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  1. As Tommy stated I dont think the target audience would still want it. Also my theory is this, with the release of the series s its likely the one s will be discontinued shortly after. The one x is already been axed. I just dont see Microsoft want to have a old console lingering on. The one has been out long enough and anyone that was really desiring it would have bought it by now. And anyone in the market for a new console will only be wanting a console with years of future support. I could be wrong but why confuse the market with a old 3rd wheel? The only thing that Microsoft has thats even remotely appealing is the gamepass. But even with it these casual gamers this is still a no go. Its not like Microsoft is going to make a package deal called the coop pack with 4 controllers lol
  2. Wow thats cool can you post a link where you got those.
  3. Not too sure I've seen people with fiber 1 gig down having problems on stadia. Im playing games I have actually downloaded so no streaming and I'm seeing the limits when it go from hd to 4k. Streaming has to be even worse.
  4. No I'm already having a difficult time want to throw down $500 on the series x to play halo infinite when they said you can play it on current consoles. So for now I'm good with my 1 x. I will say if the series s is focusing on streaming games then the 1440p makes sense because most internet cant handle full 4k gaming on the stadia. Hell I just barely can handle online play on my 1 x with my internet. I had to pay for 2 services so my wife and son could play all at the same time. If your internet isnt fast enough and you have more than 2 people in your home playing this next generation is going to see alot of angry customers.
  5. Unless there is a update I never seen a recommendation for this app on my switch. Ill have to go look and see. But if I have to go find it, then its hardly a recommendation to use this app.
  6. No I think they are valid questions. And look forward to Tommy answering your concerns. Ive asked friends that have friends with children with concerns as well in the past on related or unrelated topics and have started whole discussions centered around it and the only way to get a response to your sincere concerns is to come to forums and ask. We all are just concerned consumers right? #Sq
  7. Definitely a concern. I mean people that play scrabble have serious issues looking between their piece's and the piece's on the board. And its especially concerning when playing cards like poker or uno. The headaches generated by having to focus on your hand of cards and the cards placed on the table. Puzzles this has to be looked into as well. There is soo many tiny pieces and you have to look up at the boxes image to get perspective and back at the pieces repeatedly. The constant focusing back and forth is something that should be brought up as well. Then theres restless thumb syndrome RTS from playing games like fortnite, not kidding young kids are developing arthritis at an early age from having to switch from building then back to attacking. Clicking the analog stick down repeatedly has lasting effects as well. What really needs to be done to all gaming platforms from pc, consoles and mobile puzzles card games and board games is set time limits. As regards to mobile this is where things get dicey. Because if there is a mandate to set limits how do you implement it? Do you shut down all controls? Now this is troublesome because what happens if your child has an emergency and cant call because there controls have been locked out? Your girlfriend maxed her time playing candy crush and cant call 911 due to an intruder lurking around the house. How do you get all developers to work around this? It really boggles the mind. And what about the problems centered around board games, card games. How do you put time limits on those games? Maybe they could implement a law to rid the world of all none electronic board games and make everyone play them on cellphones or other electronic devices with these set time limits. Its alot to take in I know but I really do think you are on to something and it really needs to be discussed more.
  8. Yes and Nintendo is also the only company to allows games that have sexual content under the rating of e for everyone. So pretty much makes the parental blocks useless. So sorry once a company makes repeated missteps like this its to compare it to the Amico . Also your only mentioning 1 tiny thing in a broad picture that makes the Nintendo not remotely safe when compared to the Amico. Heres a simple illustration. 2 glasses of water filtered and both safe to drink. Now someone slips a drop of arsenic to 1 of the glasses of water because they weren't watching. Both look clean seem clean would you trust the one with poise in it to your children to drink just because the company makes it look safe? Says its safe? Or would you take the one that you know is clean? Point is Nintendo has already proved they cant filter on multiple situations. Losing confidence.
  9. Whats funny is we've discussed how funny it would be to build a game around the haters. They could even make characters resembling the more know ones. Have similar names. It would be a high hit on the gaming community. Just think of how popular it would become.
  10. The only issue I had with this whole thing is ps5 ot being in there. That makes zero sense. Considering how Sony dominated Microsoft this current generation. I mean not even in the running seems odd
  11. Definitely a crappy situation. I noticed they are the ones that made the emoji charades that's supposed to be on the Amico. So its on steam maybe thats the ones that gave them the axe? What the game industry needs is what the intellivision is doing. It could start a trend that forces the other companies like Nintendo and steam to clean up their act. Thats the #1 thing I'm hoping the Amico does
  12. Indeed, he started trolling me on Twitter, didn't know who it was initially. He posted this with a caption this or shark shark. I quickly sais shark shark, because in no way would I 1 play this with children and 2 its not multiplayer. Dude never responded. These guys are really that stupid that they continue to compare a family friendly console to a mature game. Neither work the same. Its easy to crush their arguments
  13. That interview was a blast. You 4 together with all of that enthusiasm for this console and what its about was alot of fun listening to and gets me even more excited for the Amicos debut.
  14. Oh wow thats probably the best I've seen they typically look really generic. Hats off to you sir
  15. Noooo just restore it. You can buy arcade cabinet kits and put the retro pie into that. There becoming less and less arcades over time because people turn them into these 100 and 1 or 1000 and 1 cabinets . To each his own. For me I I prefer original hardware. It takes the fun out of gaming if you dump a bunch of emulators into a device. I get it its great for people on a budget but you lose a bit of gaming history doing that to a classic arcade cabinet.
  16. I know this or a similar question has been asked. So if anyone knows let me know. Ok so I know the games cannot be stored on the controller to play on the go. Like a mobile unit. But can it play on the controller if you stay close to the console like the wii u ?
  17. Well perhaps 5-11 could be better with updates. Then people could know if its happening or not. Also this other person has reached out but again no response. Give the guy a break. Int not loke hes stealing a million dollar business deal from 5-11
  18. I wouldn't rule it out. I thought about this very thing too. I really love starcraft and the game could be a 2 player coop and a single player option. Maybe a command and conquer game where your friend commands a certain color troops. We also have to remember the cpu in the Amico is still alot more powerful than the computer's that originally ran starcraft command and conquer games when they originally came out
  19. I have been thinking about the box art for the Amico. When you collect games you get to see alot of cool box art. I love it more when the box jumps out at you. Lately the consoles have been a tad drab. My xbox 1 x= a black box lol my original xbox 1 = a green box lol. The switch it a bit better because its bright red but nothing really exciting. When the neo geo mini arcade came out I fell in love with it and the box. Something you can display proudly. So Tommy what will we get? Hints man come on
  20. This is why people that dont get the Amico always miss the mark trying to prove their point. Just because a game from sony that has sharks in it doesn't mean it can be compared to Shark Shark. Lets see its a single player game with mature content. Lol trolls gotta love their attempt to seem smart
  21. Hot off the press if it hasn't been mentioned yet. HALO INFINITE has been delayed till 2021. Hmm seems familiar. Its becoming a trend
  22. This particular game I was most excited to see. Because it helped showcase how a card game would look on a controller with its own screen. Really glad tou guys had that in there.
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