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  1. He used to pop in from time to time. Was even a participant when the AA had it's dedicated chat function. EDIT: I'd say a good 90 percent of current users have no clue who Alex is. The ol' boys do sure, but most others wouldn't have a clue.
  2. Anyone talked to Alex over the last few years? Last time I talked to him was a good 3 or 4 years ago at least, maybe longer?
  3. Ya! You should leave the AtariAge forum and go to the Audacity Forum right away!! You will never have to see another Champ or AA title mentioned ever again!
  4. Someone grab those copies of Sirius and Plutos at the kind price of only $30 each. Nobody is selling them for such a good price anymore that is for sure.
  5. A DDR game to go with it is a must. No controller has any use without the software to use it.
  6. I did replace the dome on the fire button with a micro switch. I've replaced all the directions and fire on other controllers in the past. I have a 3rd party "Ace" 2600 joystick I did that to a while ago. Nice and clicky..lol... This CX40's directional domes are like new so I didn't feel a need to do so on this particular controller.
  7. Threaded into the rubber boot and the button is flush to the trimmed spine inside the boot.
  8. I agree. Penult would look WAY better on the 7800 versus the 2600. Could probably get close to the old PC version if not spot on.
  9. Thought I would share this joystick I made. I took a few odds and ends I had sitting around to make this original Atari CX40 into a 2 button stick for use with 7800 games too. Original button is the left fire and the new button on top of the stick is the right fire. I replaced the original orange fire button with a red one from a 3rd party Archer stick so it matches the new red button I added to to the top of the stick. Was just a little fun with random parts to make something useful. I still have to clean up the stick as it's still a little dirty from sitting for years. I might redo the paint or perhaps just remove the rest of the old yellow and leave it black like the vader sticks.
  10. For $120 I would want all the plastics for the console not just the top and bottom of the main shell.
  11. DDR isn't a bad idea! There are some good ideas here as long as there are the games to go with it.
  12. As for games that would need a new control scheme? How about a modern display friendly light gun for games like Chiller, Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley or an "on rails" shooter? Something like a demake of HOTD or Umbrella Chronicles would be fun.
  13. He edited my post and then his own as well. Originally he mentioned "7800 Hero". I replied that it would be good to mention that he meant a Guitar Hero and not the old school favorite we all know (Hero) as that game wouldn't need a different controller.
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