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  1. Hello, We are working on a new Rogue game for Atari STE. A teaser is now availble : https://youtu.be/MB13l3Pfstc The game requires 1mb of RAM minimum and will be available in several languages, English, French, German... Credits on the game: - Game concept, design and coding: Eric DAMAIN - Graphics: Papy CPC - Music: DMA-SC
  2. For my adventure text game I use a DLI to get 2 zones. 1 for a picture and the other for the text. Zone 2 is ANTIC Mode 2 And Zone 1 is ANTIC mode 7 for the tests. I am not fixed yet with the graphic mode I will use. My purpose is to test the comportement of my code according to the orders given by the user. But I have a little problem with my DLI... I would like to have a different background color for each zone : 0, 1 and 2. Up to now, the background color of Zone 2, ANTIC mode 2, overflows on zone 0. Is there a way to stop it ?
  3. I will write a function to transform the KeyCode to Atascii Code according this table : https://www.atariarchives.org/c3ba/kcindex.php
  4. I would hope to be able to continue using the INPUT function... But you are right, I will do like this. Thanks.
  5. Still testing Fast Basic ! This time it is an adventure text game POC. I would like to play a music or any sound while waiting user typing a command. For example, I'd like to play the sound of an alarm until the player type the command to stop it, "stop alarm", "turn off alarm"... with FB, I use INPUT ">"; str$ But I can not execute anything until the player press the Enter key... So no bip bip bip bip bip as alarm... Is there a way to pass trought this little problem with FB ?
  6. Hello every one ! Just a little question Is there a short cut in Mad Studio to Parse and Run Fast Basic Code ?
  7. Wahoo ! That's a lot informations ! I will try to understand all this 😉
  8. Thank you for all your informations. I will study them and try to them.
  9. The SoundMachine seems to be a great program !!! Is ther a way to configure the tempo on it ?
  10. Thanks for the information @skr I have downloaded it and I will try it !
  11. I use madStudio to code in fastBasic. It is a wonderful tool to create Players. I am looking for an equivalent tool to help creating music. Today I have to transform manually some partitions... Not so easy ! I will be so happy if anyone can shae such a tool !
  12. Hi ! I still test FB, a great language. A little video of my coding : Is it possible to display several instance of a player to display more than 3 enemies at the same time ? Like in Space Invaders for example
  13. Hi @dmsc Great !! $290 and $291/$292 are the locations I was looking for. Thank you very very much 😘
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