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  1. The highlight for me was seeing all the developers. It put a himan face to all the games showcased also proves this isnt some scheme the haters continue to rant about.
  2. Yeah whos going to pay money to play pong Geez........... Oh whats this? Nice coffee table you have there. What does it do? Plays pong you say.....$3000 interesting tell me more...........😂🤣😂🤣😂
  3. Yeah I dont think so. Unless your in Beirut that probably the closest thing. No I'm talking about a natural disaster. earthquakes, tsunamis, building falling. With puzzles you have to complete to get through debris that block your path. Using materials you find to make tools to drop or climb your way out of the situation. Pretty sure people going to Walmart with a face mask to get little debbie cakes might seem like an adventure for some but I hardly put 2020 in the same level of disaster.
  4. This will be on at 12:10 3:10 eastern time. Generational gamer and I will be on
  5. Tommy how do you feel about a type of game of surviving a disaster. To get a idea of what I'm talking about look up disaster report from Irem yup same Irem that did moon patrol. It was available on ps2. Its based on a reporter going to a floating city when a earth quake causes the city to start sinking and buildings falling. Its alot about solving problems to get further. When it came out it to me was amazing approach to story telling. It did have parts where people are trying to kill you with guns but you are having to hide and run from the threat. They did do a sequel but didnt seem as good. I know this console is 2d 2.5d and thats fine I just love this type of game style. What would be cool is if it had 2 to 4 players working together to survive a disaster. Anyway maybe you can tap into the Irem crew.
  6. Yup soo insulated that when one of us makes a comment on their YouTube videos that challenges what they say they ban us. Sounds sooo fair lol
  7. Im sure there is quite a few that have fair criticisms. But when the majority ive seen have been caught in lies to support their criticisms then you will find I personally have a problem with them. If you have to fabricate things to sound right then you cant call it fair.
  8. Ok heres one for everyone, including Tommy seeing he has some knowledge on gaming. And maybe there is a name that describes it already. We hear the term hardcore gamer all the time. But when I hear that its usually describing people that play modern games either on xbox 1 ps4 and pc, often online gaming. If I'm wrong correct me. And when we hear about people into retro games its often thought of people 50+ years old and are called boomers by younger gamers. Even have casual gamers and hyper casual gamers This brings me to the world of perfomance cars like Lamborghinis Porsches and Ferrari's and are called supercars. And the koenigsegg Bugattis and ect are known as hypercars. So what do you call someone thats into retro games like arcades pinball up to all current games? Basically no game left behind kind of person.
  9. Well ask yourself this. What does these things have in common? Analog nt, sg, super nt, pocket, arcade1up, and the pong coffee table? Ues there is a pong coffee table and its $3500.00 Compare the cost of these different things and ask if retro sells or doesnt? Ask yourself if they rely on young gamers or nostalgic old gamers? Now ask yourself what is the most successful tv and the movies depicting a specific generation? And what generation is hyped up the most for it, 50+year olds or the younger generation? I think if you do the research you will be surprised what you learn. There is something today that is missing and many long for that time even if thats a time they didn't live through.
  10. 1 FE 1 galaxy purple 1 Gto red 1 EWJ4 4 = 8 controllers lol And no one needs any video games lol They want them.
  11. Tommy I know its a long ways off any info as to if there will be a future Amico with a EWJ 4 edition? Like, Custom box art Custom console colors and controllers Is yes is all we get cool any other hints would be cool too
  12. I want to add that astrosmash is a rather deceiving game. You start by thinking its super simple and you will lose interest till you play it. You get almost into a trance playing it. And I'm speaking of the 40 year old version lol so dont judge it till you have played it. This is the same thing with many old games. Galaga Dig dug Warlords Try playing warlords with your child and you will quickly see how addictive it is. My 21 year old son love it
  13. Tommy mentioned it in the past that the younger gamers were actually dead last as of target. Memory serves me right it was definitely older folks were 1st
  14. I saw part of the 1st video the father and son did. Lol I wouldn't exactly use them as an example. I thought it was a funny video though. They seemed more interested in stuffing their faces than discussing anything video game related. Remember this is not for hardcore gamers even bringing up those 2 takes them out of the demograph this system is focused on. And remember intellivisions main target is 50 and older
  15. Also the games and Im not talking about the shovelware games but the mid to upper quality cost $30 to $60. So that puts your cost higher as well. Add that Nintendo does a horrible job in censoring what comes on their system. 1 ges was released with a rating of E for everyone but had sexual content so they had to remove it and have it changed to M for mature. And another game had to be removed altogether and have content removed due to the game having scenes with women being raped. The haters really hate when you bring those things up. Especially when they thought Tommy was making it up. I own a switch dont get me wrong I like it. But the estore is a major waste of time and if you have little ones Nintendo has lost their trust in allowing children to play on this system. The hack you mentioned I never knew about but it definitely shows they are not making safety a priority.
  16. I must have missed that weird not sure how that happened
  17. POSITIVE: EWJ4 CARD GAME Bomb Squad THE SPACE GAMES cant remember the names. Long day at work lol. 1 was a shooter 1 was the one like warlords Delay not an issue for me NEGATIVE: parts of it were long Moon patrol was one spot that was long Only because we have the demo.
  18. Thanks Tommy for taking the time to answer all of our questions. No worries from me a day is only a day. And you want to get it right. Look forward to it tomorrow. Carving out a hour and 15 lol for this. Party on Mr Tallarico 🤘
  19. So is there some sort of announcement today and if so where and when
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