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  1. Oook thats weird. Ive noticed those 2 talking to each other alot or it seemed like it. Well someone likes talking to themselves. Very interesting. Promise im just a old house painter in Washington state that plays video games.....honest.....no seriously lol
  2. Well cant believe it. In all my 40 years of gaming ive never preordered a system. Damn you Tommy Tallarico lol now I've ordered 2 woodgrain and now paid in full galaxy purple for my wife. Nuts. I think I'm obsessed lol. My son is getting the gto red for himself so at least I dont have to pay for that one.
  3. Have to agree these are all very good controllers ive got a slikstik and a tac2 both are lightyears ahead the original 2600 controller
  4. You are right it can easily become a focus we dont need that to overload this place. But this also only brings light on it by commenting on it as well. Often I'll see something I dont find relevant like hotdogs lol. Now it's fine I dont care so I just scroll past it. The best way as you have said it to not bring it up.
  5. Will we get an update by email from intellivision of the preorder for the galaxy purple console? Just dont want miss out on it. Wife really wants this one
  6. If they have you will hear a loud voice from the sky screaming "UNICORN"
  7. So I was speculating on the physical copies of the games. Would the game be sd or some sort of game embedded in a replica cart from the original intellivision? Maybe they plug into the usb port? Possibly a hub that connects to the usb and these physical copies plug into that? Rfd using a collectable that has the software inside it making it a physical copy just not sure how the rfd works and if there is a way to transfer date that way. It seems to me it couldn't had is there only to unlock via the internet. Either way I curious how this will work out in the end.
  8. True to a point. I say its ok. Because if these people get to only speak when someone thst is on the fence stumbles on to these videos and only hear the negative comments then they can decide its not for them. Having someone using real facts give the outside observers better information. Like right now ive had a debate and the youngman arguing and made points that dont work in the real world. Showing how these dont relate to the average consumer and using facts are not there to convince the hater but the outside observers
  9. You are right. But what fun is that? Making them look like even bigger fools is where the real entertainment is 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Why ask questions. Because he a moron looking for attention. This guy probably isnt even a gamer. Lol
  11. Well I was pretty poor growing up so I normally got my consoles 2nd hand. 1st console I bought new was at Costco with all stars with mario paint. Really good deal it was like getting 5 games packed in. So to the haters that value doesn't mean anything they are wrong. I felt good get all of that for one price. Think my mom still has it lol. Ps1 I want it because my friend had it and we SHOCKER we loved playing the road &track test drive. Use to force traffic into my friend making him crash. He loved the black lambo I loved the red supra. Oh the memories. So I had to have a ps1. Bought the original xbox for ,you guessed it Halo. Never once have I ever preordered a system. Till the Amico.
  12. So big question. Tommy Victorian axe canon. How much energy have you gotten it up to? And how far have you shot it.....?
  13. Interviews are good and can be entertaining. This is from the interview last night. I mean I get some people have questions but others like this individual are just making up stuff up.
  14. Oh man thats really cool. Love the added stuff. The sound teleports me back to the 80s and the tron arcade and the gold mine arcade
  15. Well that wasnt bad. Thought it could go south. Didnt know the the guy from toploaded. He seemed a bit arrogant but over all I think this interview might have helped. Good questions. Not as many haters on that one. Good job Tommy
  16. Whats the name of this YouTuber cant find it on YouTube lopked up toploaded gaming found nothing
  17. Im really happy you shared your story. Isnt that what gaming should be about, building memories with your family young and old? No doubt your children will look back at this time with love, that they will want to continue with their children. And not forgotten times alone
  18. Think of the future generations that havent even started playing video games. Young families could likely make this there console vs the other 3. My nephew has 3 little ones and I can see this being their console because their kids are really young and wouldnt let touch a xbox 1 knowing them they never will. Which could set a trend
  19. Ok did I see that right. You put a Atari 5200 label in front of a magnavox odyssey 2?
  20. So I brought this up before to Tommy on how roleplaying games and other types of games could capture a hugh base and possibly be the only console to do this due to the controllers. These are pictures of a game called Star wars miniatures. Just for reference. As you can see the character cards are small and perfect for the screen on the controllers. Couldn't you see this as being a app killer? Thoughts?
  21. Ueah it definitely was on the last reviewtech interview. Tommy mentioned it would be really cool and different on how it would open or something to that effect
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