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  1. I laughed when you mentioned the kit kat. The jaters always claim the joycons are 2 controllers. Lol ha ha ueah no one likes them and several ges I've ayed still requires both as 1 controller. No you definitely need a complete controller to enjoy the switch
  2. Actually it is. When you and others jump on here you miss the mark. You never add games or cost of controllers. You just add the initial cost of the console. Many parents like things simple. Simple comparison. My switch with 2 games and 1 added controller came to over $500. So this discussion of $50 is hilarious. Because you and I know you cant just buy a switch for $50 more and start playing. The consumer will compare those added costs before asking the clerk to pull it off the shelf. In the past I bought all of my consoles at fred Myers because they would have deals like buy a console and get 1 game free. Or a free added controller. And that was why I never bought anywhere else. So why do you ise the $50 as a point but always leave out those other things that typically adds another $200?
  3. True but that also goes for when you are standing at to rack and you see 249.99 and games are included. And next to it is 299.99 switch no games included. That $50 saved buying the Amico goes a long ways
  4. Your right its like when you go to the store and you compare the switch and its $50 more and then you have to add another $60 to $70 just to play it And the console next to you is only $250 and you dont have to spend any more money. Yep you are correct that $50 is a big deal🤔
  5. I keep laughing when people act like $250 is too much. And that $200 is going to be better for this. Well hell I think anything is better when its more affordable. But how is will a console at $200 vs $250 going to really make or break it ? Its $50 bucks people. When the majority of people spend that at a restaurant or shoes. Ohhhh I dont know $50 is going be a deal breaker 😮😮😮.
  6. Thats a good point. I will add the friends I see weekly lol on zoom covid19 restrictions. Many are gamers but with families now many stopped playing or limit the time because games are typically a single person experience plus for several years they are just more busy in life. And seek to do things together. So I think once these friends of mine see the Amico they will no doubt buy it. Ive got alot of friends in California and Washington state and hanging out together is a big thing. Winter time up here in Washington makes that harder to do that. So when I have discussed this console with them 3 things perk their interest #1 8 player #2 no mature content #3 price. Also we spend alot of time with elderly friends and have alot of families with children under 10 so the idea that these 2 age groups can play together is hugh.
  7. Also add that the main reason many of us dont play these games is that they want to do stuff together and limit time spent playing games. Current consoles do offer that but it has sooo much content thats not acceptable to them. They prefer to just avoid it out of convenience. The Amico will likely fit them better. But thats just my observation
  8. Im one of Jehovahs witnesses and its a common situation. And there is 1.2 million of us in the United states and 8.4 million worldwide. With that said many like myself do play the current consoles and will buy the next generation consoles. But yes I was being conservative when I say just over 100. And no I didnt say I had conversations with a 100 but said I know their common concerns and thats why many dont and won own current consoles.
  9. For Microsoft to release a all digital series s for $200. It will likely be underpowered. Some reports suggested it would be less powerful that the xbox 1 x. Which to me makes no sense. Why not just make the 1 x all digital and sellnit for $200? Either way it wont make any difference. The Amico is sooo drastically different to the way those systems present gaming. The people that dont buy game consoles now are not going to buy these new ones either. Trust me I know plenty of people that currently dont and wont. And I'm not speaking of a handful of people either. Try a over a 100. That dont like gaming for the time it wastes, and alienates their families. Did the Nintendo when it started shut down board games? Is it now? The people I'm talking about spend more time with groups hanging out and playing cornhole. So why would they give a lick if a new xbox cost $200? They didnt want it then dont want it now.
