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  1. YUP, He re-uses reviews and sometimes, like here, forgets to change the name of the computer he is talking about. How professional. You missed "Completely like a smart bomb" that's another Kierenism I found. I have attempted to get his ZX Spectrum compendium of bollocks read from cover to cover, but the reviews are nightmarishly hard to read. They are infantile in their construction with no flow or any real insight into the games themselves. They are littered with filler that has no bearing on the game on numerous occasions and he never misses an opportunity to throw in the word Atari whenever possible. I have just started the F section and that means I have read 50 reviews. There is not one that is without grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or general rubbish.
  2. Thought you'd been "outed" as making fraudulent claims regarding your Law-Enforcement involvement?
  3. Methinks it's some veiled dig at myself. Ooh, I shan't sleep tonight, I'm so perturbed.
  4. All of the above made for much easier reading than A Compendium of ZX Spectrum Games by you know who. In all honesty, the level of writing is shockingly infantile and painful to endure for more than two "reviews" at a time. My intention is to "read" this thing from cover to cover, making notes as I go, but I haven't finished the letter A yet and I've got writer's cramp. Once that's complete, then there's some research. But my, this is a chore just to read.
  5. Ok, Kieren obviously spends a lot of time patrolling the internet and it's many avenues, regardless of his protestations to the contrary. That is not a gauntlet being flung, let's just assume he spends as much time as we do watching some or all of the same sites. He takes great exception when people point out grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in any of his published works. Again, merely an observation/assumption. Bear with me here. This is their prerogative, they have paid out good, hard cash for a product they thought would reflect their interests and upon perusal have, for a some very valid reasons felt disappointed. Reviews good or bad should benefit the author. No author is above reproach, taste is a personal thing we know, but obvious and irrefutable errors in grammar, spelling or even facts are unacceptable. When these errors are staring you in the face they cannot be denied or brushed aside with excuses blame-shifting or accusations of unfair commenting. Taking criticism on the chin and learning from it is something all authors should be capable of doing. The acceptance of criticism is a growth process. Anyway... He regularly informs any/all parts of the internet of his professional status as a journalist and author. Simple fact. As such, it is obviously his intention to... 1: Impart his knowledge on a given topic in a clear, concise, informative and entertaining manner. 2: To succeed in the above and garner positive feedback and subsequent sales on future products from the same customer or from others due to enthusiastic word of mouth. 3: To be financially rewarded for a job well done. All too apparently, Kieren feels that he already is a master of point one, despite others feeling otherwise. This is the point of contention. Merely an observation, not an attack. This is the main stumbling block in the entire situation. But ignoring this for a moment, let's just continue this train of thought just on the off-chance we are being monitored. If, as mentioned above, Kieren's aim is to earn a living from the written word; then putting knee-jerk reactions to one side and sitting calmly regardless of what others may say about his work, would it not be better to then spend his time attending to any errors that may be appearing on a regular basis and improve said product? If errors in spelling are undeniably apparent, then surely it would be wiser to proof read every title multiple times, perhaps even hiring a second, impartial proof reader? This way grammatical mistakes and spelling inconsistencies could be avoided, nullifying any areas where those Kieren perceives as hostile to his endeavours could easily pull him up as being unprofessional. Ensuring all research is done thoroughly, and avoiding any potential for others to make accusations of plagiarism could only be a step in the right direction. Taking time on each title to tick off all the above boxes, rather than releasing multiple products over an inordinately short period of time, would raise the authors profile and prevent claims of titles being rushed to publication with little or no attention to content or detail. Therefore, would it not be better if Kieren took the above to heart, set himself apart from those he feels are working toward his downfall and applied himself to create one essential title on each of his chosen topics? A truly quality release, a definitive volume that people would be proud to own and which would A. silence his detractors, B. prove his journalistic claims and abilities without fear of contradiction C. provide a valued title that can be held as an example to others in its content and quality and finally D. through the subsequent success of said title and potential sequels earn a living. Would his time not be better spent doing all of the above rather than monitoring the outbursts of his critics? The knock-on effect would be that all of us could then go our separate ways and hostilities would potentially cease, with no feeling for the need to snipe at others from the safety of our desks for no good reason whatsoever. Just a thought. I hope it was apparent that there are no slurs, sarcastic asides or hidden barbs in any of the above.
  6. You could not be more wrong. You could try, but you would not be successful. Kieren writes for neither of the above publications, they have washed their hands of him. He is not involved in any retro gaming events, certainly neither of the two biggest, Play Expo and Revival. They have also ceased all contact with him as he contributed almost nothing and only brought negativity and bad-feeling.
  7. Nah, this is his attempt at obfuscation. Rite badlee an itz annuver person. See how easy that was? Mustn't have been me. Must have been hacked.
  8. More nonsense that never happened. There was no "shouting at the Oliver Twins" and nobody was "kiked out". Where the "disgrase" comes in is anyone's guess, but no doubt it exists in the turgid miasma between Kieren's ears. If his retro-journalistic career doesn't pick up, there's certainly a job waiting for him at either the Sunday Sport or the National Enquirer.
  9. To be totally honest, anyone worth their salt in the industry today, knows of Mr Hawken and his shenanigans. Those who don't should, if they are serious about their profession, Google his name. They almost certainly will not find a stream of glowing recommendations from anyone other than himself. Alongside those there will be all the negative posts and links to such. If people still wish to employ him, then, without being unfair, they deserve everything they get. He works within a niche field, the retro scene. He has no interest or knowledge of today's consoles or games. This also applies fairly comprehensively to his grasp of pretty much anything, mostly reality. By its very definition as a niche market, the ripples from this thread, the word of mouth from various conventions and events and the general industry grapevine have all covered quite an extensive amount of those who would be interested in similar topics or in a position to hire someone to write about such. If there is anyone out there in a professional/semi-professional/hobbyist position who claims to be au fait with the scene, it's getting less and less likely that the wave of outrage and backlash against this obnoxious, orange dickweasel has not come to their attention. Plus matters are in hand to bring this topic to a wider audience through professional avenues/
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