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  1. I agree that Tommy and the team should maybe be more selective, as others have suggested the trailer did provide ammo for haters to hurl. However, I don't play mobile games, nor do the people I showed the trailer to. They loved the 2 games 'ported' from mobile platforms. I liked Evel Knievel. None of us have ever seen them before and they looked fun. 2015 is forever ago to an 8 year old and I have a hard time believing a kid that age would be familiar with something that came out when they were 3 or 5. It's either fun or not, just like a vintage Intellivision title. The target market for this system is NOT people who are looking for it now, it's not people who frequent gaming forums or are currently searching 'Intellivision Amico'. It's not the people on this forum, or those thinking about gaming all day long on and posting on youtube. I've never heard of any any of these forums and websites that people seem very concerned about tearing the system down-why would I expect a Nintendo focused website to favorably review the Amico trailer anyway? It does not matter so much what is said right now-especially by people with an obvious bias or personality issues. The target market does not know it's coming. Did families wait in anticipation for the Wii, or did it catch everyone off guard? Nintendo was dead, remember? Maybe there will be a make or break moment of publicity for the Amico, but this isn't it.
  2. I updated the thread I made at GTPlanet-it's not exactly a hotbed of activity for games outside the racing genre, I'm mostly just curious the number of views it gets. 375 prior to this update...
  3. I know this is a family system, but I said 'No Effing Way!' 5 or 6 times watching the vid. Skiing made me grin a mile wide. For some reason, it also made me REALLY want a skateboarding game....
  4. The March 31 preorder offer options are awesome, and different enough from the Founders that it remains 'exclusive'. Nice work. I also like that the release statement acknowledges the current situation worldwide. All as expected, but great job by Tommy and the team! Can't wait to find out how much interest this generates.
  5. I'm a nobody also. My days involve dirty fingernails, hearing protection, and a facemask. Am I not allowed to comment on interpreting the actions of people, and the likely bias and unintended self-interest everyone expresses? You don't need to be a gaming industry expert to sort out human behavior and anticipate likely outcomes. His post isn't far off as far as this noob is concerned. The input of the general public in a forum setting is always suspect-both positive and negative. People act funny when they get to rub elbows with the boss. I think the only mistake with a subsequent run of special pre-orders is making the price too close to the FE edition. The distinction between the two should be obvious and not just about whether it's signed or not. Post-FE buzz made people feel left out enough to send an email and ask if there would be another pre-order, but how many of those people are going to really pull the trigger and buy one? 25%? For me that's where the risk would be, but with all the analytics and data out there I'm sure Tommy and the team have a good idea what that percentage is. My self interest is suggesting a larger price/features distinction between the FE and a subsequent special release, because I want to buy another but would feel very guilty dropping another $300! See what I mean about listening to people on forums?
  6. It's the other 80% that I'm most looking forward to the most, even if I won't play many of the games. I'm familiar with the old stuff, so seeing what you guys come up with for reboots is going to be great. More exciting? The new stuff I can't even conceptualize. The Amico controllers are so different and open up many gameplay options that are not possible with a traditional, twin-thumbstick controller. What initially might seem like a novelty-or even an odd choice for controller design-will likely be the biggest selling point of the system for both players and developers. Two controllers as hands? Awesome.
  7. Tommy, thanks for the code, just ordered a color-changing Rebel mug and a men's baseball T shirt. The Rebel shirt I got a few months ago is really soft and comfortable, plus it confuses people, and I like that. Also, the ladies tee looks very nice on Miss K, the placement of first and third bases are, uh, perfect.
  8. Suddenly, I want a mug. It's very casually saying 'screw you, hater' in this screenshot.
  9. LOL I watched that just now also, I had never seen it. If you want more interesting tidbits about the history of Intellivison (and more related humor) I stumbled across this article a couple nights ago: http://thedoteaters.com/?bitstory=console/intellivision It was a great read.
  10. Folks I converse with wonder, Is it going to be too cold for ice fishing today? Your question is just as relevant to this thread. Why? Because nobody here (or anywhere outside your universe, really) cares what you and your 'folks' think about the motherboard. You WANT the motherboard to be a lie. You need it to be a lie. The rest of us apparently have the social judgement skills to figure out who the actual scammers and liars are, and we don't need every little part of the Amico shown to us as proof it's not vaporware. The evidence is overwhelming to anyone not trying to avoid seeing it. I'm sorry you don't have the social development or the people skills to know when you are being manipulated or when people are being truthful. If making out of mom's basement is actually one of your life goals, you may want to work on that.
  11. OK, now I'm fully expecting some version of Absolute Drift for the Amico...
  12. This is hilarious. I'm an engine builder, I build racing 2-strokes for snowmobiles and whatever else someone wants to put one in. I don't really even think about gaming much until after 10 every night, and my stupid hands and forearms are so worn out I can't really hold controllers for more than a half hour or so anyway. Suddenly I'm wondering if I should start some long-overdue physical therapy, so if Absolute Drift makes it's way to the Amico I can actually enjoy it-and all the other games, too, actually. I have serious priority issues. Thanks Tommy!
  13. Excellent! I am already imagining driving with a disc, it never occurred to me how much better it would be than the stick.
  14. Great idea! Anyone play Absolute Drift Zen Edition on PS4? I pretty much only play driving games, driving sims, etc. on modern systems. I loved the way this game looked, sounded, and felt. If the Amico can pull something like this off...so much fun.
  15. You're welcome. I'll be putting a copy up of your response in my shop, I need reminding there are like-minded people like you out there also. If you ever need a motivational speaker, I'll get the van out from down by the river, and head for California!
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