  10. Oh cool. But then you cant sit your drinks on it. Lol
  11. Same here preordered 2 and my sons going to be 3 he wants the gto red. Im stoked ti sit back with friends and play games I know they will enjoy. Especially cornhole
  12. No they will pay $3500 for pong, Ok PAL 🤣🤣🤣 https://www.gameroomguys.com/Atari-Pong-Coffee-Table?dfw_tracker=20153-65384&matchtype=&network=u&device=m&adposition=&keyword=&campaign=6444963344&adtype=&gclid=CjwKCAjw26H3BRB2EiwAy32zhUF1QsmpFcBucUPj9K6Vi0NEEzsCoUD3vunR-rCaGYIf1Nt4F9sgfhoCTjkQAvD_BwE
  13. Glad you brought up the sticks again. With my memory goingfrom being sooo damn old, I totally forgot about that activity today. Now if I could only remember where put those blasted sticks 🤔
  14. Not sure if you understand but if a retro game was reimagined and a kid never played the original, wouldn't that make that game a NEW EXPERIENCE to that kid? Making it a new game? Right and you have what experience vs the people working at intellivision? Or do you think you have more knowledge than even David Perry? One of the investors if when made $380 million on gaikai? Hes a fool I guess to invest in the platform you say is heading down the wrong path. Or as you said the very successful wii lady. What do you know vs her? Come tell us all your credentials? We all would like you to answer that question. Right because J Allard joined this merry bunch of fools you believe are off base and in the wrong path to success. But hell he thought why not jump on a sinking ship. SMH So tell us all before you continue to rant what your background is? What do you do for a living and for how long have you been doing it? Unless you are Miyamoto himself I dont think you know what the hell you are talking about. 🤣🤣🤣
  15. No offense but I doubt you are 7 years old and can honestly know what they like. Also thats provided that even if ALL children in north America play games. I know quite a few families that dont because of the cost. So no mindcraft. Mt friends have a xbox 1 and they let their son play it once and a while mainly because its the fathers console. But his wife brought out a heavy sixer 2600 woth space invaders that same kid that had played the xbox 1 was really getting into space invaders couldn't pull him from it. Hes about 10 years old. Also just for your information my son who recently turned 21 and is clearly not the target audience for the Amico has alot of fun on the old intellivision. Heres how it plays out in my house. HEs currently playing fortnite. But everyday he plays galaga and dig dug, no joke on a arcade1up. And this weekend we were playing the original b17 bomber for the 1st time because we never had it. He was literally amazed on how well it was made. Kept saying our 2600 could never do this. He loves astro smash and tron deadly disks. So dont be soo quick to think what younger ones wont be interested.
  16. The controller was what sold me day 1. And I dont even compare it to the original as some do. It just isnt that similar other than the disk. It has alot more added to it. And those added features opens it to new experiences you cant get with a standard nes type controller. And asking for one males no sense to me. The games are all engineered to work with that controller.
  17. All you have to do is figure the math. Tommy has said that their current production numbers are limited to 35k a month. Then subtract that preorders. Combined they are reaching 20k. So to your comment that they need to do advertising now. For what? To sell 10k units. The cost of advertising is really expensive. Till they can produce 50k or more units there absolutely no real reason to spend money advertising on something you cant deliver on. I feel a ad campaign around the month before launch or on launch would be the best timing. Because the 1st month is already sold.
  18. I jist dont think thats possible. There is only so much info about this console and most have been explained to get more every day for the next 4 months is just not realistic. Maybe more nm on games but that is all effected the current problems.
  19. Hey Tommy the Vcs is here. Have you shaking in your boots lol. Next will be the internals.
  20. I laugh every time I hear someone say that. When mobile games literally look better than the original xbox. Its a head scratcher lol
  21. New update is here. Lol nah just got my hat the other day ha ha 20200612_134059.mp4
  22. Heres my take. I dont think there will be a cartridge type game slot even through the usb. Heres why. This all reminds me of the sony psp and then the vita. The psp used the memory duo which if I remember correctly was quickly hacked and people were loading bootlegged games onto sd cards then used a converter to duo. So Sony spent substantial mony building the new memory card format that the vita only uses.So where am I taking this? All of these ideas that a game would be on the sd card or on another type of memory via usb runs a risk of people pirating the games. The R&D for any new format is going to be expensive and will likely still be pirated. The rfid and downloads via the internet makes that harder to steal the games. Im no expert on these things. Just my thoughts anyone can correct me if I'm off on this.
  23. Just looking at this graph is telling. Sure alot has to do with the fact that most people use smartphones games are readily available. But there is also an increase in how people dont like using cellphones for gaming. Either way even if the Amico gains the attention of a small percentage of this market they will be successful.
  24. I absolutely love Horizon and this forbidden west has me wanting. 1 thing about that game is I dont seem to have a problem playing it in smaller bits. I agree with you the ps5 definitely looks better. I think its a work art lol. Not sure if I will get it on launch. Im still playing through other games on my current systems and I'm planningto be busywith the Amico. But I will say this ps5 will be in my home before the series x.
  25. Have you tried taking it apart and cleaning it. I find just alittle build up of dust can get them to quickly overheat
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