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  1. His attitude has everything to do with who he is as a person, and that same attitude and person comes across pretty obviously on his 8-bit channel. I’m simply making the case for what kind of person he is and why he does the things he does.
  2. I appreciate and agree with most of David’s response video, but it should be uploaded to his 8-bit public YouTube channel, not just the private paying Patreon subscribers. He sets a bad precedent with this as it indicates he really only cares about people who create revenue for him. Where I do have a problem that he is missing the point completely is that he thinks carrying an automatic weapon in public scaring people and kids and not caring about their feelings is some kind of political statement. THAT is the part that speaks volumes about David’s level of intelligence, thoughtfulness, and character.
  3. Viewers should be warned that’s its Shocking, incendiary content for sure.
  4. Just sandblast the bugger complete without disassembling and then spraypaint it without masking it mate! Neon Multicolour would be ideal. Lol. Post your pics when done!
  5. I think an 8-bit Galaga programming competition would be interesting. Considering what can be done in only 10 lines of BASIC, I’m sure some miraculous feats could be accomplished with Galaga.
  6. This may be a silly question, but why do you have to try to create these sound files from scratch? Surely there is abundant accurate game-note perfect code already out there from the multitude of Galaga versions already coded for every other platform, including the original ROM that can just be copied and adapted? Or is this effort here necessary to get it to fit into a very small amount of game memory avail while also running the game?
  7. It’s fun to push the limits of the hardware and software. I think that’s what true hobbyists do that drove the creation of home computers in the 70s. Retro computing is no different as there is now a plethora of technological advancements well past the basic capabilities of our original A8s, that theoretically can be adapted and plugged into them. To each his own... For me though personally it is similar to resto-modding classic cars. Can you do it? Sure. Should you do it? In most cases I’d say leave it as close to stock as possible to maximize and maintain the original feel and nostalgia of the car that made it so special in the first place. Adding power steering and some new wheels is fine, but hacking up and modifying the body and interior is where I think crosses the line into poor taste and devalues/debases the original vehicle.
  8. There's some updates and files posted there it looks like as recent as a few weeks ago? I'd be ok with them stuffing some additional helper hardware in a cart to get it to work on stock machines. Even a 64K version would be ok. Perhaps an A8/5200 32kB Galaga coding competition might speed things up...
  9. Ah ha.... Yes, I am using one new power brick from BEST Electronics swapped between all my computers. Never tested it's output but it seems to work ok with them. That makes complete sense.. It might be under-driving them I wonder? I will test it! Thx!
  10. Scrolling through that 'Another Galaga thread' above, they are rapidly making progress on this daily (now that everyone is at home Covid-19) ! Looks like we'll have a wicked A8/5200 Galaga version in no time! If you haven't already, go download the latest binary sample. It's unreal they are getting that performance under 32kB on an A8. I really do suspect Galaga and Asteroids Deluxe on the A8's are the Holy Grail wanted games for our platform.
  11. OK.. WTF is wrong with all my XL's and XE's and/or my monitors AND TV's? I knew I wasn't imagining things and they could/did produce red just fine back in the day. Those red examples above you posted look just fine. I will take a photo of my screen... All my reds are displaying as dull pinks and/or browns. No adjustments on my monitors and/or TV's correct this regardless of the output I am using (UAV, composite, or RF on a monitor or TV). This is very odd. All my computers are NTSC.
  12. @playsoft this is awesome. Better than the official 7800 release so far. Keep going!
  13. DrVenkman that’s exactly what I was thinking and totally agree. No different than what Activision did inside the Pitfall II cart with the extra internal support hardware bundled inside the game cart. It was a great idea and very successful. More games should have used this same strategy to increase their performance and capabilities. I would not be opposed at all to an A8 Galaga cart utilizing similar.
  14. Playsoft’s A8 proof of concept Galaga test looks amazing. Better than the 7800 release just like I suspected. I hope this is finished! It’s a shame the way the software was developed and pushed out the door in such a hurry back in the day due to their release pressure and the industry changing so rapidly back then. These systems were SO under utilized in terms of what could have been done if the developers had the time to test and creatively push the limits of the hardware with brilliant coding. That 7800 version of Galaga is a joke considering what that platform is actually capable of - It should/could look and sound like a MAME rom port from the actual arcade version.
  15. Perhaps this has been answered before, but why do my XLs and XEs do such a poor job of creating the colour red on the screen. At best it is a dark pink. I have a UAV running through a high quality converter displaying on a really nice SVGA CRT monitor. Still the same dull pink as on RF Out on a TV. All the other colours seem vibrant and good on all my machines, but the reds suck. What’s the reason for this? Is there a problem or shortcoming with the GTIA or something else? Could this be an age issue or bad caps effecting this particular colourband freq like the red-shift issue on old photographs? I don’t remember the reds looking so dull 30 years ago.
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