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  1. This is a fun game! Not a huge fan of games that subtract points, but it does get me to haul ass to the exit. 5,520
  2. Music in this game is rockin’. Strategy X - 2,310
  3. I want to smack all the shields away from those stupid wolves. Also, the rock looks like a turkey, which only adds to the game. Also, I am not so good, but my goal quickly became 1k given the difficulty I was having, so goal achieved haha Pooyan- 1,025
  4. And he finally submits a score! Can't say I'll be putting much more time, if any, into this one. Would rather learn Thunder Castle tbh. Looks like I got 39k when we last played, which might push me to try again. 18,700
  5. Every time I check this thread, I remember why I haven't clambered at trying this version again, haha, tho I should get something up this evening. I will stand by that NES version tho.
  6. There's a Japanese commercial for this one, but I prefer this for the original game...
  7. ^ tab I really wanted to find a gif of marty trying to order a tab in bttf
  8. I played a game where I was about to take the computer's king and had it sitting there thinking for a while, which made me pretty proud of myself, until I completely biffed it with my followup turn. It was funny while it lasted, haha.
  9. Luck was on my side and I squeezed out an extra hundy on dkjr Donkey Kong Jr. - 11,400
  10. fyi pics appear broken to me, but it's good that you wrote your score out
  11. Got my Harmony cart in the mail! Just in time to play the first game I don't own on cart of the season- Pooyan...woo...haha, happy to be a part of the Harmony club now, ready to tackle every game this season on original hardware!
  12. Ah, thanks for the update, I was looking for the place to comment on these changes. The manual is still old, so I was like 🤨 Anyway, works great, thank you!!
  13. Never been good at computer chess. No win so far, so here's my participation point.
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