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  1. Actually the touchscreen works rather well for missile command and breakout. And this is coming from someone with missile command with a trackball
  2. Night stalker Breakout Cornhole Auto racing Evel Knievel Baseball Biplanes Bomb squad
  3. So being an Atari lynx fan by far my favorite game on there is California Games surfing. Im currently playing it. Any chance of a surfing game like this would be on the Amico? 100% would purchase it. Also love your ideas on how it could be done as a multiplayer
  4. Agreed. These old systems need sone love. And having a way to being these back from the dead would be nice
  5. These questions come up often about game purchases and whether or not you can allow a friend to keep the game or if you can sell the game or with the haters that whine that the Amico is too expensive. When I hear this I cant stop from laughing. Heres what games use to cost. And I hope people quit asking these questions about game cost. Because you really don't understand how great you really got it. And personally I feel its disrespectful to what the team at Intellivision is actually offering us. Truly affordable gaming of which we have never seen. An NES game in 1990 cost, on average, about $50. That's $89 in 2013 money. Your $70 N64 cartridges in 1998 would require the equivalent of $100 today. Heck, the $50 PlayStation 2 game you bought in 2005 is worth $60, the exact price of a typical retail game in 2013 The games are $10 or less folks.
  6. I do. Right on the corner front trim. What's the point if its hidden. Also over time the controllers could wear the signature off
  7. Dang it. Now Im going to have to hunt them down and watch them with my son lol
  8. If you haven't seen the interview Jeremy did with Tommy yet I suggest you do it was really good. https://youtu.be/uXgiF4lh_GM
  9. Its got to be an Italian thing. This reminds me of the what happened to the auto industry some years back. Sergio Marchionne former ceo of fiat Chrysler automotive FCA was thought to be mad to drop most of their car production and to only build SUV's. They did this with dodge and Chrysler brand. Many experts thought this could literally bankrupt the company. About 4 years later ford followed them by cutting all of ther car production for the exception of the mustang. Fiat came out on top and became a very profitable company and did it in a very short time after purchasing jeep Chrysler dodge right after the 08 financial crisis. Its this that I find it funny that people think the Amico has no place in the current industry. Wanna bet? And now former ceo of sony makes this claim. Lol everything that Tommy has been ridiculed about and OOPS who looks stupid now.
  10. Agreed this was ranked as 5th in all time vaporware. Also this concept that everything is vaporware time is its in the store is furry and wrong. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/StarCraft:_Ghost
  11. And by today there will be a video on YouTube on how you are overreacting and only do this to boost your company's image. Lol
  12. Played the 1st one have really no desire to play the 2nd one. For many of the same reasons you mentioned. True I'm ok with the combat upgrading not so concerned with. Yes to all, I actually likeed the uncharted series more. And dont want to play the forced drama and gore I definitely try to steer clear of. Well probably but I believe many of us are in that dream too lol ....HI 🙋‍♂️ This has been my response as well. Like when people say a type of game or the Amico is out of date or too simple. Do we say that about movies, art, and music? Or do we appreciate them? Why should gaming be any different. My son still enjoys galaga and theres jo mention of it feeling dated. Just a different experience . Lastly as the former president of sony just said, he didn't feel the gaming industry can sustain itself on its current path with games being so long and costly. So whats that tell you? Tells me people dont have time nor will pay for it. But they will likely play something that less involved and includes get people together .
  13. I find it funny you managed to make it to Atariage Q&A and ask a question when a simple google search would explain when its release date will be. Also your concept that anything that you can preorder is vaporware. When you can simply ask for a refund if it doesn't come out on set date. Vaporware is typically used in crowdfunding campaigns when they dont produce a product for its backers and the backer lose the their money. Typical points the skeptics always leave out in their discussions. Simple facts they lack because truth isnt their goal. Just chaos. There is no correlation with Amico and any other crowdfunding scheme because you can get your money back. No one calls preordering software like halo or last of us 2 as vaporware No one says I cant preorder a switch because well its vaporware. Refunds take the risk out of the equation. Its only a nice thing to say when what you say doesnt add up. Explain why you didnt look at the several sites in a simple google search to gain insight on its release date? Or is there a different motive here?
  14. Or you can use this cool utility call google and go to gamestop website and see Amicos listing and realize its not out till 10/10/20 Because its just a hunch, but if this guy can manage getting on AA he can figure out how to navigate Google and gamestops site. But thats just a hunch 🤨
  15. Thats because they dont come out till 10/10/20 Just like when you can preorder a ps5 you pay up front then on the release date you pick it up.
  16. Its actually pretty funny to me. Some are actually afraid of me because I exposed their lies and their stance on a few topics that are extremely unfavorable in society and has ultimately gotten 1 of them booted from several YouTube videos. Truth always overcomes the lies.
  17. Hey heres a question to Tommy and everyone here. Maybe its just YouTube's algorithm. Recently I've been noticing when you do a search on YouTube for Amico the 1st ad at the top of the search is one from Nintendo its a ad. Do you believe this is a sign of them seeing you as competition?
  18. Be careful these guys are watching😳 you lol. They get triggered pretty quickly Goodmorning [email protected] 🤪 Atari dude Ez g Squealer pig Sneaky v
  19. Well that depends on your situation. What is not expensive to you can be to alot of other people. Like going to the movies. Thats a luxury others cant afford. And thats not too terribly expensive to me. If you say gaming isn't expensive that depends on what type of gaming you are discussing. If you are talking about getting a used wii with a couple of games at goodwill for $40 sure thats affordable. But paying $300 for a switch console with zero games is possibly not affordable. I own 7 arcade1ups and bought them all in 8 months and preorder 1 Amico at $300 along with a FE. To me none of that is expensive to. Its just my current circumstances But to others it is expensive. Lastly had you asked me 2 years ago if all I've bought was a possibility I would say 100% absolutely not. It just comes down to each individuals personal situation.
  20. Not necessarily. I know plenty of people that haven't purchase a switch or any other console due to the cost. Hell I have a good friend in California with 2 kids, boys in their late teens the are still playing on a ps3. Gaming is a very expensive hobby. And for several of my friends when I've told them about the Amico. The price was more acceptable to them. Especially when they dont have to worry about $60 games because all the games are $10 or less. So if the marketing is done right I can still this being picked up over a Nintendo. Because there is alot of people that dont and wont buy a Nintendo switch due to cost and added cost especially when you have a household with multiple children. Again several friends I know dont like buying consoles that require more cost to allow other kids in the house to play together. Many people today are really strapped for money and dont even own current consoles
  21. Sorry but I disagree. I grew up with very little money and we always count all the costs when buying anything. Including a game console. If we had to pay for more things to even use it we compared it to the other options. Just like today. I went to a classic game shop was looking at a Atari 7800 in the original box but there wasnt the included game. The cost was on the edge of what I was comfortable paying. Had the original pack in game been in there I would have bought it but because I had to purchase a game to even enjoy it I pasted on it. And I never thought about this till you commented.
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