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  1. I had hoped to upload this for a bit of fun before Play Expo, but ran out of time and only just got home. When I went to upload it to YouTube it says my account is currently locked so I'll put the download link here for now. If someone wants to upload it themselves, feel free, but if you upload to YouTube, please post the link here for everyone so I know where it's gone. I will try and unlock the account over the next few days. This WeTransfer download link will work until the 31st of October, and hopefully by then I will have access to my YouTube account again if nobody else has uploaded it. The Retrolaird Kieren Hawken interviews himself (267Mb MP4 video) PS: It was great to talk to some of you at Blackpool over the weekend!
  2. A movie-length review of a series of books called "The A-Z of C64 Games" by Kieren Hawken, aka Kizza aka Retro Laird aka the Laird of Forsyth. This is without doubt the angriest, most in depth C64 book review ever! Full contents: 0:00:21 Intro 0:05:03 Arkanoid 0:07:58 Bomb Jack 0:09:40 Bubble Bobble 0:12:09 Cabal 0:14:40 Double Dragon 0:17:10 Empire Strikes Back 0:21:01 Enduro Racer 0:24:55 Hard Drivin' 0:28:02 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 0:30:41 Joe Blade 0:31:54 Klax 0:33:53 LED Storm 0:36:13 Lemmings 0:38:04 Milk Race 0:39:07 Ms Pacman 0:39:52 Ninja 0:41:50 Operation Wolf 0:43:24 Question of Sport 0:45:13 Quick Draw McGraw 0:47:51 River Raid 0:51:32 Road Blasters 0:54:24 Shadow Warriors 0:57:26 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 0:57:53 Thrust 1:00:36 Thunder Blade 1:05:28 Untouchables 1:07:16 Uridium 1:09:45 Victory Road 1:11:39 World Games 1:13:05 Yogi's Great Escape 1:14:53 Zenji 1:15:59 Final thoughts A huge "Thank you" to everyone that sent evidence, screenshots, emails, messages, images, video clips and other content for this book review. This video couldn't have been made without you all! Fair Use provision allows someone to: "comment, criticise or parody a copyrighted work without being guilty of copyright infringement". This video, therefore, is acceptable as a full and frank review of the publication/s in question. If this video is struck down for any reason, I will stick a thread on AtariAge.com where you'll be able to find out more details and alternate download links. The last time a certain somebody tried this on, they lost their youtube account in the fallout from a fake takedown notice. Will he be as foolish to repeat the process by claiming a video he clearly didn't create? Permission is granted for ANYBODY to download and mirror this video on any site you choose, or use any part of the video however you wish. The video is also present on other tube sites.
  3. Thanks to a keen contributor in the USA, there is a new track available called Lie When You Lie. I have had messages from several other people saying they are also working on tracks so there should be more music on the way soon. Lie When You Lie Previous track for those that missed it: Good Ol' Mr. Atari
  4. The first remix of They Call Me Mr Atari has just been sent to me by someone wishing to remain anonymous. You can listen to the track on my SoundCloud account. If anyone else wants to remix it, the sample file links are a few pages back. Send me the file via DM and I will upload it if you want anonymity. Good Ol' Mr. Atari
  5. I have had a significant number requests for the samples to They Call Me Mr. Atari from people wanting to make their own remixed version of the song. There are 2 options you can use, either download the sample pack (contains some unused wav files) or download the song without the backing track and slice it up yourself. I am setting up a soundcloud account to host any versions that are copyright free. You can use these files however you like, no permission is required by me for however and wherever you want to use them. Let your imagination run wild! Audio Sample Pack (66 wav files = 38Mb): https://we.tl/t-HQSLJqQrof Retroliar - They Call Me Mr. Atari song (without the backing track = 11Mb): https://we.tl/t-1CrhpCaxBp
  6. What a fucking prick Kieren is. Every comment he makes he has to add something stupid like "a lot of people think this" to backup his own (biased) point of view. Kieren ended up butthurt as soon as Sir Tim was surprised that LED Storm was mentioned as one of his most memorable tracks. You could almost feel Kieren blow a gasket and smoke come out of his head when he was told it was composed on his nemesis the Amiga and the ST was a conversion. I love the ST, but sometimes you have to accept reality. Have a listen yourself as Kieren said to "listen to them side by side". The comments after each are from Kieren: LED Storm on the ST - "a million times better than the Amiga, your best work" LED Storm on the Amiga LED Storm on the C64 - "totally different tune, very strange, doesn't fit the game at all, it just sounds really weird" Tim was probably expecting comments about his best work to be his amazing soundtrack for Ghouls'n'Ghosts or Bionic Commando, not some know-it-all piece of shit bringing up LED Storm. Now he's having a go at @SpectrumNez on twitter with his "Make sure you leave a good review and then edit it to a really bad one" comment after a book review was downgraded from 4 stars to 1 star. The first part of his request seems highly unlikely unless it's one of his own sockpuppet accounts like RetroGirl. Best to block Kieren and move on.
