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  1. 1 hour ago, jerseystyle said:

    Man, that sucks and is pretty disappointing if people are attacking your family.   In my line of work (fairly public facing) I take a bit of heat, which is fine, part of the job, etc, but thus far nothing has ever spilled onto my family.  I'm not even sure how I'd react to that.  Sorry to hear that.  One can have MASSIVE disagreements over tech, personalities,  etc, but never a reason to go after people's family/friends.

    I can confirm this. Kevtris was even saying stuff that could be deemed racist with attacks on the people of the United Arab Emirates namely Dubai  by calling them a $Hithole that just happens to have a lot of oil money. 

    All because the one guy Tommy went to meet that works for Intellivision has a McLaren

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  2. With the delays of many products due to chip shortages do you find this still a obstacle? Also has anyone from Analogue who's also dealing with chip shortages which resulted in a delay of their pocket, ever reached out or commented on how they to are dealing the same struggles. Maybe to help calm the concerns of mutual customers. 



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  3. Sorry haven't been on in a while been busy. Wanted to say thanks to everyone at Atariage for their hard work keeping out the riffraff. It's come to my knowledge that some odd individuals on YT are making claims false claims about me and in regards to Intellivision Amico and Tommy Tallarico. That I'm bias because I'm 

    1 an investor. 

    2 I've been banned from Atariage

    Both are incorrect, I've never invested in the republic investment option. Just did a deposit on the FE. 

    And the 2nd one well is pretty obvious lol

    Just don't want mosl information about me or Tommy Tallarico to be put out there.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Tommy Tallarico said:

    Just wanted to let folks know that they just announced that the state of California has extended the lockdown and "stay-at-home" order INDEFINITELY for now.



    Just wanted to let folks here know the latest up-to-the-minute info.


    Here's some good news:  Going to be posting a cool video on January 1st to start the new year right!!


    Well this was to be expected.  And even with that I have no doubt you will still make progress just slower progress.  I hope you all can make a release before summer. Hang in there. California is in a massive hole. Hope you all can eventually climb out of it

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  5. 27 minutes ago, bigdaddygamestudio said:

    that would likely allow for runaway piracy. Systems dont need to be connected to the internet for games to be played.  The only reason you need internet is for the initial download and or optional leader boards. So internet isnt needed. These arent server based games, IE could go out of business ( god forbid) but your amico will still run any and all games you have on your amico until it turns into a doorstop.  as far as 30 years down the road, games that old I would think will be available via many different ways just as they are today. Plus face it, how many of us have 30 viable years left? 

    Well wasn't referring to online play. Jist that there was something discussed about selling your game and it being physical media but that rfid like in the amiibos this wouldn't be. So my thought was what if you decided to sell your game and the digital code was extracted from my console and placed in another. Leave one console and loading into another.  Could the code be written that when a game is sold its directly downloaded from the Amico it was the sold from that sellers console?  

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  6. Ok I have an idea about the games alway having support in the future and how the physical media could work without a server.  And I know its out there but I wanted to say it anyways. 

    If there is at least 1 console in the world connected to the internet with the game you want in it could it be possible that your Amico could connect to it and copy the code to too your console.  Basically all the Amicos are connected for this purpose? Allowing the games to be accessible. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, 5-11under said:

    I thought about making games for the Microvision close to 10 years ago, when I was working on trying to reconstruct the Microvision (using an Arduino compatible microcontroller and color LCD screen). Somewhere I have some "screenshots" of games that I thought would work well for the Microvision, with it's 16x16 monochrome display and paddle controller. I started buying games and systems as part of both of these projects. The reconstruction was cancelled after I found out that duplicating the LCD was an easier and cheaper solution. The games programming was still in my head, though.


    If you recall, there's an unreleased game for the Microvision, Barrage, that was advertised in the Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog for 1982. I think all that exists is this picture from the catalog:




    I thought it would be fun to create a game based on this picture. I call it Barrage 2021, so it's not completely confusing compared to the unreleased game. About 3 years ago I started programming the game. It got lost in busyness, and about 2 months ago, I finally finished it off with some tweaks and an additional game mode.


    Somewhere in there, I also made a few board layouts for the Microvision. I've got a newer one, but this is the one I used (because apparently at some point I bought a batch of boards):




    The original Microvision games use old microprocessors that are difficult to find and program, so instead, I'm using relatively modern parts... an Atmega328 as well as a 9V<->5V level shifter. The '328 has some EEPROM space, which I've used to store high scores. I programmed the game in the Arduino IDE, and programmed the '328 with a TL866 programmer (without the Arduino bootloader). Programming the Microvision has some similarities to chasing the beam on the Atari 2600, as you need to refresh the screen on a regular basis. There's a few other timing/switching things to be concerned about, but mostly it involves setting up the row (or column) patterns you want to display, and sending out that data on a regular basis. To help in this, I set up a bit of a "state machine", to make it fairly easy to output the correct display, depending on the current status (for instance title screen, setup screen, gameplay screen, game over screen). Just change the mode (state) from 1 to 2, for instance, to switch the display from title screen to gameplay screen.


