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  1. So I just got a logitech action pad new old stock still in all the packaging. Tried tempest 3000 with the action pad. Have to say the analog stick works as smooth as butter. Ive seen videos where some get stuck maybe thise were defective. Of course as with anything only time will tell. I will say this the stick on the pc version seems smooth as well. It to doesn't get stuck. I guess all else fails if my nuon controllers analog stick bits it there is the pc version I can use as parts. One thing is that this game definitely needs a rotating pad not a d pad or stick. But in total I'm into all of it for about $190. $50 for the Toshiba dvd player $20 for tempest $115 logitech action pad $20 for a broken Toshiba dvd player Which I managed to get working. Is got a bad gear thats on the motor that moves the laser. Still sorting it out.
  2. One controller currently on Ebay is up to 230dollars. Im glad I bit the bullet and bought the logitech action pad at $100. If I see another one pop up I'll say something on this post
  3. Just snagged a logitech action pad new never opened off Ebay. Lucked out ot was only a 100 bucks. The TPI steath was there too but sold quick. Cool thing is I now have the pc version of tue logitech action pad and the nuon. So I'll open them both up and take pictures to show the differences. Just for reference purposes. Either way I can use the pc controller for parts if I ever need to. Also thought of using a ir remote for the Toshiba and retrofitting it into a controller as a wireless unit for games that worked with the remote control. But I haven't tried seeing how the remote really works.
  4. Do you know if anyone has built an adapter that can convert the nuon to usb?
  5. I know this is ages ago but do you know if there is anyone selling one of these?
  6. Late to this discussion. Anyone looked into getting a logitech action pad to work on a nuon? I know the plug is going to make it difficult.
  7. Is it possible to get the logitech action pad to work with the nuon? They look nearly identical. Sorry for posting repeat comments
  8. Are these still available? Looking at a unit but as usual these no controller and all I want is to play tempest 3000
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