  7. If you don't want arguing, can we please ban Lee Fogarty from posting here? Every time he posts, the thread gets completely derailed. He has his own agenda and his own forum where he can discuss this stuff. He's in the background with his little Chinese whispers to Kieren, Octavius, X-Ray Specs, and Christ knows who else, and spreading his own brand of toxicity. While he's allowed to post his nonsense here while "doing a Kieren" in the shadows, this thread will continue to descend into arguments, and now that posts are being deleted, this is quickly becoming a train wreck. I found these pages about him, and they have all the same hallmarks of the kind of bullying Kieren has been up to over the years: http://zxvega.co.uk/lee-fogarty http://zxvega.co.uk/nick-roper/ Lee has a vested interest in muddying the waters and trying to integrate himself back into the community. For the sake of this thread and to stop the arguing, we need to prevent the supply of oxygen to these troublemakers, and the most obvious way is banning Lee from posting here.
  8. Since the Forza77 account has been mysteriously deleted in the last 24 hours, it would be a shame not to remember Kieren's Jason's Jane's wise words. I wonder if Kieren Beast 666 Rogue Trooper will also vanish shortly?
  9. An update for everyone. Kieren has now reported the re-uploaded 'A-Z of Atari ST Games Volume 3' book review video for copyright infringement, even though it is nothing more than a detailed book review - much like his own reviews. You can still view the videos on DailyMotion and the WeTransfer link still works: Original review on DailyMotion Updated 15 minute long video on DailyMotion WeTransfer download of the updated 15 minute long video If anybody wishes to upload the video themselves to YouTube, please feel free to do so. If there are multiple copies on various YouTube accounts and Kieren tries to strike them all down, he risks losing his own channel if YouTube agrees with his false claims. This would be a battle that he cannot win in the long term. Kieren Hawken has already had a copyright strike in the last couple of days for stealing the 50 PET Games video footage, so he will be very worried. He stole the videos from Kim Moser's site. All the video clips on Kim's site are tagged at the bottom with his webpage address, but Kieren simply cropped that part out and stole the footage then monitized the video. View all Kim Moser's videos that Kieren Hawken stole The video that Kieren Hawken stole in the attached tweet is called Ouranos The video that Kieren Hawken stole from Kim on YouTube with Kim's copyright message at the bottom (go to 45 second mark) After being exposed on Twitter, Kieren deleted the video from his channel to avoid the copyright message showing up on the tweet. But a screenshot shows the video was taken down for copyright infringement and not from Kieren choosing to remove the video.
  10. After Kieren received a copyright strike today for stealing footage from his 50 PET games video, I thought he might need cheering up. Kieren filed a copyright strike against the earlier video on the Lynx God channel, so it's been re-edited with an additional 5 minutes of footage. The review is much more in-depth and thorough. YouTube video DailyMotion video WeTransfer video download (110Mb) Remembering what Kieren did last time, please download and disseminate the links and files in as many places as possible. Consider the video public domain freeware, that you can do whatever you like with.
