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  1. Totally agree. I mean just look at the chameleon it was using a jaguar case lol. Dudnt need to be genius to see where that was going. But Patty thinks she is.
  2. Wow that was a good article. Never knew the 10/10 . It puts this into a much more passionate journey. Makes it even more important.
  3. I personall dont have experience with 2000. Use to havejaguar but it quit working many years ago. Never had 2000 but its on my short list. From what ive heard 2000 seemed a bit better due to 3000 having a butt load of psychedelic lighting effects which can make it difficult to play. But 3000 is great to me. It does take some getting use to. Couple of weeks back I started it and 1st try got to level 12 which I couldn't believe tried 2nd time did it again. Lol theres a guy making a proper spindle controller for it but it requires butchering a controller. Definitely not ready to do that. Controllers are next to impossible to find and can cost upwards of 300 bucks now. I feel the Amico would be a perfect place for a new tempest 5000 lol the controller I think could be a nice match.
  4. Ha ha I'm in the same camp. Nuon owner and only to have tempest 3000. And it wasnt cheap to acquire it all. Controllers are hard to fund now. But we are a rare breed. But Tommy's correct with the math. This console is a steal in my eyes. And withtye future titles not costing me 60 bucks each its a hugh bargain. Not sure how people dont get that. And this is headed by one of the best in the industry. So I'm in 100% and how can people even slap 500+ on a serious x when they wo t even have games on launch lol but these are the same kind of people arguing cost. Lol its hilarious to me.
  5. I was thinking about this the other day. And was curious is a tempered glass screen protector like on a cell phone would work or if there is something ti protect the screen will be available?
  6. Ha ha just got klax for my lynx a couple months ago. I really love this version
  7. Ok so almost every classic console has a version of Klax and I think a mega 8 player Klax would be epic. And really could have alot of different new ideas implemented. Kind of like how the new breakout was changed. By the way Tommy the breakout you guys developed is the main reason I wanted the Amico. Breakout is one of my all time favorite games. Still play a version on my microvision.
  8. Oh noooo man I'm going to be an investor lol. I cant wait to see it
  9. Oh noooo man I'm going to be an investor lol. I cant wait to see it
  11. Wow this is where Nintendo has gone? Really sad they sold out.
  12. Wow this is where Nintendo has gone? Really sad they sold out.
  13. Bit again you cant just say 300 on a switch gaming are jot included and cost 60 additional plus any controllers. My switch was about 600 when you factor in the games and controllers
  14. Yeah but lets be honest you didnt just pay 250 and to say 200 to 250 made a difference. Really? Did adding another 60 dollars for 1 game make a difference? Or another controller at a minimum of 45 buck for a 3rd party controller make a difference? Because I have a switch and using the joycon isn't great as 2 controllers. So 250 for a console that has 2 controllers the option to add 6 more at not cost and 6 added games and a whole list of games at launch that dont cost 60 bucks but 10 or less. The total cost to own a switch and the games will well exceed the Amico by nearly double. So its obvious price isnt the issue.
  15. Agree on everything you said. Pricing is definitely in a good spot. Too low everyone would call it junk. Too high its out of reach. I guess we are the crowd of realists lol .
  16. Well this is where I dont agree. 1st off the reasons people around me, family friends and coworkers trust me is because I dont make up stuff or spout off an opinion without having done my homework. And they also know if I'm wrong I'll be the 1st to admit to it. Now in respect to these YouTubers or vloggers they can and very well do spout off nonsense and your correct they do it often without research. And thats their choice. But keep in mind a session with a psychologist is private and diary is private. A YouTube video is not private. So you will always get guys like me that lives and breaths on facts and research that will be piping in. And if they dont like it then a notepad is where they should have started with. Also I will add this. When these people use a platform like YouTube they are sending a negative message to people based on just an opinion based on zero facts that can ultimately effective a fledgling company and their future. The future of their families future. So for me I take that very seriously.
  17. So not sure if this was asked. The GTO red and galaxy purple editions when and where will those be available for preorders?
  18. Ha I just ordered 2 mugs we drink alot of coffee. And a khaki hat.
  19. They didn't even know the pack in games as if it wasn't released yet lol
  20. Those guys shouldn't even have a channel about games they clearly dont know anything
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