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  1. For my adventure text game I use a DLI to get 2 zones. 1 for a picture and the other for the text. Zone 2 is ANTIC Mode 2 And Zone 1 is ANTIC mode 7 for the tests. I am not fixed yet with the graphic mode I will use. My purpose is to test the comportement of my code according to the orders given by the user. But I have a little problem with my DLI... I would like to have a different background color for each zone : 0, 1 and 2. Up to now, the background color of Zone 2, ANTIC mode 2, overflows on zone 0. Is there a way to stop it ?
  2. I will write a function to transform the KeyCode to Atascii Code according this table : https://www.atariarchives.org/c3ba/kcindex.php
  3. I would hope to be able to continue using the INPUT function... But you are right, I will do like this. Thanks.
  4. Still testing Fast Basic ! This time it is an adventure text game POC. I would like to play a music or any sound while waiting user typing a command. For example, I'd like to play the sound of an alarm until the player type the command to stop it, "stop alarm", "turn off alarm"... with FB, I use INPUT ">"; str$ But I can not execute anything until the player press the Enter key... So no bip bip bip bip bip as alarm... Is there a way to pass trought this little problem with FB ?
  5. Hello every one ! Just a little question Is there a short cut in Mad Studio to Parse and Run Fast Basic Code ?
  6. Wahoo ! That's a lot informations ! I will try to understand all this 😉
  7. Thank you for all your informations. I will study them and try to them.
  8. The SoundMachine seems to be a great program !!! Is ther a way to configure the tempo on it ?
  9. Thanks for the information @skr I have downloaded it and I will try it !
  10. I use madStudio to code in fastBasic. It is a wonderful tool to create Players. I am looking for an equivalent tool to help creating music. Today I have to transform manually some partitions... Not so easy ! I will be so happy if anyone can shae such a tool !
  11. Hi ! I still test FB, a great language. A little video of my coding : Is it possible to display several instance of a player to display more than 3 enemies at the same time ? Like in Space Invaders for example
  12. Hi @dmsc Great !! $290 and $291/$292 are the locations I was looking for. Thank you very very much 😘
  13. Hello, I use fastBasic and I would like to use a split mode, for example GR. 4, and I would like to display the Score information in the footer section with PRINT Score Always at the same position with the instruction POSITION row,column But this does not work... Is there another way to do it ?
  14. Thank you very much for all these informations. I have a new question, about Players and Missiles this time. I can display and move a Player with the Joystick and shoot a Missile. I would like to shoot multiple Missiles on multiples Enemies. Is it possible to display the same Missile on different positions on the screen ? And by the same, multiples Players for Enemies ?
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