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  1. My Hakko 808 is still working like a champ all these years later. I clean it when it needs it. I replace the filter when it needs it and once in a while I clean or replace the bellow valves.
  2. If you would like one using an Atari "Ultra Pong" dial I have one ready to go. If you want one with the common 2600 dial that will have to wait till my batch of other paddles comes in.
  3. I spoke in a sarcastic manor saying I had to avoid posting the truth to avoid the risk of being removed from the thread. The post was removed as was I Shit happens. I understand I wasn't making anything better by venting publicly.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-Player-Super-Joystick-III-Super-Joy-3-Tv-plug-n-play-Game-n64-look-alike/233001317440?hash=item363ff5f440:g:gzwAAOSwA65b5-qt $38 CDN shipped OBO. Maybe see if he would take $25?
  5. I'm banned from it cause I got pissed and spoke in a negative manor in regards to my frustration one too many times.
  6. There is no physical prototype. It was a file found on an old hard drive in a zip file. It's more complicated than "Just release it". I too hope for it to come out sooner than later but there are roads that need to be taken to get there. The guy that originally found it is MIA for the last 3+ years. It's in trusted hands and has been heavily worked on to be polished up to a more completed state. It was PAL only and not so stable in it's found state as has been publicly noted here and there on the forum.
  7. I think that Tursi is still active here on AA.
  8. That is a hand cut mess of a label. Sorry, but that qualifies as being of the worst. Coming from a "company" that has been in "business" for 20 years you would think saving up some cash for a die cutter and some decent paper would have been a priority long ago. But, it's a Hozer and that is why it belongs on this list. I guess I have to give some credit, he doesn't use a dot matrix printer anymore at least.
  9. Anyone know the current status of the XM as of December 2019?
  10. I wonder who the original programmer was? If someone could get in touch with him for his or her blessing I think that is another route to release Toki on the 7800. Or contact whoever owns the rights to Toki currently and see what they think. Not trying to be a dick here but Willard doesn't own the rights to Toki, he just happened to come across a digital copy that was half baked on an old Atari hard drive. He's been gone from the scene for over 3 years and can't be reached via any of his known contacts (people have tried, myself included) so I say there is no harm in moving forward without him.
  11. Yep, they are on another forum and when you find it, stay there.
  12. I was just talking to someone about that as well. His youtube channel and email contact have also been inactive for 3 years. Sadly, he's totally MIA and disappeared. Perhaps on purpose. EDIT: Or sadly, he could have actually died. The mode age of our group isn't exactly something you can call youthful after all.
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