  11. If you know the long and sordid history of the "gentleman" in question, you'll know that as soon as he falls out with you, he suddenly finds time to "review" your work on YouTube, and post links to it everywhere he can.
  12. How long before Kieren has a big whinge on Twitter, or will he just pretend it doesn't exist? I'm going for the latter! I hope anybody else that had a bad review from Kieren over the years gets some enjoyment out of this!
  13. These are the couple of videos that Kieren Hawken is desperately trying to delete from the internet. It seems that RetroLaird can't handle the kind of review he dishes out to the rest of us, and is under some kind of delusion that he can play Whack-A-Mole with these videos forever. The YouTube links have been removed for now, but will be back once RetroLaird loses his copyright strike attempt via the dispute process. For those that missed them first time around: RetroLaird reviewing his own book (11:32) on DailyMotion. Updated and more detailed book review (15:09) on DailyMotion. Galahad uploaded the updated book review on YouTube with an additional intro message stating that RetroLaird was abusing the DMCA takedown process and risked losing his channel if he struck the video. Kieren ignored the warning and issued a copyright strike. Kieren's claim was eventually dismissed, and with extra strikes on his channel after he was caught stealing gameplay footage, his channel is now gone. The video was returned to YouTube on February 19th. If you wish to download these videos, a link to WeTransfer was uploaded on February 1st (now expired) containing 3 videos: 1. The original video of Kieren reviewing his own book (78Mb) 2. The updated, much more detailed video review (110Mb) 3. The updated version with an intro stating RetroLaird is abusing the DMCA takedown process (60Mb) Many people have downloaded the files and may be willing to upload it if you really want them and ask nicely in the thread! If you're new to this thread, we suggest beginning with this post from Craig Turner (Mr.T), founder of Revival Retro Events in the UK: Here's an index of the more notable posts in this thread. Last updated 2020-03-02: Original review video posted morcar wants nothing to do with Kieren Updated video posted Lost Dragon details Kieren's negative review of Sega Mega Visions magazine Kieren copyright strikes updated video, proof of Kieren using stolen footage in his own videos Kieren review absurdities (reviewing incomplete games, his own published "homebrew", etc.) funkyspectrum getting wind of Kieren's lies Kieren falsely accuses CyranoJ of being homophobic Evidence of Kieren's trolling and lies directed against CyranoJ and Reboot, as well as more of his follies Kieren lies about Linkovitch's U235 Sound Engine using stolen code Kieren lies about Jaguar game Rebooteroids being based on older Jaguar game, is proven wrong by author of game Kieren attacks Octav1us with sock puppet account Kieren appears as "Epyx" on Sega-16 forums, is immediately outed Sauron details false accusations from Kieren Kieren claims to have written most of Oliver Twins' book and to be good friends with them More Kieren sockpuppetry Kieren tries to deflect criticism by claiming to be suicidal Kieren warns of shutting down the Jaguar Sector III Facebook group Kieren's obvious bias as a "writer" More proof of stolen footage in Laird's Lair videos Even more Kieren sockpuppetry Misinformation in Kieren's article about Jaguar preorder figures Yet more sockpuppetry List of usernames known to be used by Kieren Another Kieren sock puppet account, promoting 7800 magazine funkyspectrum's first video detailing his interactions with Kieren Sudden removal of videos from Laird's Lair YouTube channel Another (non)fan of Kieren's wants nothing to do with him now Kieren lies about reason for banning Master-Cast TV from JSIII funkyspectrum posts a second video about Kieren Kieren trolls 1up article about Best Homebrew Games with sock puppets CyranoJ has to send message to Jeff Minter defending himself against Kieren's accusations of homophobia John Romero refuted Kieren's claim that he isn't much of a coder Examples of Kieren not playing nice on other forums Bliz71 (former Atari ST game