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  1. The c-240 I think is an important piece of history that serves as a consumer electronics segway bridge from analog to digital products that existed simultaneously during the ‘70s as the former then disappeared, only to make a resurgence now as we start to realize some of the limitations of digital and lost forgotten benefits of the real analog world around us.
  2. Completely agree with you on the price. They are not worth more than a few hundred bucks max. But, unfortunately they are quite rare, very unique, and one of Atari’s very first retail offerings from their early glory years. I think the ultimate unicorn unobtanium prize would have to be a working Computer Space cabinet, an Atari Mind Link Controller, or a 1400xl series proto.
  3. Surely somebody here has one of these they are done with and is taking up too much space? I can pay cash and pick up if it’s located anywhere near Pacific Northwest states. Thx kindly.
  4. And this is what I listen to the music from when I need it a bit louder than those old headphones… 100 watts of raw pure analog earth shaking old school power. I’ll post photos of my dedicated ‘Atari room’ shrine that is still under construction hopefully soon…
  5. That c-240 manual pic - Atari marketing clearly took inspiration from this Pioneer ad from a few years earlier. I’m still not sure what’s sexier, the model or the headphones. Lol.
  6. Here’s what my new c-240 is matching to in my collection. All mid-late ‘70s spec. I think it’ll fit in nicely. That scope which I was using as my ‘visualizer’ is glowing hot vacuum tube driven and from the mid ‘60s.
  7. GoldLeader, you rock! Thanks again. Cheers.
  8. Anybody here have a complete, good condition or better, Asteroids Deluxe full stand up arcade cabinet they would be willing to sell for a reasonable price? I’m in need of it to finish a little project. Lol. Thx.
  9. I’m looking for a project. Anybody have one of these in good shape and complete that they’d like to sell for a reasonable price? Thx.
  10. Surely somebody here must have one of these they’d be willing to part with? Thx.
  11. Somebody here must have one of these, working or not, that they’d part with? Thx.
  12. Anybody here have one of these working or not they’d like to sell? Thx kindly.
  13. Working or not. Please contact if you are interested in selling. Thx kindly.
  14. I’d like to know what features were considered superior on a C64 other than its low price and Resulting huge software Library? I’ve owned and programmed on both 8bit platforms and the Atari beats it in pretty much every quantitative and qualitative way. I don’t dislike the Commodores. They were charming Affordable underdogs that won the day with their fantastic array of 3rd party development. From an innovation, quality, and technology perspective though, I don’t see how there’s much of an argument though for the commodore in a Head to head comparison.
  15. Products and company’s are Ultimately nothing more than their people and culture. Engineers are people. They make the products. They are collectively the culture. lol of course there is DNA between Amiga and Atari. The Amiga was invented by and belonged to Atari r&d, until Atari lost the rights/contract in a legal/HR issue when Atari was bought.
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