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  1. I say if he does get that license he absolutely has to do that
  2. Just shows how bias and how much hate fills their very being lol. At this point they dont really want it to succeed even if it turns out to be fun
  3. Wonder if the gto red console will have a different pack in game like the racing game.
  4. Same here. 2 consoles already and my son is waiting for the preorder of the gto red so that will make us 6 controllers
  5. Just depends on your situation. I bought the original intellivision more recently with a pile of games for $100. Had one when I was young but sold it . And I'm aways finding more games at different shops. Some games you wont find on the mini unit. But if you are not into collecting the classic mini unit is actually pretty good from what ive heard. They even have the inlays.
  6. Well I'm wondering what number my FE is. Because I had a vip and I asked if there was a way to get mine upgraded to FE if there was any that were available because some got a refund. This goes back to the time I helped exposing a troll on here, when he was being dishonest about being booted from this thread. And spending time on YouTube defending the Amico against the trolls and the lies. So Tommy PM me and set me up. So its possible I got his lol. Just shows how cool Tommy is. Dont believe any other company wounkd do this.
  7. If I remember correctly the main reason he got a refund was due to money or lack of it. And as a content creator he has to make decisions based on that. So think about that for a moment. Your a content creator You do reviews So how much content for $200 will a metal box give you your channel? Vs a console that has 6 games included as well as 30 at launch to purchase and make more content as well as new games being released every 2 weeks. Even if it sucks and you want to sell it or you could do a give away when you reach a certain sub count. It being a FE could help boost your subs Just food for thought lol
  8. Remember this guy? He did a video about why he was getting a refund for the FE. Couldn't afford a $300 limited edition console package but evidently he can afford a $200 metal box for a dreamcast.
  9. Hey why are you not asking Tommy about the Amico only being a streaming system? I mean you sure have alot to say on YouTube. Going as far as saying that because David Perry is involved and did start the whole streaming industry with gaikai. Now your on YouTube attacking people that the Amico is nothing more than a streaming box. Care to explain what facts you have?
  10. Hes speaking of those that make videos that do nothing but spread lies. Most of them and when we say them its at best 3 to 4 using several fake accounts. And have been booted from this thread due to their inability to present a case based on facts. More like an emotional response. Like a child stomping their feet when they cant have their way. Even after being warned of their actions they continued. Till they are booted. Or in the case of one sad individual goes around telling people that he was banned when he was only warned. Only to come back apologizing the next day when he was caught. These mindless children hover around Amico videos till they are blocked there as well. Never presenting any evidence or facts to support their hater filled rants. Ask yourself why are these ones spending all their time making only negative videos about the Amico? Videos that are not providing the public any help negative or positive based on facts. But just bully tactics. Poking childish fun because thats what they are.......children. One such individual in a debate claimed I lied when I mention I had a relative of mine had been sexually abused in her youth. A debate that centered around Tommy stating Nintendo allowing games to get through to their store that had such content. See those are the types of people you get to call buds. And that base everything they say in lies. So yes I would agree they have mental health issues. Remember this is a game console nothing more. And in the end whether or not its successful one thing is certain these people will still be miserable humans looking for the next thing to attack.
  11. Dude that comment was Epic. Man you are the real deal. Props to you. Those pictures were cool to see, really awesome things you have been involved with. Thanks for sharing and it also shows you can be a serious fan and be honest about the vcs. Thank you
  12. Maybe glimpses of 20 games we haven't seen yet. And a confirmed date even if its not 10/10/20
  13. It would be like labo but with a compressor and air up doll. Sneakyv would be the 1st customer
  14. New question for you Tommy. Just watched the interview/discussion on Comicon. I was intrigued with what Valerie Vacante with (LiveArea//Collabsco) she was discussing a game with augmented reality with pieces you put on a table to form a track. So my questions are this are you working on games to have this ability? Using a cellphone camera? And are you in any agreements or discussions with Tommy Palm or Valerie to do game development for the Amico.
  15. So are you saying that these could have a backlight? And are you working with a supplier to get these made yourself? If so thats great. I hope everyone on here wanting these can jump on board and we can get this going. And people can start enjoying these.
  16. Not sure whats going on. Seemd like it was possibly happening but then nothing. Has to be frustrating. Im 1 of the lucky few to have a working unit. Knock on wood. I keep mine in a cool area and being in Washington state its typically cooler here. As you probably know these are known for failing due to the lcd when in warm temperatures. Or so I've heard. I wanted a couple just as backups. An update or something would be nice
  17. Wow thats really cool. Man this is sooo much fun. Love every moment of it I actually saw Billy idol last year and he did my generation from his generation x days. It was amazing. Same weekend we went to PAX west. 1 of ky favorite weekends of all time
  18. Shooy if that pic was only a month after the license was a sealed deal I can only imagine how it is now. I actually dont want to see a close to or finished product. I want some surprises. If its better looking than my original intellivision than Im going to enjoy it. I have fun now with all my old classics cant he any worse.
  19. Im going to be in shoreline/ Lynnwood area on Saturday Another castle
  20. Malignant parasites is definitely accurate description. 3 things I would add and when you think about it, its actually very hilarious. 1 To boost your ratings or views you need more subscriptions so your content get to a larger audience. Which they are not doing because their view count is super low. Which is funny because sneakyv has been doing this the longest. And his rate of growth hasnt really grown. Now to the 2nd part. To gain more subs you need to work on your channel. And have content that fits to a variety of people with a variety of interests. Something that cant happen if all you make is Amico hate videos. 3rd part. Starting new channels every week or 2 you are essentially hitting the reset button and trying to gain a base of followers but only gaining the same number of haters you had before. Basically spinning your wheels in the mud. Its hilarious to watch because they or He however you want to dice it isnt going anywhere. And at this rate of growth the Amico will have launched and had a full production run and likely be on to Amico 2 before they or he,lol, gets anywhere.
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