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  1. There have been many different Pacman cartridge releases. They all count. Just cause the collection exists doesn't mean the prior releases are not valid.
  2. Four 7800 carts including Crossbow for $20 OBO. You are not gonna do better than this in the current market: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174781190630?hash=item28b1c551e6:g:DbwAAOSwtgVgrNx4
  3. If anyone was wanting to play Toki that bad there is always the Arcade, NES & Genesis versions.
  4. Pretty safe bet that Willard will be selling it on his own site like all the rest of the games he's released. But hey, what the hell do I know.
  5. What would be even more amusing is if the OP bought this power supply from this new dude his 17 year old thread bump I doubt that will happen though as the OP has not been on this forum since 2011.
  6. Message AtariBrian, he might have a PCB only copy of a lightgun game he could sell you cheap.
  7. If you want it to move you will have to price a fair chunk lower than ebay, amazon, etc. Otherwise people can just shop there with nearly bulletproof buyer protection. You should also take into account you will not be loosing the percentage somewhere like ebay would be taking either. Best bet is to pass that onto the potential buyer. If what you have is super rare or unique than you will have more potential buyers on the forum simply due to the nature of what you are selling. If it's run of the mill systems, controllers and games that can be found without issue elsewhere? Without said lower price point, you will be sitting on your items for longer than you would like.
  8. Never seen that one myself either.
  9. Pretty sure he wanted to sperate his personal account from a more business focused one with BPG.
  10. EGM, Nintendo Power & DOS World where the ones I kept up with.
  11. I bet Sony wasn't sending such things out to IGN. Actually I'm sure of it.
  12. Well there are a couple that gaslight how IGN felt about the controller lag as well but that is also for another time.
  13. Full embroidery with a merrowed edge is not expensive even in low quantity. You can get 250 fully embordered with a merrowed edge for around $100 USD shipped. Printing on blanks like they did is 100 percent cheaping out. Merrowed edges are not special and there are tons of people and places that do so on the cheap. What they did is nice but also the much cheaper and easier way to go about patches. The Convoy Club ones could even be made with yellow backed blanks but I'm sure those are made like that. I just wanted to mention the merrowed blanks cause the edge is not a big deal. It might have been 30 or 40 years ago but not now. You are talking pennies more per unit at the most. Home machines might not be able to edge like that but any commercial machine can.
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