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  1. Last time I checked he was picking on me...or does everyone get followed around and warned to be good boys?
  2. So forum users can openly call me names, write posts about me behind topics I'm banned at, and I am just suppose to take it with a grin and say thank you?
  3. Am I allowed to do anything or should I just delete my account? Im a little sick of mods and Tommy dogging me wherever I go. I WAS invited here FYI.
  4. Apparently thy are going to open a new taco shop in my neighborhood...
  5. None of the photos are blurred for me...
  6. I played it when I went to the Galloping Ghost arcade, not that great of a game imho.
  7. Have you seen a chocolate cake shake? They are breath taking!
  8. I believe in Taco Unicorn...not so much in the Atari VCS
  9. Bye...I will miss you most of all Scarecrow.
  10. Are you actively avoiding the post where I admitted to being wrong about Amico getting a MLB licensed game to upset me?
  11. You literally used the FE selling out as a point...I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!
  12. Let's see, MLB and Sony put out a press release saying X and I believe X to be correct...the horror! If I was incorrect, then simply correcting misinformation as was suggested by the mods would be the thing to do no?
  13. I saw the movie Dick and Jane, I'm not going to be your fall guy!
  14. Not really assumed, I guess you missed the article I posted and the admission that there is chance after all due to RBI Baseball...I look forward to reading that press release BTW.
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