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  1. Bought this one for the club last year, haven't broken my high tho, but good game Happy Trails - 16,522
  2. Own it, but don't remember it hah. Not bad, takes some getting used to, but fun. I did notice that when I went to the right on the first stage, I ended up with a different stage 4 than when I went to the left (guard people vs race w/rapids). I can see myself coming back to this one. I also like that some of the sound effects are from Kung Fu Cobra Triangle - 41,100
  3. Didn't know there was a different Japanese version of Bayou Billy! I'll have to throw it on my everdrive and try it with the zapper. I recall BB being hard...
  4. Another Imagic game I haven't heard of! Not always hits, but they have a charm about them. From the description, sounds like Atlantis...we'll see...
  5. Loco-Motion - 5,480 Speed 3 Slow First time playing, next time will be a bit faster. And I gotta make sure I pop in my Happy Trails cart before the week is through...
  6. haha, i thought you'd be the jockey racing, but by the description, it looks like the game is better called "horse betting" haha, should be fun
  7. Pepper II - 124,770 skill 2 Wow I was on a roll, very happy. I gotta get this one on cart so I can play with some better joysticks.
  8. Great version, didn't put aside much time to play, but always a good time Q*Bert - 31,115 Lvl 2-4
  9. I also got these two mixed up the other day! lol. Nice on beating it!
  10. Pitfall and I have a love/hate relationship. Right now, we're in a fight. As for Tropical Trouble- easy feels too easy for a while (suppose that's not bad tho b/c it is easy mode) but then gets to be waaaay too many lava spots to be playable or fun, at least for me. Tropical Trouble - Easy - 5 Volcanoes 5,700 And yeah, @sprazzi, that guy is totally the beast from beauty & the beast haha. Lots of similarities here, but a helluva lot less frustrating.
  11. @therealbountybob Don't forget my Beef Drop score of 28,100! And my 150 Brew Biz 🙄
  12. I should be in 11th with 640 😕 I'll have to check out the game again and see what I'm doing wrong.
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