    A few years ago I created the box and labels and manual layouts, but lost them when my computer died (back up your files, people!!! ). It's been a crazy year, so I can't even remember if that was one or two years ago. Anyway, over the past month, I recreated those, to match the standard design of other Microvision games. I haven't 100% duplicated everything, but it's close enough, and in some ways makes more sense for today.


    Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to produce a batch of these for anyone who wants one (don't PM me yet... this might take a while to get everything figured out... there'll be plenty of notice). For the pictures below, all of the materials for the pictures below are printed on regular paper, using a laser printer (instead of being properly printed, with decent paper, mylar, and sticker material). The bezel was also quickly painted by hand, and is cracked - I need to figure out a good and repeatable way to do the painting better. I also just used an existing box - I'd much rather make my own boxes from scratch - so I'll need to find some material for that. Here's some pictures...


    The box:






    Manual (outside) and cart with system:



    Manual (inside):



    There's a lame backstory in the manual, but basically you need to catch all the single-block-wide "fireballs" that are falling from the sky. However, if you see a double-wide "ship", you want to avoid that. The main mode has one ship every other wave. There's an alternate mode that has a ship much more often. There's 3 skill levels, and 99 waves (30 fireballs/ships per wave), that vary in speed and vary in amount of space between one fireball and the next. As you proceed through the waves, the speed generally (but not always) increases. You start with 8 or 16 "players" depending on skill level, and if you miss a fireball or catch a ship, you lose one player. In the main mode, if you miss the rare ship, you get an extra player, and in the alternate mode, you gain an extra player every other wave. The bottom row of the display shows the number of players.


    Gameplay video, in the spirit of Blair Witch. ;) Apparently when I'm trying to play a game and hold a phone at the same time, I'm really bad at both. This is the alternate mode (and uses a slightly outdated program file):




    Holy crap thats amazing.  Hats off to you sir well done. Love to have that game. 

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  8. On 11/24/2020 at 9:31 AM, 5-11under said:

    100% agree, except (or maybe especially):



    Damn straight! This project "is" important to, but not "that" important to me. From about May to about October, this was absolutely nowhere near the top of my personal priority list. In fact, I had less than zero interest in this project. Like it or not, that's the way it was. Fin.



    Back to our regularly scheduled broadcast... the local reps of the LCD company have contacted the China office, who is now working on dialing in the correct contrast.


    And thats totally fair. I mean its a vintage toy not a heart replacement.  I get it. All I was saying is is updates means alot even if you tell everyone you are putting this project on hold for a few months. Thats all I was getting at. 

  9. 15 hours ago, Shawn said:




    Um no. He milked Harvey's thread for all he could until he was asked to leave after he proclaimed he wanted to stay around. 

    Look I feel everyone needs to cool it. And to claim this other guy was l

    Milking it is a stretch.  We all had been asking got nothing,  not a response.  

    This happens alot on Atariage.  Ive been waiting a year and others 2 or more years to get a response from a guy to make nuon controllers. Of which hes already made in the past and sold then states more are coming and nothing for years. So spare everyone the drama.  511 is no doubt busy and I get that. But it only takes a couple of minutes to update your thread and give your interested ones that update.  I was there when the other person came in and took on the project as well. Yet 511 hadn't responded not once till months later. Telling me it wasn't that important to him.  You can say what you want but in the end dropping in once a month to let everyone know your still trying, goes a long ways. I get alerts when this thread has new comments as well as others. And I'm not the originator of it. Yet 511 not once responded when that other person jumped in. Why is that? Because he wasn't making it a priority.  Not interested, not at least all those months this thread went dark. I watched people come every month asking about it and zero response. As I said earlier this isnt uncommon on Atariage so sorry if you think people have lost faith because its been a repeat experience on here. 

    Also I might add that if it wasn't for that other guy who knows how long 511 would have taken to move this along.  


    Might have been the necessary fire under the feet this project needed. IMHO 

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  10. On 11/9/2020 at 11:57 AM, GrudgeQ said:

    I seen it happen before but I managed to catch it this time - somebody tried bot bombing Pete's Countdown to the Intellivision Amico video. Fortunately just a little while later YouTube bitch slapped them out of existence. Just show the level of the 'quality individuals' who are trying to make a handful of people look like many.





    Im glad this had gotten resolved.  Its pathetic how people will go to these lengths to paint a picture so people unknowing and uneducated on the subject to get people to think their way.

