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  1. Agreed cause what you are describing as your situation and what has transpired with this situation is like comparing the likeness of apples to anthrax.
  2. I know it does, that is why I mentioned it. Not like any of them will ever get to play it though
  3. Correct. Which means you might as well have doom running at 60fps on the 7800 for all the good it does for anyone else. Your stuff is awesome but if you don't plan on sharing, it means zero to everyone else.
  4. My local stores like Zellers, Canadian Tire and for sure Consumers Distributing still had lots of 2600 stuff for sale right up til around 88 or 89 maybe? After the NES took the world by storm the allotted space for 2600 stuff was much smaller but it was still there to be had if you wanted it. I remember when Dr. Mario came out I got it the first week it was in store at Consumers and they had 2600 Junior consoles on sale at that same time. I recall this as I thought to myself at the time "why would anyone still by an Atari" 30 years after that and I'm still playing Atari EDIT: Just looked up Dr. Mario and it came out in 1990 so that shows the 2600 was still actively for sale in my area even in 1990.
  5. gamestop stocks, atari stocks, same shit, different pile.
  6. I mean to use from the phone or tablet side of things like all the zombies seem to prefer. Having a dedicated android\IOS program to go along with it. While I don't own one of those Satan devices that is killing interpersonal skills one 4 inch screen at a time, I do realize 99 percent of the 1st and 2nd world does and prefers it that way. Just trying to think of others before myself here
  7. I like what you are doing with this so far Looks better with just the 3 bins, IMO. The "brick wall" kinda makes it muddy to look at VS not being there. If that is of any use to you or not. Keep up the good work, and yes that does look about as Bert as you are gonna get on the 2600.
  8. It's fun watching Fred & Mitch share the testing of this. It's almost like a live show on tape delay while they actually do the testing and then report back. Those little pauses between time stamps are just the commercial breaks
  9. If you could get such a thing on an independent cartridge reading vanilla binaries (or .a78 headered) you would make bank on it. As for the wifi part? I think that would only interest a very narrow audience unless utilized with an app that can be tied to a website depository of files, which we have spoke of in the past
  10. Yes, I know. It's blasphemous. I had one many years ago but it just didn't have enough games I liked to justify keeping it around. Neat little system and it should have been a bigger deal than it was back in the day for sure.
  11. Of course they can. CPUWIZ has made thousands of these boards. 100 of them is nothing much and could even end up on there way to Albert for AA games if this was a nothing burger, which it's not. As for the shells? He likes to hoard them, just ask him. He would have had all this stuff around even if the name Toki was never mentioned. I think up and leaving without even a "thanks for all the fish" in the middle of a deal for 100 cartridges was the slap in the face that left him sour. Especially after just going through the exact same thing with Arkyology. Now all the work that RevEng put into programming this thing from a playable PAL to a polished NTSC version that had to stay locked up behind closed doors? That is another bag of apples altogether. These are just my observations from publicly stated comments so take from it what you will. I see this Toki game coming out and I myself look forward to playing Rev's completed version in NTSC format. Really wish I didn't delete the original ZIP file with the PAL proto in it years ago that Willard sent me when it was just being figured out what the hell this actually was and if it was anything worth while.
  12. See I have no clue about anything he does or did with the Lynx stuff. I don't own a Lynx so I don't keep up with anything about it.
  13. I'm sure there is a joke to be made of this thread using the title from the game Xenophobe
  14. Hey Guys, I don't post much in this section of the forum anymore but when I saw this movie trailer I had to share it with you guys. It's a sci -fi\horor comedy movie with a ColecoVision game as it's center plot device! Has Kevin Smith in it to some degree also, probably just a cameo. Cheers, Shawn
  15. How much for the XEGS that is in full working order?
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