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  1. Thanks @Stephen Moss ! I was looking for a notch and couldn't find one - just as well I asked !! You the man !!
  2. Thanks so much @Stephen Moss - that's just what I was looking for. Just to be sure - Have I numbered the pins correctly here? :
  3. OK - I need to get back to this as I was busy for the last while and left it. Here's the Lynx II schematic off Console5's website ( https://console5.com/wiki/File:Atari-Lynx-II-Schematic-(Hayato)-C104247-6-29-90.png ) Basically this part: Do I need to connect +5 to power to try and turn it on without a flex/membrane circuit ? Thx !
  4. OK - Great. So I just need to find what other solder for power on and then the buttons are irrelevant for testing if they lynx powers up. If it powers up then I know the issue is with the membrane.
  5. Would bad traces with occasional connection explain the behaviour especially since it booted once? - i.e. if there were connections sometimes and not others ?
  6. I have some very old conductive paint that might work actually. it's in a little bottle like nail polish, I'll need to check it. Any maybe some type of stencil for very thin lines...I'll see what I can come up with
  7. Hmm... So this is what was under the power buttons - broken traces - similar on the other side also - am I screwed ?
  8. Out of curiosity - is the Copper RF shield really necessary ?
  9. Yeah - but at the beginning it only gave a white screen, and then once for some reason it started - then white again after that
  10. It's still starts @Nop90 - but just a white lit screen. Game only started once
  11. Thanks @karri - I'll have to see what I have that can output 5V - I don't have a lab power supply
  12. Hi all, I picked up a broken Lynx 2 for cheap (15 Euro) and I hoped to repair it. It's my first Lynx so this is all new to me, so please bear with me.. So I've taken it apart and cleaned and I've recapped it fully, and replaced the MOSFET but still no power. I then tried the power trick with the wire from battery -ive to the headphone jack +ive. The screen lights up but that's it (even with a game inserted). I had lightly soldered the wire to the headphone +ive and it fell off, so I tried it again just to see for sure if anything was on the screen and it actually turned on once and the game started (so it's not totally dead) Here's the strange bit: when it played I took the wire away to cut out the bypass and it stayed playing. I've tried it a few times more but the game won't start again, however, it seems I can turn on the Lynx and it lights the screen if I just touch the wire to the headphone +ive and then remove - it does not need to have a constant connection. The one thing I did NOT do was clean the little power switch as it was kind of glued to that plastic wire loom, but I'm going to disassemble again and and remove it and give it a clean, that's all I can think of - any advice or suggestion would be great. Thanks all! Another thing that occurred to me was maybe the copper RF shield that I had to partially lift up to get at C3 was touching something, so I may make sure C3 pins are properly insulated with some kapton tape. Here's what I bought (this is the seller pic - I should have take a before pic): Here's the WIP:
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