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  1. Well if it was someone like Shigeru Miyamoto they couldn't wiggle out of that on. Fyi I'm not saying its him its just a reference. But there is a host of powerhouses out there. I excited to hear who. But for me I think in the end Tommy have made gaming more fun just having this anticipation of things to come and a bringing up a new level of gaming.
  2. Well if its who I think it is. Its game over for the haters. Lol They will be running back to the rock they crawled from.
  3. I think the vectrex 3d was pretty cool. I would love to see something like that come out. Doesn't have to be like the modern 3d today way too expensive. Sega did it too and all work great
  4. I was just thinking how cool it would be to have a new Yars revenge. More levels coop. There is also games on the magnavox odyssey 2 that could be bought and owned. 2 really interesting games on that system. Quest for the rings and Conquest. They had maps and game pieces. Kind of a board game and video game in 1. Also the magnavox odyssey 2 had its own unique box art that would be cool to have on the Amico. Like special series. Imagic chrome series. And the Odyssey series with original art. Im sure there is others just cant think of them now.
  5. Ive actually got the Sid Meiers pirates on c64 and ine og xbox. Which the xbox version is really fun. Haven't spent alot of time on the c64. But its fun wonder what new elements could be added with the Amicos controller? Maybe swinging the controller for sword fighting or using it to aim a cannon
  6. I guess for me its the surprise you get when these older systems surprise you. Games like warlords on the 2600. 4 player and sure it was available at the arcade but its not common and most have never played it. Also games like hero. Dont believe there ever was a arcade version. Thats a real gem. And I also play on pc xbox one x and ps4 pro. But its still fun to fire up my intellivision and whoop my son butt. The laughs we have with warlords never gets old. If you haven't played that on 2600 I suggest you do. That game still amazes me. Also the 2600 space invaders to many its the best version. 2 player mode is unique to that game franchise
  7. I got 2 crts 1 32 and 1 27 flatscreen crts with component hookups. For free. They are the best for displaying classic games up to ps2 og xbox. But I do av mods on my classic consoles and its also alot of fun picking up games at used game stores. I just got beauty and the beast for 10 bucks cib. Patlrt of the fun. Plus not every game is going to be reimagined. But I respect your approach to gaming. Collecting is expensive and not for everyone. Its just something my son and I love doing together. Hell my wife loves it to
  8. We still actually regularly play on our intellivision. My son (21) loves astrosmash. I think its still fun to dive in and try to beat each others scores. Adding multiplayer makes it that much better
  9. Well I see what you are saying. But I have to say that these reimagined games will have added parts them. Especially in the multiplayer aspect. Take for instance safe cracker. When I 1st saw it I thought ehh not sure I'm going to like that game. Then I heard how it works with this new controller. And changed my perspective. So there is alot more going on with each game we dont see till they are released. One of the things to remember is that out of the list of categories Tommy did say that they will have a section committed to new titles which could be games that never were released and as he has said all would have a multiplayer part. So theres alot to look forward to
  10. I agree I was thinking about this as well. But wanted to add it would be cool if there was an original version so we could see what it would have looked like had they been released
  11. Same thing happened to me in college. I took ballet needed another class and the others were full. My friends made fun of me. Then I told them, think about it. Im the only guy in the class and I get to dance with pretty girls. Dead silent from them
  12. Tommy heres a question. Who was better at computer space on the set of Electric Playground? And what happened to that arcade?
  13. I had a debate about the galaxy purple with a guy. He kept saying that it was $50 more but said its offset by $25 giftcard so it really is only a $25 difference. He still didn't agree. Smh. Along with other nitpicking about where the Amico is listed on gamestop. Like how its in the retro section and that you said its not a retro system. I don't get people today. What a bunch of losers. Just compare the original intellivision price about. Its amazing what get today for our money. Guess you have to have lived some to understand that.
  14. Lol ha there I am. Had a few things to say to that clown.
  15. Not sure if it has been mentioned. I have found that the only reason I would want to connect directly to the console for sound was the need to have mic support in chat while playing online. Seeing that the Amico wont have this right away and all you are looking for is to get audio. Then I would use the external audio port on the tv. Most tvs have a port 3.5mm but you might find a bluetooth external unit to tap into the port then connect your air buds to that device.
  16. Mech game or shooter? Mech game that comes to mind for me as being epic is steel battalion. I mean it does have a freak nasty controller I found mine on craigslist for 50 bucks
  17. They mentioned using the microphone but not specifically that game. Could be but couldn't it be a different game seeing there are 50 in production and Tommy did say only a couple of thise 50 use the controller the same way?
  18. I must have missed that part. Didnt hear them discuss the 6th game. Do you know roughly where they mentioned it in the interview
  19. I think thats acceptable. And the price hike on the purple didnt stop me the added cost wasnt a problem.
  20. Funny you should bring up scooby doo. I was thinking the other day how we really need a great scooby doo game. A coop with the whole gang. And not like the movies where I feel they ruined the story. It was always someone in a mask. Keep it true to the originals.
  21. @1:04:18 Tommy describes the safe cracker game. It makes me think if how the controller will be used on the other games. My son and I were talking about how games consoles for over 20 years hasn't really changed and that people that are hating on this system are really missing the mark. This controller is really advanced. So question for Tommy if it is allowed. Can you describe how aome of tye other games will use this controller? Namely games that haven't been brought up before. The flying game comes to mind https://youtu.be/YeBWTwNHrpI
  22. I was looking at people playing this. My question is how would you fling the pieces across the board? I was thinking of the game golden tee and how you would slid the ball forward to hit the ball wonder if sliding your finger over the touchscreen in a forward position would work?
  23. Dang thats awesome. Thanks for sharing. You deserve it. Im speaking for myself but you are an inspiration to me. You work hard you can accomplishgrest thing. And have fun doing it along the way. Probably why there are those that hate because they are jealous of those that succeed where they cant.
  24. I personally think 6 is good enough because the games are affordable to me and I dont mind paying for them. I want to see intellivision be around a very long time and I'm will to pay more to see that happen. 10 bucks to me isn't going to hurt me but 10 bucks for everyone that buys that 7th game will be a bigger deal for the company.
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