even have the parts yet and I'm already sweating. I'm not sure about cutting the legs though - there's barely any space to fit the cutters, I tought about desoldering chips, removing as much solder as possible and then very carefully removing chips from the board. I don't care about those old chips too much, but I'm worried I might cause more damage with the cutters than without them.
  3. The one with the fancy background and windows? SysInfo 2.25 http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=utils&sub=F. Diagnostyczne&tg=SysInfo
  4. No I have the older(?) board with 16 4164 DRAM chips. As far as I can see they're widely available and not very expensive. I'll try to put the them in sockets too. Thank you, but I think those chips will be cheaper than international postage costs and taxes
  5. XRAM says "No XRAM detected!" and SHORTEST reports 131072 bytes of memory, but when I'm trying to start "Ext memory" the screen looks disorted and.. that's it. Nothing else happens. I guess I'll try to buy the RAM chips somewhere and I'll try with the piggyback method first. Worst thing is I don't really know where to look, which chip may be causing the trouble. Memory tester results I've uploaded to youtube shows some information as to which banks fail but I'm not sure how it corresponds to physical chips.
  6. I've just got Atari 130XE - it looks very well on the outside and on the inside, but there are some major problems. Barely any application or game loads - I'm using SIO2USB with several disk drive emulators (RespeQt, AspeQt, SIO2BSD, atarisio) on variety of operating systems (Windows 7, 10, Linux, emulated XP) and some ATR/XEX files load, some don't. Most of them froze after reading several sectors, some loaded successfully but were crashing and freezing when trying to access memory. I have some zins that make use of extended 64k on 130XE and those were crashing as well. Built-in memory test passes with all green, but some of diagnostic applications I've managed to start are showing really weird results - depending on application I use and how many restarts I've made... Sometimes they're reporting 96k, sometimes 64k, one application refused to load because base 48k weren't available. One memory test is showing a lot of errors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4nZPRWjRBc Not sure what to look for - should I start trying to replace memory chips, maybe it's some issue with MMU?
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