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  1. I was in a slump today where I wasn't able to get past 60k and then I decided to play one more game... 259,250 phase 13 I managed to get the super bonus each time. Man, do those really boost your score!
  2. Hmm. I'm using OpenEmu and a PS3 controller and unfortunately it won't let me map the diagonals on the dpad or analog stick. For running, I still have 8 directional movement, but not for shooting. So I've been using the shoulder buttons for the diagonals, but I rarely end up using them. Slight improvement of score... 6,850
  3. Did some creative mapping to a PS3 controller and I'm having a much better time controlling it. Wish I had the cart tho. 6,100
  4. This is a tough game to play with a keyboard! (Too many buttons for a modern controller to feel right). It really takes advantage of the Intellivision controller for sure. I mapped out my keyboard to best resemble the keypad and it's gonna take some practice...
  5. The controls are having me lean towards "broken" here. Even using keyboard arrows has the same effect. With the timer on skill 6, this results in a frustrating play. I'm also not a fan of how you move the pieces; plays counterintuitively. Case of, "learn how it controls", opposed to "controls how you'd expect". Shame 😕
  6. Wow. You just escalated this back and forth dude. Nice job!
  7. Doesn't get me any higher in the ranking, but... 4,496 I just cannot with these tracer shots. Very impressive job by everyone here.
  8. Oh man, asponge, are we gonna be dukin' it out for 3rd here? And Tempest and I have something going for the best sports games ever. Who can suffer the most? At least Soccer is more tolerable... On a Balloon Fight note: What control do people prefer here? Continuously tapping A to fly or holding down B? I find myself primarily using B, but sometimes switching to A if I'm in a jam. I feel like it gives me a little more control. Or I might be misreading the whole thing.
  9. ^ I've been restarting if the cpu has the lead within the first 3 innings, it's just not worth it. But I did just manage to squeeze out a win. Didn't get a pic in time. But would I lie about the time I've wasted on this game? Sigh. Baseball: 4-2 Tried soccer again, 10-1, still not enough to take over Tempest yet. Also got a new high for Balloon Fight! Now this is a game I enjoy. Although, I do like 2 player more. And man, that bonus stage super bonus of 10k, *whistles*. Only got that on the first one. It gets tricky. Balloon Fight: 150,800
  10. For games like that, I'd be down for highest score within a certain level or set number of lives. At least we have a lot to play here, so dropping a game or two isn't the worst. Btw, just played a full nine innings of Nintendo's finest and have nothing to show for it smh.
  11. Lol. It's like they're forcing an out before they let them tag up? That or they're trying an infield fly rule and getting it wrong. Which is not the only thing that game was getting wrong. btw, my baseball collection caught wind of this conversation and sent black box Baseball to the punishment corner. Famicom even joined in. Don't get so cocky LJN, you're next.
  12. Getting this in just under the wire. I'm surprised at how much this game grew on me. Lots of fun! 166,330,000
  13. DK3 is a completely different game, I'm down for it. Man, Kid Icarus is brutal, but ok, lol. Also, Tempest, nice job. Man, now I gotta try it again if I want those extra 5 points? Hmm...
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