developer) shares his experience with Kieren funkyspectrum shares Chris Wilkins' Facebook post about Kieren Kieren banned from RetroUnlim.com website Sam Dyer of Bitmap Books describes Kieren's involvement with "Atari 2600/7800: A Visual Compendium" book project Austin shares his experiences with Kieren Kieren shuts down his Laird's Lair YouTube account Sam Dyer won't use Kieren's writing services again Greyfox shares his experiences with Kieren Digitiser2000 website makes statement about drama surrounding Kieren Kieren files harassment complaint against AtariAge to hosting service regarding this thread, also shows Facebook posts from Chris Wilkins and Octav1us about him StarshipUK details his experiences with Kieren PeteProdge details some of Kieren's harassment of others RetroElectroDad confirms negative comments about Reboot and AtariAge on Jaguar Sector 3, likely resulting in lost income for both entities Even more evidence of Kieren sockpuppetry Galahad details his experience with Kieren LinkoVitch shares experience of Kieren sending a friend request to his partner Kieren reporting Facebook comments about him as spam "Beware of Laird's Lies - The Truth About Kieren Hawken" video Maarten Martens shares his experiences with Kieren All links to AtariAge on Facebook are blocked thanks to being reported as spam by Kieren, affecting thousands of posts and comments CommodoreCEO shares his brief experiences with Kieren zapiy (owner of retrovideogamer.co.uk website) also isn't a fan of Kieren Facebook block of AtariAge links has been lifted Kieren releases 15 page statement in PDF format lashing out against many of his accusers LinkoVitch disputes accusations against him in Kieren's statement OldSchoolRetroGamer correctly guesses the tone of Kieren's statement without having read it Andy Remic disputes allegation made by Kieren against Chris Wilkins namco confirms LinkoVitch's version of events PeteProdge disputes several statements by Kieren PixelsLtd shares his thoughts about the accusations against Kieren as well as Kieren's 15 page statement Octav1us disputes Kieren's statements about her RetroPrincess disputes many of Kieren's statements CyranoJ disputes Kieren's statements about him in detail funkyspectrum disputes more of Kieren's statements Lorfarius denies current connection to Kieren and shares experience of Kieren's (lack of) quality of journalistic work Kieren is delusional about the amount of support he received after releasing his statement Proof of almost universally negative reaction on Twitter to Kieren's statement festershinetop creates checksum of PDF to guard against further changes New Lairds Lair YouTube channel created RetroBob recognizes serious issues with Kieren Octav1us further disputes Kieren's statements about her CommodoreCEO points out lack of support for Kieren's Facebook post regarding statement PixelsLtd warns to not assume people Kieren listed as supporters actually support him Screenshot of past accusations made against Sauron by Kieren No end to Kieren's sockpuppetry Sauron disputes Kieren's accusations CPUWIZ (global moderator on AtariAge) confirms Sauron's dispute of Kieren's accusation Bliz71 disputes accusation against Lost Dragon Buffalo Buff Burgertime shows similarity in wording between Kieren's statement and anonymous insult of Octav1us Questions about veracity of Kieren's "proof" of autism diagnosis Questions about one of Kieren's listed supporters (Catherine DeSpira) Kieren mixes up Reboot's Downfall and Downfall+ and incorrectly accuses them of selling a free game Kieren produced a Jaguar Video CD, claiming it's a homebrew game Roberth Anthony Martinez Rivero apologies and describes how Kieren backstabbed him Craig Turner (Mr.T), joint founder of Revival Retro Events, calls out Kieren SpectrumNez gets trolled by Kieren on Twitter after leaving a negative review of his book on Amazon Mr. T goes into detail about the known sockpuppet accounts used by Kieren Mr. T refutes Kieren's claims of coming up with the Revival name Mr. T details how Kieren eventually fell out with many of the people who attended his wedding Mr. T provides evidence of Kieren disparaging Revival and other sneaky nonsense
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