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  1. OK, that's great that you can still modify the mold. When you said it was from the injection mold I incorrectly assumed it was a final design you had to stick with. Many times when the mold is routed, that is what you are stuck with (aside from very minor but expensive adjustments). Best of luck with it. If you get Albert on board you will do well, I'm pretty sure he's doing his own thing though as everyone else's attempts at a 7800 shell have not hit the mark from what I know of from speaking to him personally. I don't know who Gavin is or what VCC is but if they sell a lot of new games and want your shells that is awesome!
  2. So full sized 7800 boards don't fit correctly without modification it seems? Looks like they overlap the post holes on both sides at the top from the second last photo with the 7800 pcb in it, correct? Shame you stuck with the peg design and didn't go with the traditional method. Hope they work out well for you and you are able to find a market for them.
  3. Time to part with the parts Parts parted with.
  4. Put the whole lot on ebay starting at 1 cent with exact shipping and run it for 7 (or 10) days. You will get exactly what the market feels this is currently worth.
  5. Those "newer" video cards you mention are quite old. 2012 to 2016 video cards are not gonna cut it for games from 2020. They just don't have the muscle required to do so with quality results.
  6. Ya, no. I would never buy such a thing. Don't know who would intentionally buy something like that either.
  7. He would take extended breaks from time to time over the years so it wasn't totally out of character for him to be absent for a while. This time though, it's the worst case scenario
  8. Tragic loss. The world needs more people like Kurt around, not less. RIP.
  9. That is not what he said. My take on this lot? If someone offered me $200 I'd take it and be happy.
  10. Has nothing to do with the LED. See my post above about UV EPROMs and how they are erased.
  11. Covering the EPROM window is best as UV light erases the chip. Small amounts over a long period of time could cause corruption. Better safe than sorry.
  12. It's only a sata to usb dock. I'm putting my own SSD in it.
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