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  1. Limited collector editions are not available for everyone. Many countries from Europe do not seem to be on the list.
  2. This topic used to be Q&A. What was the point changing it instead of making a new thread called "Fun Amico Conversation"?
  3. This is going in a sad direction. Three release dates promised but three delays given. Does not give a very confidential image to customers. Empty promises are poison for customers. Can IE afford such thing? I really feel bad for game developers. But on the other hand, your target customer doesn’t even know about the whole device This reminds me year ago when the special event was postponed to next day 15 minutes before the start of the broadcast. However, stream time had been advertised for several weeks. Very unprofessional. I hope the reason wasn't that short clip of Eathworm Jim 4. As if it could not have been released the next day on a different video. Anyway, in spite of everything I wanted to share my thoughts while waiting for my FE by the end of the year!
  4. Really? Isn't even included for the founders edition? How about adapters for European power plug? These were promised for FE. Will they be left out too?
  5. I remember them saying they will include those buttons and disc for cell phones.. and a guy from Nasa is designing them.
  6. If Moon Patrol is available at launch I'm happy (with six pack in games).
  7. I think that a question can be how each thinks of physical or digital media. I also played WOW and had that box, but I never thought to own a game. Also it had those monthly payments. Physical product? Yes. Physical game? No. Same thing for example with PS Store games. I paid for them but still think I just bought a permit or license to play. Thats how I also think about Amico games but it's ok to me. I bought FE and I'll buy games for it (digital). As a collector, I'm not going to buy any boxes with higher price IF there is no physical game inside. Hope this made any sense.
  8. We'll see what is what but it doesn’t hurt anyone if there’s a little speculation.
  9. Those are online multiplayer games that requires internet connection. Amico games are not. Shall we say that physical product for Amico is a box containing a cd-key on a card and somekind of toy or overlay for controller. Close enough?
  10. So you are soon ready to ship FE Amicos (one for me). Is that what you are telling us? 😃
  11. Doesn't sound very fun. I hope they do not replace the throw with the push of a button (the longer it is pressed -> the stronger the throw) 🙂
  12. I was browsing Intellivision shop but didn't find any "Amico shill" shirts, what's up with that?
  13. Yes! Klax is a must for Amico. I had fun times playing it with my Atari Lynx.
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