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  1. Soon you will be clickity clacking it just like this: DSCF0234.avi
  2. No, but I do have a link to get 50 of them for $1.68 shipped from China These are not the exact ones I used but they are the same dimensions and should do the job. https://www.ebay.com/itm/50Pcs-Momentary-Tact-Tactile-Push-Button-Switch-Smd-Smt-Surface-Mount-3-6-5MM-mm/254387062359?hash=item3b3aa68657:g:~igAAOSw99RdofES
  3. Hey all, So we all know the dome contacts on CX40's wear out over time and are not the best to begin with. Many have come up with various solutions including this same one I'm about to show. This will show you how to remove the old domes and replace them with mini tactile button momentary switches. As you can see in the pictures below, you have to make some cut lines on the pcb traces to acomidate for the width of the switches. It's not that hard just don't cut yourself! First remove the clear plastic strip covering the pcb and the dome contacts. Clean off any extra adhesive left on the pcb. If you don't getting all don't worry it's not the end of the world. After making these 5 cuts to the U,D,L,R and Fire contacts (red is cut line, blue is new bridged conntection in photo) you will have to bridge the orphaned side of the cut to the other side of the connection needed for each direction and fire. Again, it's not super hard to do just be true and confident when soldering. You can use any small piece of wire to do this. I suggest a solid core strand but even braided will work. Just be sure it's of less height than the contact itself and you might want to tin it with solder first. After making these new connections and before closing up the joystick you will need to cut 1/8th of an inch off the contact points of the internal white plastic joystick actuator that goes inside the CX40 boot. Again, not a big deal, just don't cut too much and don't cut yourself! Remove the spring from the fire button as you won't need it. On the fire button orange cap you only need to remove about 1/16th off the center contact pole. You can also solder the clasps on the wires for a more secure connection if you choose to, not needed but worth the extra minute of your time to do so. I've had joysticks in the past where one has come loose over time. This makes sure that can't happen. Close it all up and now your CX40 will be noticably more responsive and clickity If you want to get real fancy you can print out a new cover for the pcb but it's not required. I did so just because. I started by tracing and scanning the old clear one and edited it with gimp to get a nice template which is 2.49 x 3.30 inches.. That includes a small overhang on each side that can be folded over or trimmed. Or if you have a die cutter just set your machine to cut and the negative paces will be cut as expected. Enjoy!
  4. I thought that was the case as well but left open the idea that maybe Astro Chase didn't go with the rest of the IPs to the new owners in Europe.
  5. So does MHS own the rights to the 2600 version of Astro Chase or to the entire Astro Chase IP as a whole?
  6. Corona? That's the new game for the XM right?
  7. If anyone isn't interested at $5 there is a simple solution, they can piss off and go without.
  8. Demineralized water right after to wash away any chemicals from disinfectant too! Great to see the boards are finally completed.
  9. "the.golden.ax" is not in good standing and owes thousands of dollars worth of goods to multiple users in the AtariAge community.
  10. All those Quadruns are for sure different copies. Looks like he had a box of them or something, maybe? First one he sold at $250 BIN perhaps he didn't know the full value of what he had and the prices went up and up from there. Whoever got that NIB Crazy Climber for $99 BIN or that Gravitar for $125 BIN also made out like a bandits.
  11. Unfortunately, until it's also in the hands of others besides yourself it really doesn't exist at all to anyone but you. Real shame too knowing what I know about exactly what that is and what it can do.
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