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  1. I love the idea and have brought this up before how the intellivision Amico can accomplish. Even better than the way this game does it. Using a computer is that part of friction I can see this game not getting a majority of people on board. Few have their computers setup to a tv. The Amico eliminates this hurtle
  2. Yup I 100% agree. Ive seen mobile games kook 10x better than games on the original xbox and no one question the quality of those games of the past. To me gaming is an art form. Does anyone question the quality of a galaga arcade? Do we call those old games mobile games and make fun of them? No I sure dont.
  3. Imagine that people that are into casual safe games and mobile gaming being interested in the Amico. Lol some said that would never happen. Thanks Bloodfire for posting this.
  4. Yet how dare you have games on the Amico that requires a cellphone. Oh no not sure if your target audience has cellphones lol.
  5. Well happy to tell you my son is 21 and stuck in the 80s. Favorite console nes favorite band Ratt.
  6. Hey I think the vcs might actually make it out. Nah I just decided to build it myself. Heres my progress. Just so you know I'm going to be doing 4 of these in 4 different colors. With 4 different wood veneers. Had to keep busy till my Amico gets to my house. Dont worry Tommy I'm not go into business against you. But Atari I'm coming for you ha ha ha
  7. Im laughing in how many comments there is about the switch. At this rate the Amico will be at my home by the time the switch is figured out. This is me included lol🤣🤣🤣
  8. I just picked it up yesterday l was playing it on the ferry boat ride to the mainland with my son. I was actually surprised to even get it to download of the tether through my phone. See your assessment is totally fair. If you gave it really low scores then I would think it was totally bias. But in the end even though it has similarities to what the Amico is doing its limited in many ways including that nothing more will come of this. Also no night stalker lol. I got it to see how it would measure up later down the road with the Amico. But I will say one thing I really hate the freaking joycons lol
  9. He y just wanted to say that recently ive had some nice conversations with 2 people on YouTube that were generally negative on the Amico and turned the discussions to a positive one. On another note if you are not aware that a particular individual on YouTube has posted a comment on Lukas video I would take as bullying a 14 year old. I personally reported him. Please do the same. You have to find him in newest 1st tab setting James c is his name. I can take it when I have a debate or just disagreements but not this, never
  10. Its like 1in a million chances you will get the number you want, Sooooooo what your saying is I've got a chance lol #2601
  11. Good god man that was awesome lol never a dull moment on here.
  12. Sure but they would need to have a vcs section because alot of games in steam wont work on their system.
  13. I thought of it because the 2600 had already sold out and I got in on it after. But in reality theres always a few that get a refund and I'm likely replacing one of those. But a guy can dream right lol
  14. Thanks for posting this. I didnt think this would happen again so quickly. I laugh when inexperienced people do videos calling out Tommy for lying in regards to his comments about how Nintendo as been allowing things to slip by namely mature content. Then in the same breath criticize him for not allowing it to be on the Amico. Pathetic. They need to wake up. You cant just allow your kids on a Nintendo anymore and trust the ratings through parental locks to keep them safe. Shame on Nintendo.
  15. Eshop sucks. What a joke. Hey sell shovelware for a .01 till it becomes a best seller then jack it up to 5 bucks and now its a high priced shovelware. All because Nintendo wont do a rating system.
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