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  1. This is the one I want next on my vectrex. Just love moon patrol. I love the demo on my amico phone app
  2. Yeah I can see that. I think its just one those games that follows you through the years. But I think all of the games could be looked at the same way. And the controls initially do feel off but for me it has to do with playing games that tend to use the standard up down left right and that game you have to hit it at an angle if I remember correctly. Its been a while.
  3. Man the haters are going to new levels. You know its bad when YouTube deletes their comment but you can still see it in the notifications. So bad I couldn't even post it here nor would I want to. Makes me realize how bad it has to be for Tommy. Hats off to you sir for putting up with these disturbing people
  4. The idea that Sony would be into having one of their products on a different system is really cool
  5. Qbert would also be a good one to have on the Amico in the future
  6. 100% agree. Sneak v is just a moron that probably hates video games that are not from current systems. And graphics are overrated. My 21 year old loves the nes the most. And is not particularly happy with online gaming. Wants to play with friends locally. Lastly a console for indie developers is where its at. For me last year the indie section of PAX West was the most memorable part of the expo. And it was for 1 reason. They were the most creative. Sure borderlands 3 and a new zelda were being showcased but it wasn't worth the 2 hour wait to get 5 mins of playtime.
  7. Oh its going to be on my system.......right after a pay for it lol
  8. 2 things on this I'm not 100% on agreement. 1 the ps3 and xbox 360 being the biggest leap. The original xbox did high definition though not all did 720p many did. Some even did 1080i. And even the 360 didnt do much better than that. Infact many xbox 1s release titles barely hit 1080p. Millenials and future genz's: They have a hugh up hill battle, wages for them and cost of living is far less in their favor. It was alot cheaper to rent a place. It use to be my parents real boomers had a new home 2 new cars and a new boat all on 1 income dad was a carpet my mom could stay home. All in the laye 70s,Try doing that these days. And its only getting worse. But thats also no excuse to be lazy but to work harder.
  9. Well I am but my son is 21. And hes been getting too many of my 2nd hand items. Now I make him pay for them lol but hes too old now to fit the category. But hes a odd case nes is his favorite. That might change when the Amico comes out
  10. Tommy here's a question. If the Amico becomes a big as we all think it will he. Do you think its possible there will be a AmicoCon every year? Lol. Like Blizzcon Id be down with that.
  11. You can preorder it here https://www.fig.co/campaigns/amico/pledge
  12. That 1st article was really good. Im a gen xer and it was nice to get incite on how challenging it is for these younger generations. Ive been in the same profession for 20+ years and I'm ready for a change. When I was young I did some code and I enjoyed it. But ended up a house painter lol. And its been a really good profession and allowed me to support my family afford a home and most importantly be home every night and weekend. And I also owned and operated my own business. And have even accomplished having my work featured in Forbes magazine and other magazines. But now I'm getting tired and well bored. As a old guy I'm more than ever ready for something new. So I'm hitting the reset button. Im currently learning Unity. As that article has stated the door is never shut.
  13. Oh I have no doubt there will be next to none when it comes to couch coop. Its been slowly dying out since the 360 and ps3. Sure there is some but they are no where as big budgeted as the single player games. And its this that creates in my mind a more low quality game. Reminds me of the xbox kinetic or ps move games. All had a b rated experience. Similar to their party games. Which is too bad. Many are definitely fun but on that platform it only hurts those titles when they a set next to the AAA games. Wonder how this effects developers moving forward as to whether or not to makes couch coop games? All I can say is this, Its a breath of fresh air knowing the Amico is coming. I'm looking forward to stepping down as a hardcore gamer, and thats a good thing.
  14. Well the reason I brought up this question was partly to do with how the consoles in the next generation wont be a big leap. But also because there isnt alot of AAA 1st party title over the last couple of years theres been less and less games. And even less new experiences. Take CoD, farcry, AC just to name a few franchises Their new titles are alot alike. And its because the cost of trying a new approach or designing a completely new experience has alot of risk. If it fails its a hugh loss. But then it also keeps these companies following a safe but repeated experience. So could this be in effect the next 83 not for the same reasons but because of a lack of new approaches to gaming and add the hugh cost associated with AAA production. Because in the end if the cost is more than the return it could spell Doom.
  15. So this article pretty much summed up my feelings on next gen consoles. The breakdown of how the generations like snes to n64 and how they made a hugh jump forward in gaming technology. But as time moves on each new generation its been less of a jump. This next generation series x and ps5 will have improvements but will it be enough to unseat me from my xbox 1x ? No. So since this is a Q&A heres one for not just Tommy but to everyone here. Do you all feel that gaming is getting to a peak where its possible they could crash? Similar to 83? And if so do you see a system like the Amico doing alot better because of it? https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2020/05/09/microsoft-just-showed-an-uncomfortable-truth-about-the-xbox-series-x-and-ps5/
  16. Definitely mafia and I've already taken out a number of haters.
  17. I think someone is going to mod the original intellivision with Amico bits
  18. To Tommy and those interested. Some of us on Facebook have been discussing a mass unboxing at launch. Obviously its hard to pull that off when people will likely get theirs at different times. But maybe we could come up with a collection of people that can send in their unboxing and then could be used for a future ad. Open for input.
  19. So I keep hearing names being tossed around. I look them up and they dont seem to be a good match. Clues 1 this person has a fiancee Many mentioned are married. 2 its a person the trolls will recognize. Trolls are often younger not always but many are and probably wont know noland bushnell. Of which is married. 3 Hes been retired for around 10 years. This can be very difficult to think about. 10 years doesn't mean much because a successful person in this industry can retire at a young age. Take John Vechey coowner of Popcap they sold it for $650 million with a 100 million in EA stock. Hes in his 30s. So when you bring up names keep that in mind. Tommy did say hes still young.
  20. Lol I mentioned that in the past and someone was going to get me the vcs file to print it. Thats all I want. I love the look and the controller too. But their focus is all over the place. Reminds me of the xbox 1 when they were about to release it. No clear direction at to what the thing is built to do.
  21. Whats funny is the pro vcs guys will put 5 stars on the vcs on gamestop giving it rave reviews. I put a comment on there. Im so many words " how can you write a review on a product that hasn't come out? So I'm not surprised with the reviews on the Amico. Also I've been noticing in YouTube alot of pro vcs guys hating on Amico. I think the 2600 preorder floored them. What a bunch of losers
  22. Well thats on my not to do list. I've been in the last year more and more getting tired of all the violence and horror games. And the Amico jist further pits me in this mindset. Nearly all of my friends are like me. When it comes to entertainment ots no violence no sex no language of any sort. When I get the Amico I will likely sell nearly 100 jist on the mission statement
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