    Its this type of approach that my grandfather took a bullet in ww2 to help end. Sad that its come back. 

    People often think im as radical in dealing with them but its different because I dont hide behind a fake persona and I use truth.  

    Sure we shouldnt give them any attention but then we also only let them have the voice. 


    The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.
    Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight.
    Bob Marley 
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  11. 10 minutes ago, [email protected] said:

    Thanks!  I feel like I got booted! 🤔  I was at the point of no return to stop now.  I've been working really hard with the vendor on this.


    I wasn't trying to take the guys project.  He just never responded to messages or forums posts.  No idea.  Does he not get notifications?

    Your correct. Its been dormant too long. I get it its difficult and you have to keep people informed.  I had a similar situation with something and people were asking me all the time and I just responded the facts. And when it didnt pan out I told them. He has a point about you having your own spot and thats actually better.  I was thinking this project was dead. Then you came and got things moving. In the end I hope this lites the fire on this project and gets this little handheld the attention it needs. 

    Thanks for your efforts 

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  12. Im glad to see you back. And definitely think you should continue moving forward.  None of this would have happened and raised interest in this little ol handheld if you hadn't gotten the ball rolling. 

    I think having 2 in the works is great.  In the end its a passion project and keep gaming history alive.  Anything I can do to help promote it let me know.  Thats for you and rwburbage

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  13. On 10/19/2020 at 10:08 PM, Tommy Tallarico said:


    Did your "hardware guy who knows a lot about this stuff" take this pic?


    Especially when the hardware guys says you can just pull the cpu and swap it with a snapdragon. But then you realize your hardware GUY is 16 and that cpu is soldered to the mainboard 🤣🤣🤣

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  14. On 4/9/2020 at 6:05 AM, michaelr said:

    hi guys


    I make Atari 2600 vcs reproduction console boxes plus repro game boxes. All retyped with all original fonts, retouched and professionally assembled from scratch with no scans or jpegs used. They're all on my etsy shop. Take a look and spread the word if you can. Thanks!


    Do you still make these and if so do you ship to the States?  Also do you know bbn of anyone that does reproduction boxes for the colecovision console itself 

  15. 1 hour ago, IntelliMission said:

    Interestingly enough, a famous Youtube podcast with 2 Nintendo fans has ignored the last Amico event for almost 4 days now.


    The reason? Well, here's my theory: the number of positive surprises shown was so high that going through all that would be a free promotion for Intellivision Entertainment than these guys simply refuse to do.



    No they will they are known to drag their feet. Quite lazy

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  16. 16 hours ago, LePionnier said:

    Great Score !


    I really like the Demo. The sound and music building depending on where the ball goes, etc.

    Relicgamer, I don't know what you will think about my next comment (I hope it's constructive comments)


    When our paddle is firing, I don't like the sound of it ! I would like a sound that could "match" with the music.
    I am sure with a different sound ( not so sure, should be tested ! lol ) it could be cooler ! Right now I hate it when I am firing. 🥺

    It spoils the beautiful relaxing music!


    My second comment looks more like a question.

    Could it be a good idea to have a bonus score depending on how many time left to when you finish the level ! (and how many balls are still remain)

    Sometimes I am doing it rapidly and perfectly and my score is not really good ! Lol


    Thank you for everyone who can give me their thoughts on those two comments.

    And don't get me wrong, I really like the game ! 😃


    Oh here is a last one ! Could have been cool to control the paddle with the scroll wheel !


    (You see Tommy, I can be a good video game tester  lol 😉). I have already done it for Eidos ! If you want to send me Amico for December or January I will be ready to test it with my family.

    I have a 70 year old mother who never played video game ( But she bought me Intellivision II 38 years ago ! ) She also have no computer and no cell phone! I am really curious to see how she will react when I will let her try it with his younger boyfriend ! 🙄

    I get what you are saying.  It definitely has a sound thats a tad out of tune the the other sounds. Also at 1st I  had a problem with the paddle itself.  The blurred effect caused me to miss the ball. But after a while I got the hang of it. 

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  17. Ok I want to start that I'm a hugh fan of Break out, and any block breaking game. When I 1st saw the demo of the Amicos Break Out I was immediately  hooked. I still enjoy playing block buster on my microvision. And this has been above and beyond my expectations.  This will have my attention till its launch. Im not kidding.  Thank you Tommy and everyone involved with team Amico.  This is what I'm excited about most with the Amico.  These kinda of games. Jump in try to beat your score for an hour get your family involved and then hop off. 

    I wasn't 100% sure if this console would get me this excited but this game sealed it for me. And if the other games are this fun my xbox one x is going to be collecting dust lol seriously.  


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