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  1. I’d like to know what features were considered superior on a C64 other than its low price and Resulting huge software Library? I’ve owned and programmed on both 8bit platforms and the Atari beats it in pretty much every quantitative and qualitative way. I don’t dislike the Commodores. They were charming Affordable underdogs that won the day with their fantastic array of 3rd party development. From an innovation, quality, and technology perspective though, I don’t see how there’s much of an argument though for the commodore in a Head to head comparison.
  2. Products and company’s are Ultimately nothing more than their people and culture. Engineers are people. They make the products. They are collectively the culture. lol of course there is DNA between Amiga and Atari. The Amiga was invented by and belonged to Atari r&d, until Atari lost the rights/contract in a legal/HR issue when Atari was bought.
  3. Well, if you did, you would understand that many of the Influential leading engineers , people, and ideas from Atari went on to Apple and were involved in pivotal R&D projects there that progressively have lead directly over the years to products being developed today. The culture hasn’t changed either. The winning DNA is still there and hasn’t changed much. Atari didn’t disappear. It migrated.
  4. Go listen to the Atari interviews. I’ve listened to almost all of them. Atari 100% spawned Apple and there is a Quantitative straight lineage to many of Apple’s quality products and creative culture direct from Atari. Not fanboism. It’s what happened.
  5. I agree. This is true. Warner blew it big time. Hobbling the XL and turning it into the Lacklustre XE was a mistake. They didn’t have a choice though as Atari was hemoraging cash. I liked the ST’s and GEM was a clever Color one up on Apple, but losing the Amiga rights were another classic Atari Business blunder. Atari died when their brilliant creative engineers and marketers all went to Apple. I don’t think many people realize it, but Apple is in essence Atari, and would not have existed without Atari. Their DNA is the same. Atari isn’t dead, it’s alive and well, and now run by Tim Cook and has one of the largest market caps of any business on the planet.
  6. So silly. The Ataris were always ahead of, technically superior, and built much higher quality than the cheaper commodores. Atari lost the race due to being over priced and market confusion with them being cross marketed as game machines - which obviously they were arguably better at also. If the Tramiels never existed to undercut the market with far cheaper alternatives, Atari would have Undoubtedly dominated and Apple might have never happened. Commodore did nothing but rape Atari potential market share and starved them. Atari was a better computer but commodore was a better business. Atari was staffed by people who were passionate about technology, creativity, and computers. Commodore was about Sales and profit, period. Huge difference. Why one decimated the other. Also why Atari failed under the Tramiels. No quality and slow innovation that couldn’t dig them out of their enormous financial hole due to The mis management a decade earlier. Atari is a classic business study on how to kill a beautiful product with poor business decisions and mgmt.
  7. Respect and professional courtesy with ethical fair business treatment for all customers was the reason for my complaint in the first place. Seems like a good deal of people here would rather bash me for complaining about incredibly bad service and business practices, just so they can continue to order. Sad.
  8. You are entirely incorrect. Learn the law and your rights. Clueless. It’s 2021. You can’t just go around being an asshole to people without consequences. Legal and/or otherwise.
  9. Looking at it closely I’m amazed at how ahead of its time this device and design was for ‘83 and how PCs that followed a decade later adopted this near exact same expansion design (Along with USB) which was also used by IBM and Compaq originally. I have very little doubt that Atari could have given not only Apple but the PC clones a serious competitive run for their money if things had gone down differently in ‘84. Can you imagine if Commodore or the Tramiels never existed? Atari would have Completely dominated and I doubt Wozniak and Jobs would have ever left.
  10. I suspect it’s because he’s sitting on the last and largest amazing trove of oem Atari Parts In the world and holds them hostage while frustrating and denying service to many Customers for no Sane reason whatsoever.
  11. This is a very good project idea. I’m interested if there are 80 col and mem expansion cards developed. Someone should get original Scans, measurements And specs from the box At the museum to have these cases 3D printed exactly identical to the r&d unit if this hasn’t been done already. ? Actually, thinking more about it, why not just reproduce the fully intact And mostly working unit At the museum in Texas? It has all the cards in it and only needs drivers redeveloped apparently. Why reinvent the wheel? It’s sitting there already just waiting to be finished. And it’s 90% done. This is likely the Atari crown jewel of products that were completed and then trashed that we were so close to getting in 1983/84 just before it was DOA.
  12. Wow, so nice to see so many fellow forum members advocating for people to be mean aholes to each other with zero accountability or responsibility and decent kindness. Really nice. Is that the kind of society you want to live in? You people making these comments actually support treating people that way in the name of commerce? That’s really messed up and selfish.
  13. Businesses are absolutely allowed the right to refuse service, but if they choose to do so, they must adhere to the laws and procedures governing such practice that is generally only accepted as a last resort, and not a regular business occurrence on a whim.
  14. You are incorrect. Here is the law in California where this business resides: ”business owners cannot refuse service based on arbitrary reasons outside of the protected classes. Instead, reasons must be legitimate enough to hold up in court. In general, refusal of service is justified in cases where a customer’s presence interferes with the safety and well-being of other patrons and the establishment” Brad’s arbitrary mean Discrimination and denial of service to people for no reason , who are in good faith seeking goods and service he is advertising and has engaged in, does in fact likely break the law.
  15. People have the right to be treated fairly, with decency, honesty, ethically, respectfully, and kindness in business and in life. Brad outright abuses many of his customers, just because he feels he can, so he does depending on his Nutty mood of the day. He’s an ornery old fool who’s been sniffing Harmful electronics off gassing chemicals for too many decades in that chaotic warehouse.
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