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  1. I think you might have missed my point. "If you -have to - cutting edge graphics. Meaning if you have to have, as to this being the only way to enjoy games and that its all you focus on. Like music, there are many forms. Classical, jazz, blues, contemporary, classic rock, modern rock, country, etc, do see where I'm going with this? Video gaming is rather young medium of entertainment. And like music each person has their likes and dislikes. You might like a couple of them or only one of them. But as regards to games its not how they are made its whether or not you enjoy it. Plenty of simple 2600 games that sucked just as current games with cutting edge graphics will never be as good or remembered as pac-man. But when people tear down a console because it doesn't fit into their preconceived notions of what is entertaining solely based on one element of gaming, in this case graphics, without even giving it a try then are they really a true gamer? To me I say no.
  2. I 100% agree. Tommy said enthusiast when discussing a person that plays everything. But that to me is only half of it. A true gamer finds enjoyment in all forms of gaming. If you have to the most cutting edge graphics then your not exactly a gamer. Just a tech junkie that enjoys certain games. IMHO.
  3. It definitely does resonate with my family and friends. I was thinking about buying the series x on their payment plan. Then thought about it and was realizing that I barely have time to ay these lengthy more expensive games. And thought more and more on how I just love the way games use to be. And the memories I had with friends playing together. 1 $70 game I barely have time for can be spent on a group of games my whole family can enjoy together. Also no guilt lol. Im especially excited to see the physical media you guys will sell. I was off work yesterday and picked up some records, remember those lol. Having a physical copy just feels more rewarding. So no ps5 no xbox series s or x nope just me patiently waiting for my Amico.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Never thought about the air pressure effecting them.
  5. Not sure what you mean. But someone else is making strides to have a screen replacement and possible built in light. If you were already aware of that disregard my comment
  6. It probably been asked but I'm going to ask anyway. On the controller there is a usb c port. Is there any plans for addons to the controller? Like a accessory of some sort. Can added storage be connected to the port? Or a camera for some new experience?
  7. Crazy never knew that about the creator. Makes more sense to me now.
  8. Ot would be great to see a surge of homebrews come out somehow once these dead units are back up and running.
  9. I suggest to spend more time with the reboot. Its a pretty amazing story in its own right. I had never finished it when it was new. Couldn't keep up with it when it was a current show due to other circumstances. I did a few years ago go back and rewatched the entire series. Dont shoot it down based on 1 episode. Its got alot of turns and has a rather involved plot and one of the original cadt is on that series and was one of tye main writers.
  10. I to this day with my intellivision dont have any issues with the disk. But as for astrosmash and those pesky side buttons I had to resort to auto fire. My side buttons are freakishly stiff.
  11. Sure but I can tell you when l went from my xbox one to the X it made me have to pay for a 2nd service. Now I know many have better internet speed but most in this country dont especially in rural areas
  12. Maybe true but that applies to the series x as well. Just to match my current storage I would have to spend $1200. Also there is alot of people that play games the are on going. Not a play finish and delete type of game. Plenty of parents are going to see the $299 price and quickly hear their children complaining theres not enough storage. Thats all I'm saying. My sons friends and the these teenagers are in for a rude awakening. Because they all play games that never end
  13. Hmm not sure about that. I play games like fortnite, star wars battlefront 2, and and Apex legends in a regular basis. And keep a few games on to play till I complete them then I remove them. But the 1st 3 I never remove. So that would make it pretty difficult to manage on the series s. Also I keep some smaller games on to jump in and play with my family like the new battletoads. Update: also from what ive heard and I could be wrong but you have to have the games on their new storage so adding a 3.0 external drive wont allow you the ability to start playing games off of it till you transfer it to this new drive ot its internal storage.
  14. The new series x and s requires you to use their proprietary drives to play the games. Those are $219 for 1tb
  15. I just do see the point in the series s. Just add the the price of adding storage and your at the cost of the series x with 1tb of internal storage better performance. It was already been a pain have to spend more money on storage on my 1X because before I had to spend time managing space. Series S will only hold 3 games sure you can waste time moving games around but my time is limited and if I have to do work to jump in and play a game I likely wont waste my time swapping games around. 1 more hurdle that I dont need. Not at $300+
  16. That's probably my favorite 2600 game just because of the multiplayer. My son and I can play that game for hours. Which is hard to say about other 2600 games.
  17. Sure but whats the point. The whole idea is to have it be a faster experience. Its not faster if you want to have a nice library of games. And your limited to moving games around all the time. Then you know what happens next? That dreaded message right after you loaded that game pops up. "Update required"
  18. So when you hear someone claim the Amico is too expensive and use the new xbox series s as a reference, ask them if they priced the storage your going to need to store your games. The series s will only have half a gig of storage which equates to 3 games at best. 1 tb of their proprietary storage is $219. Oh but its cheaper lol.
  19. As Tommy stated I dont think the target audience would still want it. Also my theory is this, with the release of the series s its likely the one s will be discontinued shortly after. The one x is already been axed. I just dont see Microsoft want to have a old console lingering on. The one has been out long enough and anyone that was really desiring it would have bought it by now. And anyone in the market for a new console will only be wanting a console with years of future support. I could be wrong but why confuse the market with a old 3rd wheel? The only thing that Microsoft has thats even remotely appealing is the gamepass. But even with it these casual gamers this is still a no go. Its not like Microsoft is going to make a package deal called the coop pack with 4 controllers lol
  20. Not too sure I've seen people with fiber 1 gig down having problems on stadia. Im playing games I have actually downloaded so no streaming and I'm seeing the limits when it go from hd to 4k. Streaming has to be even worse.
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