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  1. You'd think from all the boops and beeps, I was winning... Equestrian - Horse 1 Course 1 - 9:25 Horse 2 Course 2 - 12:17 My goal for the next round is play everything early (hopefully all work) and then focus on my fav to continue.
  2. All good on the built in test. I have no clue about running other tests. I'm chalking this up to a limitation of the cart and me not knowing my way around my 8-bit. Outside of programming a guess the number game 20+ years ago, I've only used them as consoles 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. No luck here, thanks tho. Tried on my emulator and my keyboarding won't cut it. It is what it is... Hazard Run - Chicken Run 12,284
  4. I went to the dentist yesterday, but my hygienist was thrilled to see how great my teeth were, haha. If our mouths looked anything like this game, I'm sure they'd all be mortified. Those gaps, egad!
  5. Yeah, I tried the .xex (and.atr don't run) 😕 How do you disable Basic?
  6. No luck loading Hazard Run 😕 Attaching the file if anyone is interested... Hazard Run.xex
  7. Hover Bovver - 2,526 Damnation! 🐶 hahaha Not having any luck booting up Hazard Run on my Ultimate Cart, even after following these steps that got Popeye Arcade working for me before. Was able to get an emulator to load it, so I'll try that out later. Also gotta get an Equestrian score in... All the issues I come across with loading games really shows the difference between a retro computer and a retro game system. No matter how they tried to sell the XEGS as a console, 30 odd years later I'm having file format trouble on a flash cart that they never would've expected
  8. Brings me back in to when the teacher would extend the project deadline. “I swear I’ll get it done!” Hahaha.
  9. I was gonna get a few games in tonight, but I’m ok with ending whenever. Been meaning to be more active 😬
  10. 19,500 then my game froze towards the end of my last life! First all the enemies froze and I was able to move. Then the entire screen went garbled so I couldn’t get a pic 😨 Fun challenge, hard game. Fair amount of luck but a helluva lot of skill.
  11. Broke 4K in Robot City! But ya wanna take a guess how I lost my last 3 lives in a matter of seconds? Robot City - 4,146 Lvl 24 I don’t know how I let that happen. I now know I can do better, so long as I don’t set a death trap for myself.
  12. I didn't know this was an arcade port! 🤦🏼‍♂️ 🙈 I believe the best way to move whist singing this beat would be parkour. if that gif doesn't animate, just imagine it
  13. I was sucking at RC today, but did manage to survive a bit longer in ToR. Not at my goal score of 200 yet tho. Tower of Rubble - 190
  14. So I have you to blame huh. Hahaha. I'm curious what kind of score you can put up since ya like it so much lol.
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