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  1. In case anyone was unaware. Kieren Hawken is peddling his garbage in the pages of Atari User. Several "reviews" are padded out versions of his A-Z drivel, or perhaps they are cut-down versions of the longer pieces? Who knows these days? Others are copied word for word with exactly the same screenshot. Such a hard worker.
  2. It hasn't stopped him bringing out further titles. It truly shows his blatant disrespect for the community and/or his total stupidity. "It's been proven without a doubt that I am a charlatan so I shall continue to do so. My sales will skyrocket." Dickhead.
  3. Absolutely amazing and sadly, completely true. There is no real offense meant in the comments regarding the "reviews", it's simple statement of fact. Whoever is behind this is a genius!
  4. Knowing how the Laird of lies favours his own efforts above those of others, he certainly would not be publicising this unless those involved had been rash and/or naïve enough to allow him to contribute.
  5. Next year's events should prove to be interesting. He is attending regardless of being banned. No doubt he'll be going to the smaller, more "exclusive" events. All proof that even while lying on a sun-soaked beach he is giving Atari Age, no thought or consideration whatsoever.
  6. Somebody made this rather salient point today. "I honestly think he underestimated what a close knit community it is...he thought he could spew utter diatribe about people and everyone would lap it up. He forgot we all know each other, and would simply check everything just by asking those concerned. In the retro community everyone knows everybody." He truly seems to have believed in his own mad way, that the community as a whole would believe his insane ramblings and not question any of his bizarre accusations. His sole domain now would seem to be Twitter where he can spout his own peculiar brand of nonsense to his heart's content via his own account or through the mouths of his numerous aliases. His YouTube Channel, which was never a source of any revenue regardless of his blatherings, is back on track with the usual compilations of other people's videos amateurishly cobbled together in a vain attempt to feign creativity. His "career" such as it ever was, is finished here in the UK because no-one of any repute would be ignorant of his dubious activities nor would they wish to tarnish their reputations through association. Let those stupid and/or naive enough purchase his plagiaristic and risible publications. "A fool and his money are soon parted."
  7. He is either back in Blighty or so important they laid on the internet specially for him.
  8. "In a nutshell, humanity has been wiped out and it’s your job to recover last remnants of what was and restore it." Livelock review Kieren Hawken 22. Spetember 2016. Bad grammar aside, how does one recover the remnants of something that has been wiped out? "the huge maps always provide escape routes and areas where you can hide to recoup. " Recoup what? "Your battle robot can sustain a large amount of damage before it becomes weak and then eventually dies, and energy can be replenished by either not getting hit for a short amount of time or collecting health icons left behind by enemies." He seems to be describing the industry standard mechanics for any shooter. Take damage until you die, avoid taking damage by avoiding taking damage, result...not dying. His journalistic style is groundbreaking. "And whilst enemies increase in ferocity, so do you own weapons." "The dark, foreboding, post-apocalyptic worlds are beautifully drawn with some amazing attention to detail." It's a polygonal game, 3D, the graphics aren't drawn, they're rendered. "The audio just fits perfectly and is all designed to help you get into the action." How does the audio help you get into the action? We're never told. Amateurishly written, as is to be expected. https://www.gamespew.com/2016/09/livelock-review/
  9. Nine years on and his grasp of the English language is as tenuous as ever. Regardless of having an English A Level.
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