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  1. Haha, neither am I. I've always seen these competitions as a no warp scenario, but convince me otherwise, I have no strong feelings either way. Since we're dealing with a puzzle game, we've already entered the territory of getting so many points on the first level that it makes my head spin. It is the nineties after all...
  2. You did that math just fine Rog! hahaha
  3. My INTV has the stickler and I'll say this much...still have all those problems 🙄
  4. Can't seem to do as well as I did on my first session with this one (getting stuck on the third building). I was getting frustrated with the controls, so figured I'd try it on an emulator, and it wasn't any better. Does anyone else feel like your guy doesn't move properly? Like, you feel like he should zip up the window with a smooth motion but you over shoot it or something and he just doesn't go. I think I need a time out with this one 🙊
  5. Seeing the level of play in this HSC, I wouldn't put it past you guys. If people went above, it would be the honor system for sure, but still fun
  6. Got to the second wave in Circus Atari! Woooo. I know we're playing on the hardest setting, but man, it's hard. Glad I have nice paddles. It's growing on me for sure. Circus Atari: 826- game 6a, wave 2 Warlords, on the other hand, is pissin' me off. I haven't played this one before this week, and I imagine it's a million times better against human players. @classicgamer_27330 I went ahead and tried sitting back and letting it play on its own, haha. Went and played something else, came back, was losing horribly. Wouldn't put it past it for the opposite to happen tho, haha. Does anyone have any tips for this one? Sometimes it gets so fast, it ends up bouncing around your castle in a blink of an eye; other times you're volleying back and forth with a final opponent who has no bricks left and it still takes forever. What am I missing? Warlords: 5
  7. All jumpin' and no bumpin' makes FakeCortex a sad gamer. I love finding new ways to play games that often go against its original intention, but it's weird to have a bonus like this built right into the game. Two competitions would work for this game- one where you're going for high score, do whatever you gotta do to get it (going for bonuses), and one where you play the intended way and go for a high score by crashing the sh*t out of all those cars (no bonuses)- "Unleash your inner rage monster" as @BiffMan puts it. Not able to get the bonus just yet... 11,176 Roadway 2 Feel better @JacobZu7zu7!
  8. This one took a manual read to figure out what in the world was going on. This is a game that is both made harder by its control scheme but also made special by it. Going off path is a bit frustrating tho. 72,900 Screen 4 Purple Belt
  9. Yeah, I was not on the right game before. Those barriers hurt ya until they don't- bouncing back and forth off of them at the top really racks up the points. My typical game: bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, stuck at the top getting all my points, crash. And the numbers didn't look that much better on a "newer" crt; definitely the way the game displays numbers is worse than others. 353- game 6A And it's the triumphant return of that strategy book I have! FC comin' in hot with the photo dump... No strategy for Warlords tho. I want to play this one with 4 players! Have paddles, will travel 😆
  10. I love playing on my classic Zenith, but I'm often fiddling with knobs depending on the system. I try not to let it bother me, haha, but this game in particular is worse than most. I'll have to compare it to another tv. Gotta be the game, b/c Warlords looks nice and crisp.
  11. This is a game I bet we'll see INSANELY high scores for, like mbd mentioned. I like how each wave has a different goal to complete it. Even tho you can continue to rack up points while going for it, it keeps the game fresh. Now the question is, music or sfx? To start things off... 56,950 Wave 5
  12. Edit- deleting score, not positive I was on the correct game var. Will have nightmares of circus clowns. I like paddle games. Can't seem to win a round of Warlords just yet...
  13. Perhaps one day, but for now, making it to each next stage will be my standing goal. I like to do 2 players without the code and see how far we can get without continues. But of course, it's also fun to throw in game genie and just blast through the game, messing around
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