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  1. Hello, Great led mod ! Very discretly. Do you still have pictures of the assembly?
  2. There are some on the console5 site but it is a bit far and a bit expensive to bring them ... Would two like this would be ok? https://www.ebay.fr/itm/323782109016
  3. Seems like the Tia is damaged... 😭🥶 Is there a place to buy another C010444D-03 ?
  4. Hello I ask you a little help for an atari 2600. I live in France and I just bought an atari 2600 ntsc with a composite mod from a very nice English seller. From its first use, no sound. Unfortunately, I first put the power supply jack in the video jack. I'm afraid of having damaged something. And as the sound seems to me to come from a direct from the TIA, I'm afraid of having damaged the console itself ... What do you think? Thank you Pierre
  5. After few tries, i Can confirm, it works !!!
  6. good idear but no space 🙃
  7. The compatibility is excellent for a first public version, congratulations! I can't transform the ccd files into jcd (nothing happens, it marks "opening .. the file filename" and it closes). There are random behaviors. I managed to launch the prototype of Black ICE \ White Noise once and since then not possible.
  8. just put the cue file on .exe
  9. Incredible ! Indeed, an add board would be a great idear !
  10. Hello, is there a way to play it on Jaguar GD ?
  11. Sorry for my google translation... 1 1/2 months and a pandemic later ... I sent my console to https://www.otakus-store.net Conclusions: "It seems that the large ripple generated by the switching regulator creates random oscillations (I did not identify on which component precisely), causing in passing an overconsumption in current of 30%, therefore probably overheating somewhere. .. I modified the 5VD power circuit to fix this. There is no problem anymore. " Back this day from the console that purrs like on the 1st day!
  12. Hi While waiting for the arrival of the capacitors (which are at Roissy ...), I took a look at the motherboard. I have the impression that there has already been some work. https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=20/08/578u.jpg https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=20/08/mxsu.jpg https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=20/08/dzml.jpg https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=20/08/9a7d.jpg Is the area circled in red normal ??? https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=20/08/ls61.jpg
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